Hagel’s Fight with the Religious Right

President Obama named former senator Chuck Hagel for the post of Defense Secretary in his administration, but the religious right is in an uproar at the nomination.  Oh, not because he doesn’t know much about the military or business.  Hagel is a Vietnam Veteran as well as having been in the private sector as a CEO of a mobile telephone company. That’s not their problem.  It’s all about our favorite subject on this blog:  RELIGION.

Yes, religion.  Oh, not his Roman Catholic religion- at least not publicly anyway. It’s about the Rapture. Yes, the Rapture.  You know, that Holy Spaceship that needs a clean landing site in the Holy Land. The Ship piloted by Jesus himself landing and scooping up the ‘good Christians’ to take them to Paradise.  Sorry, Jews, no ticket!  Clearly, no Muslims need apply!

jesus spaceship

Sadly this is the story and why this most capable Army Veteran and millionaire businessman is not ‘qualified’ to run the Pentagon here in the 21st century.

Those fundamentalist bible-thumpers naturally aren’t talking about Spaceship Jesus publicly; rather they are couching their true beliefs in a claim that Hagel does not fully support Israel. That’s the line. Something about their ‘safety’ among all of those radical Islamists in the region.

Bull!  It’s all about purification; yes, purification in the year 2013! The Holy Spaceship cannot land on soil defiled by the ‘infidel’ and we all know to which religion those infidels belong. Therefore this Holy Landing Pad and all surrounding soil must be cleansed [purged] of those other people. Of course, there are an infinite number of such cleansing-  ethnic cleansing- in the Old Testament. Yahweh himself ordered them! “Smite thy enemy,” sayeth the Lord. Amalekites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Philistines, Edomites, Bethshemeshites, Jebusites, Hittites, Hivites, Ethiopians,  the entire population of the cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, Jerico, Ai, Makkedah killed, murdered; ethnic cleansing.  Says the Lord God.

And He was pleased.

After all of those righteous murders in page after page of the ‘Holy’ book, what’s a few thousand Palestinians?  Kill them all and cleanse the ‘Holy’ Land for the coming [again] of the Lord!

Yes, Hagel is not ‘qualified’ to lead the Pentagon because he’s not a true believer.


9 thoughts on “Hagel’s Fight with the Religious Right

  1. It must also aggravate hell out of the religious right (pun intended) that Hagel has apologized to gays for not being supportive and sensitive to them.

    There are a lot of things about Hagel that are serious recommendations for him as head of DOD. That it pisses off the right, not just the religious right but some of the rest of them, is just a bonus. A big, red, shiny flashing, singing spinning giant cherry-like bonus (isn’t that an image for you!).

    Because the right is always wrong, or close enough that their opposition is only a plus.

    1. Dog- the right [neocons] don’t like the fact that Hagel withdrew his support of GW Bush’s War on Iraq. Any GOPer doing that is a ‘traitor.’ They are itching for another war and had hoped that Obama could be drawn into one with Iran, but Hagel has said that war would be the last choice there.

    1. The quick, concise and true answer to your question, NWO, is HELL NO! Why would anyone even casually think that religious zealots have a conscience? After all, they don’t need one because that are already on the fast-track to Heaven. And, by the way, don’t even think about stepping on their ‘track’ because you’ll get squashed doing so!

  2. “Dog- the right [neocons] don’t like the fact that Hagel withdrew his support of GW Bush’s War on Iraq. ”

    Right on, M_R. That is the real reason, not religion!

    1. That’s one of the reasons, but don’t tell me that there isn’t a strong Israeli Lobby here in the U.S. and it is very highly populated by fundies. Hagel’s remark about the “Jewish Lobby” angered them and they’re out for blood- his.

  3. Yeah, I’m here to tell you just that. Your original comment back to Dog was
    the truth. Hagel violated the GOP neocons by withdrawing his support for
    the two wars. He is on McCain’s and Graham’s list of betrayers. The Israeli
    thing is nothing but a smoke screen

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