Excuse My Nasty Little Mouth, S’il Tu Plait……

So blah, blah, blah, blah…The Fox Propaganda Hysterical Dysfunctional un Education service tried to co opt the Westboro Baptist Church ritual profanation of the first funeral held of the victims of the Newtown School Massacre. They referred to the Westboro members as a “Left Wing” Cult. Don’t even  consider going there if you are in my immediate proximity. This is more than a warning,  consider this a threat.

btw,I crossed published this from my blog, and I censored my original title for your delicate sensibilities….

Bikers seem to have thwarted attempts by the Westboro Baptist Church to
protest the funeral of Newtown, CT shooting victim Principal Dana Hochsprung
The Fox Propaganda idiocy was trying to take advantage of the fact that a group of bikers had turned up to provide security and intimidation against the Westboro Jackasses. Obviously, Fox somehow believes that bikers are part of their brainwashed stoned out and senile base. I know a lot of “bikers” and though some might fit into a preconceived image that FOX somehow tries to promote, most of the real bikers I know think FOX NEWS SUCKS!
We all know what The Westboro “Baptist” Church really is. A hate organization that uses the guise of religious freedom to shield themselves and profit from litigation. It is pretty well organized con operation and we are all victims. So, I applaud the efforts of the Anonymous  Group in their fight against them, but you can do something as well, legally. Add your name to these two White House Petitions to demand that the Westboro Church be recognized for what they really are and have their tax exempt religious protection retroactively removed…That’s the only thing these asswipes really understand… There are already more than enough signatures for consideration, but a few million more couldn’t hurt!
Just sign, what could be more easier? Sign or just stop whining…I don’t wanna hear it!

14 thoughts on “Excuse My Nasty Little Mouth, S’il Tu Plait……

    1. The problem, Microdot, is that YOU are out of the loop. Apparently you don’t swim in the World of Delusion. Get with it man! It’s a totally different reality.

      Got any tinfoil?

  1. To the point political cartoon:

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    Cartoons of the Week #1
    Sunday December 23rd, 2012

    By Mike Luckovich

    1. Yes, thanks. There were two signatures from this household on more than one petition.

  2. My NRA revisionist updated quote of the day: “:The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots, tyrants, kindergartners, mall shoppers and movie goers.”

    1. Pathetically repulsive, yet true in the ‘minds’ of some of our citizens. I’ll expand this shortly in my newest post.

    2. I wish I could say I am offended Dottie. Using a great Jefferson quote to push forward your anti NRA views. But, I laughed my a## off. So I guess I’ll just say thanks Bud, and a happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. Loved your post Dottie. I agree, most of the biker crowd that I hang out with are neither Conservative, nor Liberal. They are a “Best man for the job” type crowd. Pretty much all of them realize that shows like Glen Beck and Keith Olbermann are nothing more than politically biased entertainment. Good guys, who just stand up for what they think is right.

    There is no doubt in my mind that politics had nothing to do with those bikers showing up in Connecticut. It was all about doing what was right.
    BTW- Most of my biker crowd voted for Obama, so Fox may need to rethink their demographic.

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