He Even Scared Himself

He Even Scared Himself

This was Yesterday’s NY Post! The NYC Daily News, which isn’t owned by Rupert Murdoch was even nastier!


8 thoughts on “He Even Scared Himself

  1. Good for the New York Post. He truly is a GUNNUT! And there are thousands of clones who signed their names to the petition to deport Pierce Morgan. The idiocy of it all stuns even me!

  2. It’s pouring rain here today, not so cold, but my plans of a Christmas day bike ride are dashed…that’s a long standing holiday tradition with me…when I was in NYC, I had a few bike riding fanatic friends and we would always go on a tour of lower Manhattan at midnight in the snow…but I’m in my house, this year heated totally with wood getting warm, my wife has embarked on what she and (is really a high art form) does best…making desserts….I just came in from chainsawing and gathering the rosemary and thyme for what I do best, roasting….I got a nice leg of lamb pretty cheaply from a local farmer…
    No matter what you personally believe, this is the time of the year we need to feel our common bond, celebrate our friendship and hope for the New Year. Sincerely, to everyone who inhabits the virtual reality of this blog, I give you my very most extremely excellent extra (that is triple EEE) Size Large and Wide Seasonal Wishes!

    1. I’m feelIng the warmth, Microdot! Thank you for the Seasonal Wishes and I return them to you and your wife.

      We are awaiting our first major winter storm on Wednesday. The kids will love it, especially if they got a new sled for Christmas or cross country skis. We are heading to Cleveland and hope to get out of there before it hits.

      Best Wishes to all of our blog comrades! Enjoy the Day!

    2. Spouse is finishing wrapping presents for that side of the family. Then we’re heading to Detroit for dinner. Hate Michigan drivers. Looking forward to sitting in front of the fireplace tomorrow watching the snow.

      Usually spend the first half of this day with my side of the family, but this year is the watershed year of my beliefs. I just can’t be around them and all their “Christian” control myths. Not really sad, more of a freeing feeling. Thank you all for going along on my journey this past year.

  3. A leg of lamb and lamb chops are my wife’s favorite. Last Christmas, MD,
    we were in NYC and she had a wonderful lamb rib chop dinner with salad,
    the lamb and potatoes, and a desert for $55. Myself, I don’t care for lamb,
    so I had a fresh salmon dinner, also for $55. A leg of lamb in Jackson, Ms
    is now $16.99 a pound.

    I do not even have guarded optimism; I remain pessimistic about the future
    of this country. It seems to me that we are being overwhelmed not only by the sheer number of crises that confront any meaningful survival, but also
    by the ever increasing mass of our population. Our population grows
    geometrically which is outstripping our ability to solve our social, economic,
    political, and cultural issues. We need tax revenue and living wage
    employment. How? We have destroyed both. We cannot even
    restore the Clinton tax rate, as it is depicted as a new tax on wealth and
    small businesses, and entrepreneurs. A living wage today is around
    $15 at eight hours per day and a five day work week. Do you see our transition from a post-industrial perod to a service economy paying
    that kind of wages? Solve all these problems, and we can’t even talk
    about more gun regulation?

    1. I rarely buy meat from supermarket. I buy beef and lamb from local farmers. The same with chicken and ducks. I think I pay about one third to a half of what I would pay in a store and less if I buy at the right time in quantity, plus I know where the meat comes from and the conditions of the production.I would say that I live under the poverty line as far as what I spend each month, but even I eat in restaurants on occasion, but if I am going to spend to have someone cook for me, I want make sure it is better than I could ever do for myself….I ate in a bistro in Limoges (the real beef capitol of France, okay, I had the pave de veau avec girolles…sort of a nice piece of veal…a pave is the word for a paving stone block and girolles are chantrelle mushrooms…needless to say the veal has nothing to do with anything called veal I ever had in the USA…the farmer who has the land around me raises veal commercially and here free range means perhaps 100 hectares of grazing land) last month. I won’t even describe the meal…but even the mashed potatoes woud have made you fall down on your knees and cry…It wasn’t so expensive, I was with friends who were visiting from NYC, refugees from the hurricane., they were literally on the last plane out from Kennedy and their neighborhood was flooded and with out power for a week…Dessert was the house chocolat mousse, they brought out a big bowl of mousse, individual bowls and a serving spoon….

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