Gun Owners Delusional Fear of the Government

Yesterday a gun owner posted this comment on this blog after I suggested that there ought to be a national registry of assault weapon ownership:

 Many gun rights advocates have a problem with registering their weapons with local law enforcement.

I’ve heard that statement before and always thought it odd. Why do the owners of guns [my reference was assault-type weapons] have a ‘problem’ registering their weapons with law enforcement?  What’s wrong with that? In a society such as ours with a long history of gun violence, it makes sense that law enforcement ought to know which houses stash assault-style weapons.

If, for example, a police officer was called to that home, he/she would know that the house contained an assault weapon [or several].  Seems to me that such a responding officer would be much more guarded in approaching the residence, especially if it was a domestic violence call. Without such advanced information, the police officer may be the next  victim.

Yet, I suspect that this issue of not wanting ‘government’ to know who has the weapons goes much deeper.  I suspect that there is a miasmic delusion in the gun culture that ‘believes’ they need their weapons to protect themselves and their families from the government.  The black helicopter syndrome is alive, well and flourishing in many parts of this nation. Read about a Texas judge for proof of the grand delusion.

This group of delusional people are seriously afraid of ‘The Government.’ In fact, National Rifle Association executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre’s recent comments at the Florida Conservative Political Action Conference suggested that President Obama was secretly plotting to “erase the Second Amendment.” The Texas judge linked above said [on Fox] that  if President Obama is re-elected, that the president would send United Nations forces into Lubbock, population 233,740, to stop any uprising. He continued,

 He is going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the U.N.,”  “O.K., what’s going to happen when that happens? I’m thinking worst-case scenario: civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war, maybe. And we’re not talking just a few riots here and demonstrations. We’re talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy.

Take up arms…

There you have it from the massive, delusional, armed to the teeth right-wing in this country.

Is there really a large majority of gun owners who fear the government so intensely that they might use their weapons against their own government and its elected leaders? Is that why they ‘cling’ to their arsenal of weapons so intensively?  I’m speculating here, but not wildly. When an elected judge from Lubbock Texas says this on a major TV network to an audience of like-minded listeners, there is trouble brewing.

This afternoon, on the one-week anniversary of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary, the NRA is going to give a press conference. Nice timing. Here’s my prediction- the ‘blame’ for the murders will not be the weapon or the ease of obtaining that weapon through the ‘gun show loophole.’ No, nothing like that.  It will be the problem of our society.

The NRA must protect its members at all cost. Those 20 children and 6 teachers were not murdered by the assault weapon with a high-capacity clip.  They were murdered by society.

The delusion endures.



28 thoughts on “Gun Owners Delusional Fear of the Government

  1. And now a word from the National Rifle Association:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s largest gun-rights lobby called Friday for armed police officers to be posted in every American school to stop the next killer “waiting in the wings.”

    1. And it just gets better: LaPierre announced that former Rep. Asa Hutchison*, R-Ark., will lead an NRA program that will develop a model security plan for schools that relies on armed volunteers.

      *Another Bob Jones University graduate.

      1. I just read the transcript of LaPierres bizarre little performance…he might have just succeeded in convincing a loft more Americans that he really is plain out bat shit crazy. How many tea brains will be down with this idea of expanding government….It sounds like he’s already got the profit points for his organization worked out and already has cooked the books…

        1. and to start the show by referring it to a conference which is totally a one sided lecture with no interruptions allowed by any other ideas…thank you code pink for reminding us that this is a free country and we don’t have to live in fear with his LaPierres trained armed goons in our schools.

    2. …gun-rights lobby called Friday for armed police officers

      This statement does not deserve a comment because the idiocy stands alone. However, dipping my toes into scarlet red waters, one might ask this organization who will pay for the training, arming and implementation of this program? Local school boards? Surely not the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

      1. Mayor Michael Bloomberg statement after hearing of the NRA’s idea of ‘putting armed guards in every school”

        “Instead of offering solutions to a problem they have helped create, they offered a paranoid, dystopian vision of a more dangerous and violent America where everyone is armed and no place is safe. Enough. As a country, we must rise above special interest politics.”

  2. Every single education professional I asked about bringing guns into schools was appalled by the idea. Although one teacher had this interesting idea. Recently there has been a lot of talk about tying teacher’s pay to academic achievement. This teacher wondered if there would be marksmanship tests tied to teacher’s pay also. Of course they were being sarcastic.

    And in answer to some people’s question about who would pay for armed guards in the schools, the NRA had an answer for that too. Use armed volunteers. Now think about it, who would volunteer for this job. Then the dark curtain came down and it dawned on me that this would be a dream job for many posse members. Can you just imagine these people carrying guns around children and being authorized to make the decision themselves on when to use the guns?

    Recently on another blog, there was discussion in the comment section on the best gun suitable for a child. Here is a clip of Michele Bachmann talking about her gun of choice:

  3. mudrake,
    I congratulate you on a most sensible post. This insane fear by gun owners that the Government will take away their guns is totally groundless. They have a far greatethan they do of having the government take away their precious guns,r chance of being shot and killed by a similar crazed guns rights advocate. These people are obsessed with secret plots and other sych nonsense. They should be locked up ,without their guns in a mental institution until their heads clear!

  4. I found LaPierre’s performance piece to be an attempt to deflect any discussion of guns to anything and everything else. He blamed the movies, video games and music, but not guns. But, perhaps he had a point regarding media and violence. He uses and abuses the media to try to spread his ideological, profit driven gun industry talking points by misinformation manipulation and distortion. In light of his remarks, perhaps we should be looking at the lame excuse of Randolph Linn when he was convicted of the arson of the Perrysburg Mosque…well he claimed to have drunk 45 beers first and I have to hand it to Randy, I lose count after two 6 packs…but Randy’s lame excuse was that he’d become “riled up” after seeing images of wounded soldiers on television. “Every day you turn on the TV, you see Muslims trying to kill Americans,” said Linn, who settled on the mosque in Toledo that he knew from his truck route.
    When a federal judge asked Linn if he thought all Muslims are terrorists, Linn answered: “I’d say most of them are.”
    When the judge then asked him if he knew any Muslims or what Islam is, one member of the mosque who was present at Linn’s hearing told WNWO-TV:
    “And he said, ‘No, I only know what I hear on Fox News and what I hear on radio.’”

      1. I asked myself the same question. Didn’t you have a former acquaintance through the blessed blimp of Maumee, a good christian man who was engaged in surveillance activities of the Perrysburg mosque a few years back?

  5. Ah, yes, the Most Blessed Blimp. And, of course, how many unknown “good Christians” have had similar thoughts but did not act on them?

    This opens up the question the of similarity in delusion between fundamentalist Christians and assault-weapon hoarders. Each “believes” in some alternative reality scenario. Perhaps the word ‘believes’ is too benign. Enraptured comes closer to the truth.

    You and I, Microdot, can go through many days without entering into any delusional thought. That, I suggest, is normal human behavior. However, those in the two other groups, sadly, surely must spend an inordinate amount of time in delusional musings.

    I suppose that trifecta delusion of God, guns and gays consumes quite a few waking hours in the Delusional World.

  6. Well, M_R and others, I have written my GOP Representative re Newtown.
    I asked him why he has not made any statement on the shootings. I bluntly asked him if he had to wait for the NRA to speak first. I won’t hold my
    breathe for a reply, lol…..I hope all of you in the Rep. Latta district have or
    in the process of writing him… I think I recall seeing that Latta supported a
    Bill forbidding D.C. to regulate guns as any other locality in the U.S. can do.
    Btw, my Rep received a paltry $1000.00 from the NRA for his re-election this year. Paltry, because he lives in a very safe district. So, why am I
    beating my head expecting change here?

      1. His website has this quote from Latta:

        The Second Amendment is a fundamental American right that allows us to protect ourselves, and it has also allowed for recreational communities to flourish, such as the hunting and the sportsmen communities, which create American jobs and support our economy.”

        Ha! What a sick joke! Jobs because of the NRA. Pathetic, but then, he is.

    1. Anybody wanna guess how many of Ohio’s Congressmen are Republicans? Wanna guess how many received campaign contributions from the N.R.A. in 2012?

      Name – 2012 N.R.A. Contributions

      Renacci, Jim (R-OH) $9,900
      Gibbs, Bob (R-OH) $3,000
      LaTourette, Steve (R-OH) $3,000
      Boehner, John (R-OH) $2,500
      Latta, Robert E (R-OH) $2,150
      Chabot, Steve (R-OH) $2,000
      Johnson, Bill (R-OH) $2,000
      Jordan, James D (R-OH) $2,000
      Schmidt, Jean (R-OH) $2,000
      Austria, Steve (R-OH) $1,000
      Stivers, Steve (R-OH) $1,000
      Turner, Michael R (R-OH) $1,000

    2. Although you will not expect either a reply or change, it is the citizen’s responsibility to do whatever they can in our so-called democracy. My reply will be in the form of a letter to the editor of the Toledo Blade coming soon.

  7. Just watched David Keene, President of the N.R.A., on FACE THE NATION. What a load of B.S.

    1. He said putting armed guards in schools had worked well in Israel. Wonder who paid for that in the Country receiving the largest amount of foreign aid from the U.S. The moderator brought up Australia were there has been great success by reducing the number on guns on the street. Keene replied “We’re not talking about Australia here.” Huh? Oh, we were only talking about Israel?

    2. The moderator pointed out that there was an armed officer at Columbine. Keene tried to change the subject, but the moderator kept on with where do we draw the line? Arm pre-schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, etc.? I think Keene’s reply was something about more guns.

    3. Keene also pointed out the “semi”-automatic rifles were not military weapons because military weapons are “fully”-automatic. He brought up private ownership of semi-automatic rifles for hunting. For those of you unfamiliar with hunting, you would never use that type of weapon because it would render the kill inedible.

    4. He brought up the shortage of mental health care in the United States. Doesn’t he know all those politicians the N.R.A. contributed to are the same ones who have drastically reduced mental health care in the U.S.?

    5. Then he brought up funding by the Federal Government. Is he talking about the same Federal Government, lead by the likes of Paul Ryan, who voted to reduce security funds for foreign embassies, then bitched about Benghazi?

    6. And finally, he made the point of how you must pass a background check to buy a gun. I seem to remember one mentally unstable blogger bragging about the guns he buys at gun shows with no documentation required; he even included pictures of his purchases.

    All is not lost. At least now some people realize that guns can be very dangerous in anyone’s hands, and now when they’re caught discussing bad gun decisions their blog post vanishes.

    1. Keene also pointed out the “semi”-automatic rifles were not military weapons because military weapons are “fully”-automatic.

      In other words, one must release then pull the trigger again. Wow! How much ‘time’ does that expend during the mass-killing spree?

      And finally, he made the point of how you must pass a background check to buy a gun

      That’s a lie. Not at gun shows [40% of gun sales in USA].

  8. Charlotte Allen, writing for the National Review:
    “But in general, a feminized setting is a setting in which helpless passivity is the norm. Male aggression can be a good thing, as in protecting the weak — but it has been forced out of the culture of elementary schools and the education schools that train their personnel. Think of what Sandy Hook might have been like if a couple of male teachers who had played high-school football, or even some of the huskier 12-year-old boys*, had converged on Lanza.”

    So far feminism, Satan, video games, gay marriage, and the lack of prayer in public schools has been blamed for what happened at Sandy Hook. I personally think it was the total lack of any people of color living in the area.

    * The thought of children “converging” on a madman armed with a “semi”-automatic rifle just turns my stomach. I used to be big and burly; even I know the best thing to do is get away as fast and far as you can.

    1. Delusion runs boundlessly rampant in the world of the gun nuts!

      And while I’m at it, I just finished watching Bill Maher in Religulous. An alternate title might have been, The Grand and Dangerous World of Psychosis!

      I’m comforted in knowing that American thought is moving in the right direction as “none of the above” is gaining strength lately, although it has a long and treacherous path ahead combating the delusional religionists every where, many armed to the teeth!

  9. My first impression of the reactions in the aftermath of the Sandyhook massacre was the loudest most strident and immediate voices were the were the conservative gun rights apologists trying to defuse any discussion or criticism of themselves. They deployed the classic technique of accusing the other side of what they were engaged in.
    Well, in a short sick week, you’ve heard just about every everything everyone demonized and blamed for the massacre in their attempt to deflect any meaningful discussion. I spoke about mental health issues, but the NRA spoke people have also, even though they are among the most radical elements that have fought to defund public mental health services. I think the strident and shrill over reaction of the NRA has only served to strengthen the resolve of the rest of America to act against the armed insanity. We have a long way to go as a society to deal with the issues, but I’m beginning to have some real hope that this time, there will be a meaningful start…this is something coming from an observer as cynical as I am about the attention span and the value of politicians worlds.

  10. I meant politicians words…obviously, but I was amazed at the covers of the biggest tabloid papers in America today, The Murdoch owned NY Post and the slightly more progressive NY Daily News.

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