You Hate “Right To Work” Laws More Than You Know. Here’s Why.

My dislike for Sepp was based on a visceral feeling that he was full of it.  But I found an article I want to share about the Right to Work Movement.  Here’s a wonderful quote

“The transition to our time has been seamless. Charles Koch’s father, Fred Koch, made his name in right-wing politics as one of the leaders of the Kansas Right-to-Work movement. The fight in Kansas was more bitter and protracted than in Texas — Kansas had a strong tradition of populism and farmer socialism — but in 1958, they succeeded and the law passed. That same year, Fred Koch co-founded the crypto-fascist John Birch Society with eleven other industrialists, the most powerful grassroots libertarian outfit of the postwar era until his son Charles raised libertarianism to an entirely new level.”

Libertarianism–Fascism wearing a smiley face.
Vance Muse
Anyway, this is an interesting read:

I strongly hope this is passed around the internet and read far more widely than it already has been.


13 thoughts on “You Hate “Right To Work” Laws More Than You Know. Here’s Why.

  1. Hello Laci,
    There is nothing that gripes me more than the recent events in Michigan with the extreme anti-Middle Class aspects that ramroded the “Right to Work” with the long term results of slave wages soon to come into that state now.

    I normally do not advocate violence against those who disagree with another politically, but this atrocity to the Working Middle Class is an all out attack on a person’s right to earn a living wage and have a voice to address safety concerns in the work place.

    I am old enough to have seen and remember well the economic enslavement of the “Company Coal Towns” in West Virginia. Those Coal Companies did not even pay their workers in Federal Reserve Notes but in Company Scrip. The workers could not even make a purchase anyplace except at the Company Owned Store….at inflated prices at that.

    It was not until the workers formed the United Coal Miners Union, those who fought and died for the basic right to earn a living wage to support his family and also forced the safety issues that later became OSHA.

    As far as I am concerned, the citizens of Michigan should have dragged those legislators who bastardized the right of Middle Worker’s Voice through Unions, and beat them unmercifully unconscious. Maybe a hospital stay while their split heads healed would have cleared up their line of thought on this subject.

    I commend you on a good and current posting relating to the travesty on the Working Middle Classes that occurred in Michigan.

  2. Laci…you might find this very interesting. The legislation passed so hastily in Michigan was as you are probably aware, a carbon copy of the ALEC dictated document passed by Wisconsin. They did not change a word or a dot of puntuation. The Wisconsin law has been successfully challenged in the WI State Courts on 2 separate occasions and was found unconstitutional…the Republican MI lawmakers seem blissfully unaware of this. The Michigan workers don’t need a referendum, they just have to challenge it in the courts! Here’s the link to the piece I have with the info:

    1. I think people need to be made aware of the origins of “right to work”. they also need to be made aware that that Libertarianism isn’t very people friendly. It sounds good, but there is a reason they don’t delve too deeply into their policies.

      1. …aware that that Libertarianism isn’t very people friendly.

        Of course it isn’t. The entire philosophy of libertarianism is gimme mine and to hell with you!

        1. As you know, M_R, I used the term “bleak” as we discussed the issues
          facing the country and the prospect of improving them. It seems to me
          that this shows how bleak it is when the state that really gave birth to
          the union movement and the growth of the middleclass with the UAW
          reverses it all with right to work legislation. It’s the new reality!

          1. And as you know, UtF, the REASON that Michigan was able to do that is because THEY [the most vulnerable] stayed home in November 2010! THEY will stay home again in 2014, and then bitch at the great GOP victories once again!

        2. “The entire philosophy of libertarianism is gimme mine and to hell with you!”

          Seems to be the same philosophy in many trade unions nowadays. It’s sad

  3. ” …THEY will stay home again in 2014….” Isn’t that the point
    I was making in a recent comment below about staying focused
    on each and every election, and just not the Presidential elections? Yet, didn’t Michigan just vote down an amendment to
    ther Constitution legalizing collective bargaininn, and by a heft percentage?

  4. “My dislike for Sepp was based on a visceral feeling that he was full of it.”

    Now why would you think that? Could it be his blog and people who read it that post comments like this one?

    “J.O.B. said…
    Looking for help Sepp.

    As for your post? Fuck them, everyone is irrelevant in there eyes. Accept for the big money donors of course.

    8:55 AM”

    What kind of numskull would ask Sepp for advice on anything? Probably someone who uses profanity in a public forum and bad grammar (i.e. misplaced comma). And writes “there” instead of “their” and “Accept” instead of “Except”. (Guess J.O.B. wouldn’t be one of those big money donors.) Oh, and someone who arms his 8 year old daughter.

    And don’t ya know the bad schoolin’ cause they made God get out of public schools. Show me one case where intolerance is bad?

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