The 7 MD Threat to Our Democracy

The fundamentalist/evangelical Christian threat to our U.S. expression of democracy comes in two distinct forms. First are the so-called Bible-thumpers about whom much has been written on this blog. They are the overt threat because they willingly, openly and mindlessly vote the biblical ticket in each election.  Most are easily duped and sponges for propaganda.

Yet there is a second fundamentalist/evangelical Christian threat,  a covert, insidious and powerful group that is hard at work attempting to snatch our democracy for their own religious needs.  They are a part of the Seven Mountains of Dominion Theology- a movement which is weaving itself into Christian thinking and into the foundations of our American democracy. The leaders are just as slick and convincing as the Sunday preachers in the pulpit.  In fact, many are preachers and, as a result, can easily ‘sell’ their form of Christian domination to the easily-led flock.

The 7 MD proposition simply stated requires that fundamentalist/evangelical Christians ‘conquer’ the 7 mountains that ‘support’ our nation, gaining control over the seven forces that shape and control our culture: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion.


By the way, the mountain in the illustration labeled ‘The Kingdom of God’ is actually The United States of America. For a smooth, slick and seductive intro to the 7 MD, check out the following video.  Note how the moderator, Lance Wallnau, quietly mentions that ‘God spoke to these two men.’

Wallnau insists that it is ‘the duty of Christians to occupy the mountains,’ not unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement. Note that occupation has already been made on ‘media & arts and entertainment’ by the right-wing. PBS and the National Endowment of the Arts, for example,  are on their chopping block.  In the media category, they have their own national news network [FoxNews] in addition to the Talk Radio network. Further, the ‘education’ sector is in full assault as they not only support home-schooling, but are intent on closing down the U.S. Department of Education. [ FYI, Wallnau’s background includes 20 years in the energy and Oil Industry wherein his company became the second largest retail oil company in the US.]

Wallnau drives home the point by inserting the Devil, a common target of the Bible-thumpers.  He said,

The Devil will send kings into that area who will screw it up. If you don’t deal with the arts and the music and the literature and the songs and the culture that your children are being baptized into, guess what? The Devil will send the influencers into the art world and they will pervert your kids thinking. If you don’t start to control truth in media and conscience in media so there is accountability, the Devil will send kings who will dominate the information process. If you don’t start to get a hold of government responsibility and laws properly framed that have a biblical worldview…these people that are there, unfortunately, not only are they under the Kingdom of Darkness, when they meet us they don’t always meet the best of us, we should be like Josephs who are solving problems, we shouldn’t be like angry prophets who are upset with the way the world is getting screwed up. Education mountain, I tell you, either we go there or the Devil sends people there.

The Devil! And, by the way, you can be assured that the Devil resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Right Wing Watch says this in an article on the 7 MD,

” The reason for this, as Lance Wallnau, the leading advocate for Seven Mountains theology, explained is that Jesus “doesn’t come back until He’s accomplished the dominion of nations.”  And the way “dominion of nations” is accomplished is by having Christians gain control of these “seven mountains” in order to install a “virtual theocracy” overseen by “true apostles” who will fight Satan and his Antichrist agenda.”

Just think, fellow muckrakers, how well this scenario plays to fundamentalist/evangelical Christians. Each week they are subjected to ‘hell and damnation’ sermons as well as sermons on how the Devil is alive and at work in our culture! The spongeon brains of the believers quickly absorb the message and are ripe for robotic guidance by the ministers who believe in this Dominion Theology movement.

Just yesterday a coalition of Christian GOP senators blocked a U.N. treaty on disabilities.  Why? Because of the ‘fear’ of the  U.N. They have a set of conspiracy theories about the organization. The opponents [including the sanctimonious Rick Santorum] argued that the treaty undermines American sovereignty — in this case via a plot to keep Americans from home-schooling their children and making other decisions about their well-being. Santorum said, “This is a direct assault on us.”  The word pathetic doesn’t come close! Dominionists believe that the U.N. is the work of the Devil- a pattern that clogs the logical thinking part of the brain in believers.

Luckily for The People of our nation, they lost the 2012 presidential election.  However, they retained many House seats and will be working for their biblical agenda for the next two years. Beware!


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10 thoughts on “The 7 MD Threat to Our Democracy

  1. Did a little research and learned that this may be more serious than I thought. Recognize some of these experts?

    And Rick Santorum won 69 out of 88 counties in the 2012 Ohio Republican Primary. David Barton is another one pushing the Seven Mountains of Dominion Theology. Listen to what Mike Huckabee has to say about Mr. Barton’s teachings:

    Did you catch the part about “…every American would be forced, at gunpoint, to listen to every Barton broadcast?”

    I still blame people like us who are allowing them to spread this crap. I know I’m guilty because I “overlook it this one time” continually. Until today; I’m expecting the wrath of my family for not attending the funeral mass of my godmother. I just couldn’t take that Catholic Voodoo one more time* and feel like a hypocrite.

    * Actually, I have been in trouble before when I reached my limit of Roman Catholic B.S. at inappropriate times, usually in Mass. I’ve just avoided those episodes by staying away from their cult “ceremonies”. Wish my dad was still alive; he’s have told the bunch of them to shove it! Gotta love those Presbyterians.

  2. M_R, there is too much to handle it all. We have to cut bait, it seems to me.
    What I mean, if we got involved with every ill, we would be stretched too thin and too much to do. To me, it is the political structure that we must
    win. By that I mean, the following areas that I can think of right off: the Presidency, the House, the Senate, Governors,State wide elected offices, State Legislatures, elected
    judges Mayors, city councils, local judges, election officials, and school board members. . We have to maximize and utilize the GOTV strategy
    of the Obama election. We have to turn out the vote on the minicipal and
    the state level. This might be the “insurrection”? The General of the
    North and the South must find enough volunteers and candidates to run
    to win election after election. While the Presidential election is important,
    so are the other elections. The liberal thinking people need to be elected
    as school board members, as city council, as probate judges, as mayors, as
    county supervisors, as election clerks, and so forth. And, the election process on these levels goes on continuously. We have to become in every,
    single election.

    1. You will be happy to know that the ‘Obama Team’ has not altogether disassembled. Two of the Field Organizers under whom I worked are currently working on the ‘fiscal cliff’ and are attending numerous organizational meetings. One called today to see if we were still ‘on board.’

    2. Isn’t that exactly what the “fringe” has been doing for the last decade? (i.e. Texas Board of Education). I absolutely agree with you, but am afraid of being targeted by them. No, really. I live a few townships away from Mr. Mud, but out here they have now started to pray in government meetings. And nobody says anything when the “fringe” insists on praying. There is also talk they have been firing “undesirables” and actually using the reason those being fired lacked ethics needed to work in government positions.

      I’ve never been arrested, but wonder how long they lock you up and how much it costs. Maybe if I secretly tape a meeting where people’s Constitutional Rights are being trampled over, Mr. Mud might post it here. I joined the ACLU, but the only response I get from them is a request for more money.

      Saw a statistic on TV last night from a reliable poll. Even though the ACORN organization hasn’t been around for years, 49% of Republicans think they had something to do with “stealing” the 2012 Presidential election for Obama.

      1. The arrest part comes when I attempt to point out that in January 2012 the United States Supreme Court ruled praying in government meetings violated the Constitution and they should stop because it offends me.

      2. Here’s a suggestion, NWO. At the next meeting of your government officials, offer to say the ‘prayer.’ If they accept, then read some nice Pagan ritual. Of course, you won’t be asked, so don’t bother searching for a ritual.

        I’d advise that you just roll with it, especially if you a.) live in the wilderness and b.) wish to have credibility on other issues that proceed from the meeting.

        I’ve never lived in the wilderness, but I have friends who do. From their conversations, it scares the hell out of me to imagine living among ‘those people.’ As one moves further and further from an urban area, the ‘need’ for civility wanes proportionally.

        1. Smart men think alike, eh? I have already researched for an appropriate prayer for that very scenario. I have been watching this “Christian” woman all year and she’s been getting away with murder. There is at least one other person who has challenged her and she let him have it with both barrels; and in a very personal way*. If she allows me to say my own prayer, she wouldn’t be breaking any laws. If she refuses, she violated the U.S. Constitution. Most people out here don’t know what the Constitution actually says, but they abhor anything that sounds like you’re against it**.

          I know I gotta pick my battles, but it’s the picking part that has me stumped. Every time I turn around, she’s pulling something else that I never dreamed she’d try***. Who’d ever thunk that the Texas Board of Education would prove to be so consequential?

          * He asked why the board was having so many “executive” sessions because they rarely had them before she was elected. Instead of answering his question, she replied that she would bring out this guy’s personal records at the next meeting.

          ** Remember how some posse members got it all wrong, but bragged about carrying a copy of it around in their pocket?

          *** She pays back with zoning issues and/or shutting off your township provided water.

          (Interesting side-note: When she was campaigning for office, she put up these huge billboards at busy intersections. One of her first orders of business when she took office was to control political yard signs.)

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