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Isn’t the golden rule (also known as the rule of reciprocity, that one is to treat others as they would want others to treat them, part of most religions?

Wouldn’t “socialism” be more in line with these sentiments?


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  1. Hello Laci My Friend,
    Well stated and I was thinking of doing a posting along this subject topic to explore if the Religious Conservative Teabaggers really put into practice what they claim to say the Christ like values they hold so dear.

    I have always contended that the Religious Conservatives are the exact inverse of the lessons that Christ taught. The Religious Conservatives have truly bastardized what Christ was preaching which to me is more of a sin in itself.

  2. Nice to hear from you, Laci and Engineer. But, are the fundies really Christ
    valued center or are they Bible centered? You know, down here in Dixie
    it is known as the “bible belt” and the believers are “bible thumpers”.

    1. Fundamentalists of all varieties, use their own interpretation of their Holy Book–not really keeping in the spirit of the religion.

      That’s the point of this post.

    2. There is a clear distinction, I have discovered, between Bible-thumpers and Christ-centered people. They are world’s apart in ideals, values and mind-set.

      1. Exactly, M_R. Bible thumpers people are more old testament centered. As i watch, do I dare say this lol, some of the Sunday church services here in the Jackson area, most sermons are taken from the old testament. And, that, it seems to me, sets the path the fundies follow.

    1. The stark hypocrisy displayed by fundamentalist [C]hristians is disgusting: get the government out of our lives with the exception of the bedroom.

  3. so are u saying, M_R, that you could accept the libertarian viewpoint on many of the issues associated with getting “the government out of our lives”?


    In an effort to reach out to young people, the Pope has obtained a Twitter account.

    (I think the Roman Catholic Church has reached out to young people enough.)

    1. It would be interesting to note how often the youth tweet back at the Pope compared to how often they tweet their friends.

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