Men Jumping Over the Fiscal Cliff

Earlier this month, I penned a piece in which I suggested a 2013 WPA-type of government investment in the creation of millions of construction jobs. These jobs would not all be ‘grunt’ work because such projects require a collateral workforce not skilled in construction technology along side of the workers themselves. Local restaurants, for example, would be contracted for food-supply; local cement suppliers, lumber yards, steel suppliers, plumbers, welders and trucking companies as well would be called into action throughout the project. Porta-potties too! The boon to the local economy would be tremendous.

Who has heard the word, ‘job’ uttered from the lips of President Obama or any member of Congress since the election? Name me one.  On the other hand, how many times have the words, ‘fiscal cliff, taxes and cuts’ been uttered by those in charge of our governance? Countless.  Nauseously. Stupidly.

Candidate Romney touted 12 million jobs; Obama spoke of millions of middle-class jobs.


Were these two men lying to the electorate?  Was it all a gimmick? What the hell!

The ‘creation’ of jobs sufficient to move this nation quickly upwards will NOT be coming from the private sector. Businesses are quite happy with the current, low-wage, high-demand employment situation of this nation. They have the workers of this nation right where they want them- begging for employment, willing to accept cuts in pay, hours or benefits just to maintain their employment.

Rather, such a job-creation effort lies at the feet of the Federal Government; only this body has the funding and organizational structure to move millions of Americans from the dole to the payroll. We’ve done it before and it was seen in later years as quite the patriotic thing to do. We are all patriots, aren’t we? When something big needs to be accomplished, we pull together for the good of the whole.  Why not now?

Why is all of Washington focused so intensely on the so-called fiscal cliff? How does this affect the 8 million Americans looking for work or the tens of millions of under-employed Americans? Will either solving it or ‘going over’ it create one single new job?

During the Great Depression many despondent men committed suicide by jumping out of windows. If we let the job-creation fiasco continue to fester, perhaps many will seek the same ‘solution’ by jumping off of the fiscal cliff!


10 thoughts on “Men Jumping Over the Fiscal Cliff

  1. As you suggest, M_R, there is NO fiscal cliff. It’s a ploy by politicians to
    sell the LIVs. I look at this way. There are two centers of power, D.C. and
    NYC, political and economic/financial respectively. D.C. is putting out
    the fiscal cliff propaganda. NYC isn’t. Financial markets number one
    concern is instablility and that is their worry. NYC needs to know what
    “the deal” will be in D.c.

    What I am afraid that we sill see in the end will be the sell out of the 98% Look, isn’t it right that the GOP is still campaigning on no increase in taxes but cut entitlements? We already here that when Obama said raise the tax on the wealthy he didnt/doesn’t mean restore the tax to 39%. Now I hear Dems talking of a “compromise” to 37.5% Lets Boehner go to his GOP caucus and say that he made the President back down from 39%! Moreover,
    and this is never ever mentioned any longer, that the tax rate today was passed only as a temporary measure; there was no vote to permanetly roll back the legal tax rate from 39% to 35%. It’s a false premise as the original
    tax law is still on the books. It’s a political ploy of the two percenters and
    their dupes in Congress.

    As to the so-called “entitlements” this is where I am at this moment. In
    regard to Social Security, it is completely off the table. Social Security
    is solvent today, tomorrow, and until the 2030s. Any change as increasing
    the age moves Social Security along the road of planned GOP destruction
    of the program. Social Security problems can be fixed stimply by
    removing the taxable caps which benefit the rich. As to medicare I would
    accept reforming the providers part, the hospitals and nursing homes,
    to stop re-admissions and other abuses or frauds. I could not agree
    with “means” testing, that is, increasing the premium for the wealthy.
    That is nothing but a ploy to destroy the system. President Obama said
    “Congress should reduce the federal subsidy of Medicare costs for those
    beneficiaries who can most afford it.” There is already a disconnect
    because current law already privides that vor incomes over $214,000
    for single person and $428,000 for married couples, their monthly
    premium is three times the standard premium, or $300 per month.
    This policy is nothing but a conservative method to kill medicare. WHY?
    Because, don’t you see, it turns an “earned benefit” program into nothing
    but a welfare program. At some point the higher premium beneficiaries
    will leave the program. Another point against tampering with Medicare
    is that we cannot tolerate increasing the age limit for medicare benefits
    to 67. It would be a financial hardship on the 98%, and it would increase
    the demand to again increase the Social Security reitrement age.

    With Medicaid, the program for the poor, the President is on record of
    cutting the Federal expenditure for poor people, children, and those
    with disabilities. Yes, M_R, his budget proposal of Feb, 2012 called for
    just that. Where is our indignation? Unlike Social Security and Medicare,
    Medicaid is an individual State administered program, with the Federal
    Government providing funds, and the States providing , but the States
    administer the program and thereby determine who is elegibl and what
    kind of assistance is available. Guess what happens when each State has
    to balance their books on a yearly basis? Reform Medicaid? Hell, yes,
    bring it under Federal Government control! But, do we hear that, lol?

    We cannot let the GOP and the Dems touch these programs from the
    beneficiary side. Social Security is untouchable for now. Medicare is
    touchable from the provider side and instituting ending fee for service
    procedures, yet protecting the doctors from frivilous law suits over
    medical malpractice, but not with tort reform per se. Finally, don’t cut
    payments to States for the health care of the poor, disabled, and children
    under Medicaid. However, it seems like we are being set up just for this
    to occur.

    1. Excellent reply, my friend. You’ve covered it all. The political BS is overwhelming! We, the People, will get the shaft, I am certain. Here’s the question: when we do get the raw deal, what will WE do?

  2. If we “get the shaft”, it will be a joint Dem and GOP effort. What can any
    one “do” in that case? It will be all over for the 98%, and it will be a
    plutarchocy, don’t you think? The institutions will have again failed us,
    but that is no surprise as the institutions are controlled by the rich. We
    are back to something that I introduced here maybe a couple of months
    back, namely, institutionalism versus insurrection.If Obama and the Dems
    capituilate on the entitlements, there is no alternative than peaceful
    insurrction. Occupy Wall Street has shown the way, it seems to me.

    Let me say that if Obama and the Dems let the Pentagon off with no
    large, meaningful cuts, and there are the cuts to the entitlement programs,
    the situation will even be more ominous. Joe Scarborough calls the Democratic plan “provocative.” Says the $50 billion stimulous for
    infrastructure is typicl democratic spending programs. He says that it is an insult to say tax the wealthy and then establish a $50 billion spending program…. I don’t seem to recall any real opposition to Scarborough from
    last Friday’s program…He shouted and “threatened” all of them into
    silence, and the wieseling “you have a point, Joe.” When is some one
    going to look at Scarborough and lay him out? They won’t. They like being a talking head on his show

    1. I don’t seem to recall any real opposition to Scarborough…

      Yes, indeed, there was no opposition; apparently they allow him the final say as if he is king. Wimps!

      OK, General of the South, ready the Plan! Shall it be Plan A, B or C?

      Let me know.

  3. LOL, well, I don’t know what A, B or C is any more…Darn, short term memory….

    But, our background seems to suggest a full frontal attack.

    We went to see “LINCOLN’ last night. Less than 20 in attendance!
    If you havent seen it yet, please go see it. It’s a good movie, even a
    good shocker at the end. A few people even gasped. However, in my
    opinion, it is not a good movie for the general public about the Civil
    War. People need to be versed withthe period. The movie covers about 30
    days for all the Lincoln Presidency. People need college American History I and a course on the Civil War and Reconstruction. This is a movie more
    for graduate students. For example, the assassination is not shown. It shows him leaving the White House . The next scene is at a different theater than Ford’s and a man comes on stage and says that he had been shot.

    1. People need college American History I and a course on the Civil War and Reconstruction…

      Do you refer to the dumbing-down of the American electorate? How will we ever ‘fix’ this gaping hole in the wisdom of The People? Further, the ignorance is increasing rapidly. It could be the dullness of the teachers of history. Currently my wife and I are tutoring at our local public K-8 elementary school and I have found that the math teacher for 6-8 is terribly dull and equally incompetent.

      How does one fix this??

      1. Interesting point you bring up about learning about our past. Just the other day we turned on c-span 3. It was carrying a feed from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor taught by a full professor. The title of
        the course was “September 11th”. It was anything but history! It was more
        of a psychology course. He was talking about suicide and how did the suicide of people jumping off the Towers compare to average suicide
        motivation, how were the obituaries that appeared in the NYT different
        than the usual daily obituraries. If this is an example of what university
        history classes are becoming, is there little wonder why there is a “gaping hole” in people’s knowledge?

  4. If there is a “grand bargain”, it means we have been sold out. And, I don’t
    mean on the question of taxes. I mean any benefit reduction in any of
    the three major “entitlement” progrms. Any cuts to the benefits means
    to me that it is a right of center “bargain”, nicht war? The time frame
    is so structured as to tell us this is what is to be. Neither the Dems or the
    GOP want any time for the public to respond; it has to be a slam cunk kind of deal. What are the conderns of others?

  5. BTW, M_R, the reason my comments are replete with run on words and run on sentences, misspellings, incomplete sentences, and whatever else is not
    because of carelessness on my part. It is because wordpress makes me
    type in the blind. My “reply screen” is not visable, until after my comment
    is posted. Whatever! AND, I still have to log in when I try to post the
    comment. And, then I cannot return to the main POST page as I am cut off.

    My replyscreen fills up with my email info, my username, and then the
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