Whose war on Christmas?

‘Tis the Season of stupid comments about Christmas and a “war on Christmas”.
Funny, but people forget about, or are just plain ignorant of, the FACT that some Christians did not like Christmas based upon its pagan origins and traditions (pretty much all of them are Pagan). 

Christmas was banned in Puritan England and New England as well as Scotland.  Other Protestant faiths refused (and some still refuse) to celebrate Christmas.  It wasn’t until 1870 that Christmas became a federal holiday!

I’m going to grab this comment as a pretty good summary of the state of Christmas in the US:

Christmas is actually a perfect example of the way that a nearly homogeneously Christian dominant culture has segued into a pluralistic one. Christmas is a national holiday mostly because it’s always been one and the inertia is too strong. But Christmas has been co-opted by secular society to the point that it is celebrated by the popular culture as a nonreligious holiday. All the Christmas specials about the “true meaning of Christmas” being abstract notions like “giving” and “caring” and “family” and so on.

The other part of this is that lots of voters still believe that America is a “Christian” country–whatever that means–and any politician who so much as suggested demoting Dec. 25 from its status as a federal holiday would be committing political suicide for no tangible benefit.

So, there really isn’t a “secular war” on Christmas and Christians, it’s that some people don’t realise that the holiday has become secular, rather than religious.


17 thoughts on “Whose war on Christmas?

  1. Not really off topic, Microdot, since Christmas has been controversial since it first appropriated the Pagan Midwinter Holiday:

    I should add that Microdot’s article ties directly into my point–Early Protestant sects detested Christmas as a pagan and catholic festival–not a Christian one!

    The real issue is that Conservative Christianity would like to make this holiday something it never truly has been–a Christian religious one.

    First, they wanted to fight it, but it is too primal a holiday to destroy.

    Now, they want to claim that it has something to do with “Christ”.

    We can get into how reality based that is, but it is not factually based in history. Very little is Christian about Christmas.

    Even the nativity scene has its roots in paganism (Mithras)!

    1. Thank you, Laci, for the timely post. So it seems that Christians have whined about ‘Christmas’ for a long, long time. Maybe it is because it was a phony ‘holiday/holyday’ from the outset, completely co-opting the pagan Winter Solstice celebration. The Pope said in his newest book that things are wrong about the Christmas celebration. No kidding!

      Yet those funny fundamentalist Christians cry, weep and gnash their perfect teeth that ‘we’ have stolen Christmas and wrestled it away from ‘them.’ The word pathetic doesn’t come close. But then, they are a pathetic lot, so steeped in their made-up mythology that they cannot see reality any longer. Of course, they are still stunned by the Obama victory a few weeks ago and that, combined with the recent survey that said that the U.S. is moving quickly towards a no-religion nation, has driven them deeper into delusion that ever [if that is possible!]

      Surely that well-known Ohio bigot and fundamentalist must be typing madly on her blog about God’s righteousness and sin and Hell so that she doesn’t have to face the reality that this is no longer a ‘Christian’ nation.

    1. FYI- I decided to check on the old, homophobic [C]hristian lady to see her ‘holiday’ posting. Sadly she’s ranting about the Boy Scouts. The crotchety old bag!

      1. I won’t touch scrooge lady.

        But, maybe she was congratulated on having a shrine to Mithras (i.e., nativity) on her property by a pagan.

        1. Yes, the perennial shrine to Mithras. I understand that some cities are disallowing the Mithras Shrine, which, naturally, has that set of fundamentalist Pagans in a rage!

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    1. Great effort and an important cause, Microdot. Just imagine how much American $$ was spent on the election cycle just ended. Pathetic, even immoral, considering the needs elsewhere in the world!

      1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Is it just me or are the politicians the ones who really don’t want to rein in campaign spending and gerrymandering.

        1. I’d say you nailed it, NWO. Why would politicians now in office want to tamper with those two ‘blessings’ which propelled them to office? They’d be nuts to tackle those glaring undemocratic principles.

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