Choking the United States with Christianity

But, now, today, it is the South that champions choking the United States with Christianity and the will of their GOD!– UptheFlag

Choking is a fine metaphor in this context: of mixing an overreaching religious belief stifling a democratic expression of governance. And, to be sure, we’ll be choking regularly for the next 30 days. Surely there will be news stories about public nativity scenes in which fundamentalist Christians whine about not being permitted to display their religious idols for the public to ‘enjoy.’

One need look no farther than last week’s newspapers to realize what terror religious conflict brings to citizens. Bombs and rockets raining down on neighborhoods because of differing religious beliefs. Pitiful. Atheists have a point. So, too, the person who keeps his/her religious beliefs private.

Interestingly the current Pope’s newest book debunks most of the Christmas myths including the date, the animals, the angels and the magic at the manger scene. As Rick Perry might say, ‘Oops!’ Yet, righteous Christians will not be swayed this Christmas season and will continue to present their Christmas plays with children dressed as angels or donkeys- donkeys being the most probable characters of all.

These next 30 days will be a tough time for non-Christians living here in northern Ohio, but I’d imagine that down South, in the Bible Belt, many non-Christians there will have to tolerate much more religious fantasy. Lucky for me, eh?

{a nod to the late Carl Sagan: A Universe Not Made for Us}


5 thoughts on “Choking the United States with Christianity

  1. I have no problem,getting into the “Christmas Spirit” think. It’s a part of the culture I live in. We are humans and we woud find something seasonal, as we always have to celebrate one way or another. I am a sucker for traditions, bright lights, decorations, traditional holiday cuisine and toys. I have been also known to attend midnight masses and sing. To my embarrassment, I always end up being approached by the local village choral group director who asks me if I would like to join…that’s a big thing here in these little villages…it’s a social world unto itself. I have been told it’s a good way to meet girls. In fact you would not believe some of the steamy stories my buddy Christian Moins tells me about his little chortal group in Bars.
    But, in fact, I have been a total atheist for the last 50 years. For me, the biggest psychological factor I have to deal with is my own family. The last time my sister asked me about my religious views, I was totally honest and tried to explain them…the results? My sister reduced to a 53 year old blubbering idiot going on about meeting our dead parents in heaven. I have cousins who are nuns and priests.
    I consider the rise of atheist consciousness as the next logical step in the evolution of our collective human consciousness. Consider the Eastern religions, the development of the idea of meditation and even what was shared as a collective vision by those who used psychedelic drugs in the so called Hippie Era. Look at the writings of the great visionary scientists and philosophers who gained their greatest breakthroughs as the result of pure inspiration. Tesla and Einstein are two great examples. Tesla’s great vision was at first denied by Einstein and then before he died, Einstein was able to prove through hard equations that in fact, Tesla’s vision was right…It was just so big and unified that it was hard for even Einstein to comprehend for thirty years. The hardest part of being an atheist is dealing with a society that feels threatened by atheism. In fact in atheism is technically illegal in Kentucky under that states’ interpretation of the Homeland Security Act!
    None the less, at this point in time, nearly a third of Americans under 30 have no religious affiliation. I would say that this is evidence that the forces of collective psychic evolution are progressing. But what young people face in their daily lives amounts to social brainwashing, psychological cruelty and torture in the face of their personal beliefs. I would like to recommend the book by Hemant Mehta, a High School Math teacher and the writer of the blog: His book is titled: The Young Atheists Survival Guide: Helping Secular Students Thrive.
    I wish this book had been around for me when I was young. My struggle has been hard fought, lonely and personal. The rise of atheism is not a sign of doom! It is in fact the highest reach of the collective human intellect. We can look at the skies at night with open eyes and wonder, the real reality is much grander than any myth we could ever invent and it is ours to discover. We can build a better future if we are acting not of out fear of dark supernatural punishment myths, but in discovering the altruistic goodness we all share…..

    1. I consider the rise of atheist consciousness as the next logical step in the evolution of our collective human consciousness.

      Thank you, Microdot, for your extensive and thoughtful reply to my post.

      FoxNews is, of course, running its annual War against Christmas nonsense, but, after all, one doesn’t go there for news.

      Your quote above, re the rise of the atheist consciousness is spot-on and a valuable point that needs to be developed much further and more extensively. I think of those people who live in that ill-named place, the Holy Land. If one reads the Bible from 4000 years ago, it cites the same nonsense that is occurring today– one set of ‘idols’ is preferred to another and thereby the death, destruction and enslavement of one people by another.

      Four thousand years of voodoo, myth and magic and look where it has gotten the Jews and Palestinians. Or for those who believe in fundamentalist Islam. And here, in the U.S., as UptheFlag stated, we are forced to watch the choking of our nation.

      The Pew Forum gives our nation a bit of good news in that the number of ‘believers’ is dipping while those of no faith are soaring. The survey finds that the number of people who say they are unaffiliated with any particular faith today (16.1%) is more than double the number who say they were not affiliated with any particular religion as children. Among Americans ages 18-29, one-in-four say they are not currently affiliated with any particular religion.

      President Obama was reelected by people of no faith or of a faith which rejects the hard-line, fundamentalist Christian principles. They clearly lost and it is doubtful that this astringent coalition will ever be able to move the presidential elections their way.

      The U.S. is a far cry from your statement, Microdot, regarding the the rise of atheist consciousness as the next logical step. But at least we have broken down the wall that kept us from examining what might be on the other side.

  2. It is amusing that the dissenters, from whom most US Christians find their origins, disliked government interference in religion. Likewise, most of them had experienced persecution in Europe (as did most Christians–Catholic and Protestant).

    Thus it was felt that there needed to be a separation between Church and State. Furthermore, that the US needed to be a secular society where religion was a personal choice.

  3. Recently, I saw on some channel, I mean there are so many now this old
    brain can’t keep up anymore lol, that the seasonal gifting is on the
    Epithany and in Holland it is in early December. However, neither, and
    probably there are other European countries, use Dec. 25 as the time
    for gifting.

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