Unpublished Editorial

[this was submitted to my local newspaper during the presidential campaign; it remains unpublished]

I’m fairly amused by the recent mushrooming of ‘Religious Freedom” signs on lawns here in the Toledo area. I note that they frequently share the grass with Romney/Ryan signs. Politics and religion on full display is curious at best.

Yet it amazes me that the cry for ‘religious freedom’ is not at all about the repression of minority religious expression, as the sign would indicate, but rather it is sinuously tied to contraception and Christian faith.

Imagine centuries ago religious freedom signs appearing on the houses of so-called witches in Massachussetts or Quakers in Virginia in the 1600’s.  Roger Williams, founder of the state of Rhode Island, could have used one of those signs on his door as he was expelled from Massachusetts for daring to demand religious freedom.  Catholics ought to recall from their history books that  the Church of England was legally established in their colony of Maryland  with English penal laws which deprived Catholics of the right to vote, hold office, or worship publicly. Fortunately, Maryland’s first state constitution in 1776 restored their freedom of religion

Thus, when I see these signs in the year 2012 warning about religious freedom, I laugh at the folly. Rather, the signs ought to be in the yards of atheists, agnostics, Pagans,  Buddhists, Baha’is, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Unitarians, and Native Americans. This group, rather than Christians, clearly understand the need for religious freedom and tolerance here in these Unites States.


7 thoughts on “Unpublished Editorial

  1. What about Jews? No Jew has been nominated for President. Do you think that this changes now with the GOP nomination of the mormon cultist Romney?

    1. Apparently the GOP hasn’t found the correct Jew and/or they want to remain purists, even though Romney was indeed a Christian cultist. There’s a wide gap between Mormon and Jew- something about that supposed ‘Jesus-killer thing.’

  2. Hello Muddy,
    Instead of the signs stating, ‘Religious Freedom,” they should be saying, “Freedom From Religion!” That would be in the best interest of the country. i.e. Separation of Church and State.

    I just published a piece where Dial Global Radio has degraded from trading on NASDAQ and has blamed Rush Limbaugh for their downfall. Other companies are pointing at Rush Limbaugh for the drastic loss and downturn of their revenues.

    But I am sure the Religious Fundies still think he is doing GOD’s Work.

    1. I note that Clear Channel [aka right-wing talk radio] is in real financial trouble as well. It appears that their holding company, Bain Capital, wants the debt to be paid. Here in Toledo, Rush’s station is Clear Channel and it is laying off people. What a shame it would be if right-wing radio collapsed altogether. Gosh, then my brother-in-law would have only a single source of ‘news.’ Fox, of course. Gag.

      1. You didn’t hear it from me, but there’s a “rumor” that some employees of the Clear Channel station in Toledo are being paid under minimum and in cash.

        1. …and so the Conservative Entertainment Complex may, in fact, be imploding? Oh my, imagine the gnashing of teeth all throughout the right-wing echo chamber.

  3. I did realize something this weekend. The gun-toting right wing lady who lives next door has been telling me things she hears from her favorite newscaster Glen Beck. But I hear almost the exact same tales from my far left wing cleaning lady.

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