Looking for a Scandal

Pity the GOP. Well, no pity from me. Seems they never ‘thought’ about losing the presidential election and, as a result, they don’t know what to do about the situation. The GOP governors are quickly distancing themselves from Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment and the Conservative Entertainment Complex. Hell, yesterday, the Virginia, Ohio and Wisconsin Republican governors all threw in the towel and accepted ‘Obama Care’ mandates for their states- their blue states. They understand the will of the people in their blue states and their need to get reelected.

Meanwhile, the CEC [Conservative Entertainment Complex] continues to feed their enslaved audience lies and distortions; after all, they can’t just just sit there with egg on their collective faces from the election predictions. They need to change the subject and what better way to do so is to fabricate a 2nd term presidential scandal- even before Obama’s inauguration.

Enter the Benghazi affair. Rather than writing what you already know about this ‘scandal,’ let me share what I learned over dinner Friday evening with my CEC-stooge and brother-in-law.  As I was enjoying my pizza and without any warning he said, “I hate to tell you guys, but there’s more to the Benghazi story.” Quickly swilling some beer to clear my palate I said, “Oh is there?” Without hesitation, Jack spewed ‘information’ on the so-called BenghaziGate.

I could have been listening to Fox or Hannity or Limbaugh because his tone mimicked that set of Bozos as he mocked both Susan Rice and the President over the message she delivered to the press on the Sunday following the attack. “Who changed the message, eh?” he scowled. “From what I heard today…” he went on until his sister asked, “Where did you hear this?” “Well…ah… from the news,” he stammered.  The news. Pity the man.  Outside of politics he’s quite bright and has a tremendous recall of history.  Sadly, his brain is now owned by the CEC and, as a result, he robotic-ally spews the CEC message. And he doesn’t even know it.

The ‘real’ news yesterday put the CEC to shame; or, rather, General Petraeus did. Petraeus spoke to both the Senate and House intelligence committees ans said that references to the group alleged to have been behind the 11 September attack were in the CIA’s classified talking points, which were classified, but removed from the unclassified memo relied upon by Rice. The reason, he said, was so as to not to tip off the group about what the US authorities knew.

The vocal and grumpy old white men of the GOP [Rep. King, Sen. Graham, Sen. McCain] still insist that the White House had ‘something’ to do with all of this- especially because of the timing during the presidential campaign.  How sad, especially for the cranky old McCain who, I believe, never got over his loss in 2008.

And so it goes over there, on the far-right edge of the political spectrum, where dreams are reality and reality is but a dream.



6 thoughts on “Looking for a Scandal

  1. There is a cruel and tasteless joke lurking here regarding old white conservatives and scandal envy….So what’s going on here? I can sum it up in two words: scandal envy. Republicans are indescribably frustrated by the fact that Barack Obama, whom they regard as both illegitimate and corrupt, went through an entire term without a major scandal. They tried with “Fast and Furious,” but that turned out to be small potatoes. They tried with Solyndra, but that didn’t produce the criminality they hoped for either. Obama even managed to dole out three-quarters of a trillion dollars in stimulus money without any graft or double-dealing to be found. Nixon had Watergate, Reagan had Iran-Contra, Clinton had Lewinsky, and Barack Obama has gotten off scott-free. This is making them absolutely livid, and they’re going to keep trying to gin up a scandal, even if there’s no there there. Benghazi may not be an actual scandal, but it’s all they have handy.

    1. Let’s be careful here, MD. All the above scandals happened in the second
      terms of those Presidents. We have just started Obama’s!

  2. Here’s the funniest story I’ve heard so far……

    Seems the C.I.A., etc. scheduled an informational briefing on the Benghazi affair. All interested parties were notified and planned on being there representing the United States Congress. Persons who had accepted the invitation included Arizona Senator John McCain, since he sits on some Congressional intelligence committee.

    This informational briefing on Benghazi took place in the U.S. Capital Building and lasted approximately 3 hours. While this briefing was going on, in another part of the U.S. Capital Building a Senator from Arizona was holding a press conference to complain that the Obama administration was withholding information on Benghazi. Guess which Arizona Senator that was?

    Senator McCain’s office said missing the briefing was an “oversight”.

    1. There has been some speculation that after the World Trade Center bombings in 1994, terrorists watched and learned from us how we deal with such things. Using the knowledge gained from this, they were able to successfully attack the U.S. on September 11, 2001.

      And we have learned the hard way several times that the source of leaked sensitive information was the U.S. Congress. That’s in addition to the hatchet job Cheney did on our secret information gathering systems.

  3. Ho-Hum…Nothing new here! Your venting again, M_R….. editor’s note: [You’re] Sr. Mary Albertus rolls over in her grave!

    1. I was younger then, lol…Glad to see you have your editor’s pen out. “THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL” will require a good editor……

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