Ho-hum: Israel and the Palestinians Again

There they go again.  Just when we were enjoying the fruits of our political victory, our dessert gets interrupted by those swarthy-skinned desert-inhabitants. Again.  Why can’t they just get along like that great sage Rodney King expressed? Do they know that they are cousins? Of course, the Hatfields and McCoys were ‘kin’ too, but that didn’t stop their obsessive behavior. Too much inbreeding I suspect.

One might get the idea that the two sides over there actually have valuable land to protect.  You know, like oil fields, gold mines or highly productive agricultural lands. Truth is, it’s rocky desert devoid of any natural treasures. Imagine some group of people here in the U.S. waging war over a few hundred square miles of the Mojave Desert in Arizona.

Hey!  I’ve got an idea: why don’t we give the entire Mojave Desert to either the Israelis or to the Palestinians;  that would settle things over there in the so-called Holy Land.

But wait!

Sorry, we can’t do that.

I forgot about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

…so much for that idea


4 thoughts on “Ho-hum: Israel and the Palestinians Again

  1. I feel sorry for both sides. However, a few things have changed; one part of Gaza borders on Egypt, not Israel – and Egypt has had a significant regime change.

    Strikes me that this is all about someone wanting to disrupt the 30 year successful peace treaty brokered by President Carter, as part of maneuvering in middle eastern politics.

    Where Mubarek wouldn’t allow much surface traffic into our out of Gaza, that may no longer be true. What used to be done through underground tunnels now may simply be done openly. There have been multiple attacks on the existing Egyptian forces by Egyptian insurgents along their Israeli border; it wouldn’t surprise me to see that those same insurgent elements might try to further destabilize an as yet less than solid Egyptian government post Arab spring.

    So, no this doesn’t strike me as nasty business as usual; this time it could be more of a game changer. I DO feel sorry for the Palestinians trapped in Gaza; there are innocent men, women and children being killed at a rate that exceeds the number exponentially of those harmed in Israel.

    Both sides could set aside their aggression and very long list of wrongs, and make peace. Some factions o not want that; the Palestinians have long been the pawn of others. On their side, under the guise of having a Jewish state, Israel treats anyone who is not Jewish as a very second class citizen; they are guilty for decades of terrible injustices to the Palestinians, from their side escalating the crisis by some very real wrongs against these people that fuels the conflict too, when they could be a REAL democracy, with real respect for human rights and equality – but they don’t. In that regard, they bring some of this on themselves too, and make their own contribution to the instability in the area.

    Hate begets hate. It is a choice.

  2. And the West Bank Settlements?

    Pardon my YAWN, M-R, but as you posted we have been here many times
    over. It’s time to move on. We need to cure what is wrong with the United
    States and not the rest of the world.

  3. Don’t you think if a country attacks another country using equipment provided by the United States (and claims that the United States will back them up), should get our permission first? And I sure hope this isn’t the result of a few Israelis unhappy with the re-election of President Obama just trying to make him look bad.

    I know this pisses some people off when I say this (and they can kiss my fat ass), but I think the U.S. Congress is Israeli occupied territory.

  4. Just for the record, Israel was the one how broke the truce by bombing the car of the Hamas leader. Then they cried foul, and whined how they had to protect themselves from Gaza; Anyone else notice it seems the Palestinians are the ones getting their asses kicked, not the Israelis.

    And have you noticed that all the reporting seems to be coming from Israel and not Gaza? Israel has threatened to confiscate the visas of any reporter going in the occupied areas. Can’t earn a living reporting if you’re deported from the country you’re assigned to be reporting from.

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