Graphic Representations: truth and illusions

Many of our citizens are more visual than verbal; in fact, the youth of America are trending swiftly in that direction due to the electronic gadgets that consume a large part of their day. Too bad that there are so many teachers who are non-visual, especially college professors.  But that’s another blog post.

We are used to seeing the map of the Unites States in the cartographic representation that shows the state of Montana, for example, to be 20 times that of New Jersey. It is, in land size.  However, in population, New Jersey kicks butt and, as a result of that, it is assigned 14 electoral votes to 3 for the mammoth state of Montana.

The elections map for the 2012 vote below shows the traditional way we are shown the outcome of that election, coloring states blue or red. That mass of red from the South to the Canadian border strikes the eye vividly.

However, the representation of the electoral vote below, shows the accurate number of electoral votes without maintaining the geographic proportions of the states.

This cartogram shows electoral votes/ square,  showing Montana as 3 red squares and New Jersey with 14 blue squares. Thus those rather meaningless, gigantic states of the West are represented in their proper vote equivalence.

Of course, those who supported and voted for Mitt Romney prefer the traditional [pun intended] map whereas those on the progressive left prefer a more realistic visual representation of the data.


4 thoughts on “Graphic Representations: truth and illusions

  1. I have actually read a complaint from a teabagger saying the election should be based on land size. No, I’m not kidding and will post a link if I can find it again. I will start by looking at quotes from Fox News.

  2. Heard someone from the Romney camp say they were expecting to win until returns started to show a larger than expected voter turnout in the “urban” areas of Ohio. And the locals had something to say too.

    A top Ohio Republican Sunday stood by his comment that the state’s voting procedures shouldn’t be “contort[ed] to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine.”

    In an interview with BuzzFeed, Franklin County GOP Chairman Doug Preisse, a close ally of Governor John Kasich, said his comment — which provoked Democratic outrage — was simply straight talk.

    1. Apparently, NWO, those people aren’t worthy enough to cast votes. I’m sure that many on the right-edge of the political spectrum would rather revert to the voting requirements first set up in the Constitution: white male land owners. They don’t care too much about those subsequent, pesky Amendments.

      BTW, that ‘someone’ was Paul Ryan.

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