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The former speech writer for President Bush, David Frum, mouthed the words that many to the left-of-center as well as a bevy of moderate Republicans have been saying and writing about for a long time: “Conservative Republicans and you can include in that also conservative leaning non-Republicans who had once been Democrats have been “fleeced, exploited and lied to” by the “conservative entertainment complex.”

At last. Whew! The dirty secret has finally been revealed. That which was only spoken of in hushed tones and dark alleyways is now public knowledge.

What Frum referred to was, of course, the fact that those hanging on the right edge of the political seesaw were duped, lied-to and fooled during this election cycle [and always] about the strength of the Republican Party and its presidential candidate during this election cycle. Fraudulent polling data was grabbed by this set of ‘entertainers’ and foisted on their audience, assuring them that the Republican Party would sweep to glorious victory on November 6. That frantic scene captured and replayed within the studios of FoxNews featuring the denial of reality by Karl Rove may be the tipping point or, rather, the pin-prick into the balloon in which so many on the political right reside.

Pop!  Woooosh.

Or perhaps not. After all, a few days after last Tuesday, the king of hot air, Rush Limbaugh, was in full-denial mode during his Entertainment Complex- attempting to assure his Sponge Bob audience that he had nothing at all to do with the widespread defeat of the Republican Party across the nation.

Did his audience believe’ him? Did they ‘believe’ Hannity?’ Beck? Dick Morris? The GOP landslide that turned into a mud hole.

The problem with this audience, as I have said time and again on this blog, is that this group of crotchety old white men do not want the truth told to them- the truth about America: that they themselves have become the statistical outliers. They are the anomaly, and they no longer represent what this nation is all about. Sadly, they do not want to believe  this reality, the fact that they have become irrelevant and that their ideals now represent a minority position.  They can’t ‘have their nation back’ because it isn’t theirs any longer.

The large majority of these men may have been my classmates or work mates because they and I were born in the same decade- the 1940’s. We shared many of the same experiences growing up in post war America.  We had the same set of presidents, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy during our maturing process. But then came Vietnam and this event became the divergent path of which poet Robert Frost wrote. Some took one path while others walked the other

The political philosophy of my generation may have been formed by that war and the subsequent struggle with the Civil Rights movement. Today, those of us still on this side of the grass are the product of that decision made lo those many years ago. Some went left while others right. Frost concludes his poem, The Road Not Taken, with this:


I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

6 thoughts on “The Conservative Entertainment Complex

  1. You make an interesting statement in your Post, M_R: “what this nation is all about”.

    From your point of view what do you think are the missions of the United States?

    1. The term ‘missions,’ interestingly, sounds like either Christian outreach or a military project. Assuming you mean priorities of the U.S. Government, it clearly isn’t military or religious. It ought to be about helping The People of this nation live secure, productive and positive lives as citizens of the United States. Broad strokes, but then, this isn’t a socialist government, at least for the non-crazies who do not hang on the right edge of the seesaw.

      Curiously, the Conservative Entertainment Complex has done a real brainwash-job on many of their listeners. A nun friend of ours in a small town in Northwest Ohio phoned me just after the election asking for help because quite a few of her parishioners ‘believe’ that Obama in his 2nd term intends to turn our country into a European Socialist nation at least, and some believe he ultimately wants us as a full-fledged communist nation. And they are serious! One of the ladies she has to deal with cannot sleep at night because she believes this stuff! Pathetic.

      I wonder if the ‘entertainers’ know what collateral damage they have done as they play wit the minds of their audience. I doubt it, as long as the $$$ keeps flowing into their bank account.

  2. Is/are not the “mission” or “priorities” listed in the Constitution, generally in the Preamble and then specifically in the Articles? And, btw, both areas that you gave as not being a priority are specifically mentioned in the
    Constitution, namely, the military and religion. As to military, Article I
    Section VIII, lists the powers granted to Congress and of the 18 powers,
    and of those 8 deal with militarism. Is that 40+ percednt?Not sure of my math conversions any more, lol…

    THen Article II gives the President the title of Commander-in-Chief.

    As to religion, the Constitution is again specific in Article VI, where it
    declares that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

    So, my friend your two examples are specifically referred to in the
    Constitution. Now, tell me, where in the listed Articles of Law does it say
    Congress has a specific power to create food stamps or medicaid or food
    for infants. Of course, it doesn’t. The Preamable is NOT the body of
    Constitutional Laws, the articles are. And, as we know, as soon as the
    Constitution went into effect, the unanimity of the Founding Fathers
    broke down into two factions., the Federalisits and the Anti-Federalists or
    the Hamiltonians and the Jeffersonians or the Northern States and the
    Southern States or Manufacturing versus Agriculture or Strong
    Central Government or Weak Central Government or Large Federal
    Government or Small Federal Government or Federal Law Making or
    States Rights.

    1. I prefer that Preamble statement about promoting the general Welfare of the nation. That pretty well sums up my ‘liberal’ bias.

  3. But, my point, M_R, is that the Preamble is not the laws of the United States; it is the Articles. To move against the reactionaries that is the point that has to be addressed, don’t you see. Of course, we can “prefer” the Preamble, but it is just that, a preliminary statement or an introduction, and not the body of laws as set out in the Articles and the Amendments.

    Take a look at Thomas Jefferson as President and how to deal with the offer
    from Napoleon to sell the Territory of Louisiana to the United States. Where does it say that the President can buy Louisiana. It doesn’t! Jefferson concluded that it was within his powers as Commander-in-Chief to remove a future enemy of the United States, France. And, he figured that
    the real enemy was still Great Britain, and Napoleon would use the money
    from the sale of Louisiana to continue his wars against Great Britain and England would be weaker come any invasion of the new United States. Worked out exactly like that in 1812. England could not continue a two front war in Europe and the United States, so she cut her losses again in
    the United States. My point being that it was done through the Articles and not the Preamble. If the liberal Jefferson could understand that he could not use the Preamble to justify his actions, but had to use the Articles for any legality, then we, as liberals, need to recognize that as well, else it
    brings us to the brink of being an ideologue…..

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