Slavery, Segregation, and Romney Voters

Still want to say it had nothing to do with race?  This is an interesting graphic to ponder


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  1. I put that up too yesterday.
    I’m amazed and pleased to see that Colorado and New Mexico have gone blue. Shame on Indiana for going to the dark side, er the red side – aw, same difference!

    One of the most interesting articles I read this morning was that the popular vote really was to oust the Republicans from the House as well, but that was thwarted by gerrymandering districts. That was certainly true of Michele Bachmann, who lost badly in the area where she lives, and only pulled out a squeaker of the part of her old district that was gerrymandered to be nearly all conservative tea partiers by spending 12 times the amount that her opponent did — and 90%+ of that was money not only from outside her district, but from outside the state of MN.

    The ‘browning’ of America is going to change those red states; it is only a matter of time, not of outcome.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    As I have stated before….in 1967 Maryland’s Governor and later convicted felon for demanding bribes, Richard Nixon’s Vice President Spiro T. Agnew courted the Democratic Klansmen to change parties and become Conservative Republicans.

    He did such a good job of having those racist Klansmen to flip to the Republican Party that Nixon insisted that he accept the Vice Presidency in his administration.

    But as you have so well demonstrated with the maps….nothing really has changed for the country.

  3. Remember Laci’s maps when looking at Jon Husted’s plan for an electorally manipulated coup d’etat in 2016. Husted is trying even now to revive Tom Corbett’s electoral college vote rigging scheme that was rejected by the Republican Congress earlier…but Husted now proposes to assign electoral votes by congressional district, making it less representational of the popular vote by disenfranchising urban population.
    If Ohio had voted in this election under Husted,s present scheme, Obama would have won only 6 Electoral College Votes instead of the solid 18 he had under the current system. If you do the math and look at the maps, then Laci’s map would be the shape of America and the urban population centers just wouldn’t matter anymore. One more reason why the American electoral system has to be reformed immediately. It’s like a computer operating system, it can be and will be hacked and sabotage. We are still operating with a system that has been hacked and sabotaged for the last 200 years….What seemed to be state of the art politics in 1800 doesn’t cut in 2012.

    1. That ‘scheme’ to which you refer is standard practice in every state that holds a majority GOP legislature, except for a scattered few. Apparently the scheme was outlined in a GOP Voter Suppression manual which was issued to all GOP state legislatures

  4. I was trying to google info on any effort to recall or criminally charge Husted. I saw in a earlier post that your friend had written a letter to the blade about this. Is there any initiative at this time? I really would like to figure out how I can get involved and spread the word about it.

    1. The Blade has not published her letter nor her previous 2 letters. I’ve written 2 within the past month which remain unpublished as well.

      I have hopes that people on a tier higher than I reside will move forward on this issue.

  5. Laci, couldn’t one argue that the President was reelected because of racism? Obama won 93% of the black vote, while Romney won 59% of the white vote. Could an argument be made that blacks are more prejudice than whites?
    Of course I’m not going to be the one that argues these points. The Tea Party Conservatives have done everything in their power to alienate any voter base that is not white heterosexual male. I just think it would be better to leave the race cards at the bottom of the deck.I think the Republican Party would be wise to rethink it’s strategy. Considering that the White heterosexual Male is now a minority, the GOP may have to wait a long time to recapture the White House.

    1. Interesting shimteresting. That article was great. Thanks a lot for the link.
      From the article:
      “The Republicans did their damnedest to use the specter of homosexual marital bliss to incite their base voters to vote for Mitt Romney.”
      I have one, one instant where this is very true and back fired horribly. Months ago, I was on the Romney train. there was not one thing that could change my mind. Romney for President. But there was ONE thing that did change my mind. The first debate.
      Yes, that debate. The ONLY one that Romney won hands down, cost him my vote. Kind of funny, don’t you think? For future reference. If any of you ever run for President, do not go into a debate and preach about State’s rights, while running on a platform that calls for a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Mother F##ker lost my vote right there.

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