Four More Years!

He’s back.  So am I [although my router died this AM].

My wife, our team and I worked our asses-off for the past 9 months and we worked especially hard for the past month for this outcome. It wasn’t magic.  It wasn’t because of a yard sign.  No prayers, no ruby slippers.  HARD work, as always, achieves the best outcome.

The Senate remains blue [bluer] while the House is a tint less red.

Gridlock is on the horizon unless the GOP comes to grip with it’s severe elephantiasis symptom- grumpy old white men.  Of course, they could stand their own ground for another 4 years and block any agenda laid out by the President or the Senate. That would not only mar the progress of our nation, but it would also assure a bluer Senate and perhaps a blue Congress and, certainly, a Democratic president in the White House in 2016.

Fortunately for America, there will be hundreds of thousands of obituaries run in local newspapers over the next 4 years with photos of grumpy old white men, whereas, on the births-page, there will be hundreds of thousands of Hispanic and African-American babies born during those 4 years.

So, the Republican Party has a mess on its hands. I’m glad that it is their problem, not mine.


10 thoughts on “Four More Years!

  1. I know this is silly now, but when I went to bed last night, I was really worried about the outcome of the election. I was concerned about the voting manipulation and had imagined a strategy, which I still believed the Republicans would have used if it was possible to have Romney refuse to concede, but the numbers made it impossible! I woke up at 7:30 am…which was around 1:30 am your time and read the news and was overjoyed! I would like to convey the traditional congratulatory message from the President of Groland, an obscure little imaginary country which I hold citizenship:

  2. From my cousin in Germany:

    Congratulations! Obama is president again. The whole day we hear nothing but Obama in radio and TV. The members of our government, all of them even the opposition are very pleased. Never before we had such an agreement in the parliament, and Angela Merkel smiled.

  3. Hello All!! Don’t think that Karl Rove, the Kock Brothers and the rest of the ME TOO’s did not try to yet steal this election. There has been well documented evidence of e-voting machines that were programmed to flip votes from the President to Romney in PA, OH, VA, and FL. But unlike the 2004 election, the voting judges were prepared to keep an eye out for these machines and as soon it was noted they were faulty….OR CORRUPTED….they were immediately taken off line and removed from the voting public.

    Karl Rove’s body language on Fox News was very evident as he was sure Ohio was going to go for Romney……as they did purchases those voting machines just over two weeks ago and some were showing signs of malfunction.

    I will be doing a posting on this when I get the chance and find the time.

    MUDDY my friend…..your hard work turned into a very good job and results.

  4. I also have been getting great messages from my French and Dutch friends expressing their happiness and relief over the re election of Barack Obama. Even the French Conservative Press, which is very concerned with economic news expressed grave concerns over the possibility of a Romney administration. This was what dominated our media news reporting, all French networks had live reporters all over America. We even saw a great report from the Jeep Plant in Toledo on Monday’s Network 2 Prime Time news cast! I saw my buddy Stevie, who I’ve known since he was born on camera…he works there now.
    Hopefully, the focus can now be on the flawed, easily compromised voting system in America. I did a post called Book em, Danno which highlights the key 6 suspects in public office who tried to compromise this election. Of course, Ohio’s John Husted was Suspect #1!
    I also wrote on election night about how I believed the Republicans would try to use their sabotage of the voting system to limit the margins of any Obama victory in the popular vote, which they did, but thanks to the will of the American public, they were thwarted from achieving their ultimate goal.
    If the Electoral College numbers hadn’t been so decisive, I really believed that they had laid the groundwork for an unprecedented event. Romney would refuse to concede the election. Most telling was the behavior of Karl Rove…yes he publicly melted down on FOX and initially refused to accept reality live on air, because it dashed his game plan! This should make Americans ask, what is Karl Rove doing on the air in the first place? He is more than an operative, he is prime theorist and player and having him ensconced as some sort of expert commentator at FOX is a very serious violation of any real code of ethics. This is the question we should be asking today. Rove has to go. It’s not about “freedom of speech”. This is a prime theorist and manipulator who saw his role as being able to jump start the process of a coup d’etat…seizing the election from the inside by going beyond what happened in the Bush/Gore debacle. That was Roves freakout…khe saw his great plan dashed by the sheer will of the American people!

  5. I’ve also been reading some very interesting analysis of the voting. I saw the flashy graphic map on the front page of the NY Times yesterday…It was a very flashy map from a technical design viewpoint, I loved the how it displayed the shift in the ideological demographics of America from left to right like a sophisticated wind direction map, but it was flawed, the thinking behind it shallow and based on the results of years of Republican Gerrymandering of districts. In reality, any real analysis would indicate a shift from Right to Left! In reality, there were over a half million more votes cast nationwide for Democrat Congressional candidates. When you look at the nature of some of the races as in California, many candidates ran races with out an opponent…and at this time a number of races are still undecided.
    The simple explanation is the Supreme Court decisions which have allowed the Republican controlled states, where in most cases they won by a narrow margin to gerrymander their states with in an inch of their lives….
    You have lived through this in Ohio, but there have been much more drastic measures imposed in Texas, Virginia and Pennsylvania. This how the electoral system has been systematically compromised and destroyed by the Conservative putsch for power and utter disregard for honest and ethical constitutional representation!

    1. This how the electoral system has been systematically compromised and destroyed by the Conservative putsch for power and utter disregard for honest and ethical constitutional representation!

      True, Microdot, yet you clearly understand that ‘they’ have to do this in order to have any chance at all of winning. With their continually-shrinking demographic, their only hope of remaining electorally relevant is through underhanded maneuvering and dishonest tactics. It repeats the historical movement, the desperation of segregationists in the South who did everything they could to remain ‘pure’ while the rest of the nation changed direction.

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