Voter Intimidation Continuing in Ohio

First there was the attempted purge of 45,00 voters from the voting rolls, then came the billboards in black neighborhoods in Cleveland. Now it is letters through the mail. One can only imagine what the Election Day intimidation will bring.

The Toledo Blade reported on Thursday that some voters in Ohio received a letter from a conservative group known as Amer­i­cans for Lim­ited Govern­ment. The letter shows the recipient her vot­ing his­tory, show­ing that she voted in 2004 and 2008. It even has a “Notice Num­ber”: 47494705, the mean­ing of which is not ex­plained. It also shows the vot­ing his­tory of six oth­ers who live on her street.  “As a fur­ther ser­vice, we will be up­dat­ing our records af­ter the ex­pected high turn­out for the Tues­day, No­vem­ber, 6, 2012 elec­tion. We will then send an up­dated vote his­tory au­dit to you and your neigh­bors with the re­sults.”

The letter was signed by Wil­liam A. Wal­ter who claims to be president of the organization that sent the letter.

Danielle "Embyr" Lindner holds a letter she received that is supposedly an "audit" of her voting history..

The GOP has fought hard here in the Buckeye State to limit voting this year. The party is shrinking as grumpy old white men are dying off and replacements are hard to find. Yet, rather than opening its doors to fresh ideas and more moderate philosophy, it continues to turn hard-right, limiting its appeal to citizens. Thus, the GOP is forced to attempt voter intimidation as well as overt tactics to limit access to the ballot.

As early voting moves forward here in Ohio, Republicans are furious at the process.  Letters to the editor from the right wing condemn the process because, well, you-know-who don’t have to wait for Election Day and ED intimidation is subsequently diluted. Ohioans can look forward 4 years from now to even more restrictions on voting rights.


20 thoughts on “Voter Intimidation Continuing in Ohio

  1. And then there was that “address” snafu with absentee ballots in Cleveland. And during his “relief” campaign rally in Kettering, Romney mentioned voting on the 7th (VOTING DAY IS NEXT TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH, 2012).

    I used to think if people didn’t have the energy to get I.D.’s, then why should they be allowed to vote? DUH! Voting should be made as easy as possible so the most American citizens can exercise their RIGHT to vote. And for some people (many?), getting to the polls can be a real hassle. I’m doing what I can to get people to the polls no matter how they vote.

    I do think that there should be some new regulations regarding information being fed to voters.

  2. Muddy, I have not had the time to read much less comment here as often as I would like recently, but keep up the good fight.

    This kind of campaign against voter privacy is terrible, and I hope it is stopped soon.

    I became an election judge precisely because I want to be on the front lines to prevent polling place intimidation by anyone of lawful voters.

    Earlier this week I just finished my training as well to be an election audit observer — in our state, each county has to take a random sample of precincts, and check to see that the votes on the paper ballots match the votes on the machine totals, before the ballots are sent to the Sec. State.

    It is open to the public, but an excellent organization, Citizens for Election Integirty, trained us in the laws surrounding the process, including the basics like we are not allowed to touch the ballots, but must be able to see them, etc. We were also instructed in what the proper chain of possession of the votes is, how they are to be secured, etc.

    This is important if you remember some of the shady vote dealings with unsecured ballots and mystery ballots turning up late in Wisconsin to change election outcomes.

    If your state or your readers states have such a provision, I encourage them to participate. If not — initiate the adoption of such a measure.

    It does more in a practical way to discourage any election tampering than stupid voter ID.

    I would also encourage every reader to be active in their own state to reverse or prevent, as applicable, the kind of privatized voting system that some states have adopted. This is the proper function of government, not business, and certainly not any partisan group.

    Stay strong Muddy!

    1. The far right, in their zeal to steal this election any way possible, just underscores how anti-democracy they truly are. BTW, don’t miss my post tomorrow :”12 Reasons to NOT Vote Republican This Year!”

      1. This might be the first election in my life where I voted for ALL Democrats. I give credit to blogs like this where I’m not told what to believe, but gives me some issues I might want to re-examine.

        I was the head of the Re-elect The President (Nixon) group at Miami University in 1972. In 1996 I actually voted for a Democrat (Clinton) for President, the only time in my life so far. Now I’m working to get President Obama, a Dem….a Demo…..a Democrat re-elected. Still hard to say.

        It must be true, we DO get smarter as we get older.

  3. Stumbled across this interesting little tidbit:

    Billy Graham’s definition of a cult: “One test is to find out how this group views other Christians. Cults often claim that they, and they alone, have the truth about God, and they often dismiss other churches as wrong or misguided. They also may claim that God gave their founder a new revelation that “corrects” the “errors” of others.”

    Seems Graham’s website used to list Mormonism was a cult. Then Billy (actually 94 year old Billy and his son) met with Romney and said he’d do anything to get him elected. A few days later Mormonism disappeared from Graham’s cult list with no explanation as to why.

    Really Mr. Mud, how can you continue to claim that organized religion is a sham?

    Here’s Romney explanation of Mormonism:

    1. Hey NON. My Uncle is a retire State trooper down in Kentucky. After he retired he became more active in their church (Baptist). He now teaches Sunday School and is actually very open to all religion. He’s very non judgemental when it comes to other beliefs. Even my atheist views. LOLOL

      But, he also feels that the Mormon Church is a Cult. His belief on that stems from the Mormon’s secretive attitude. I can personally attest to that. I once asked a Mormon follower a few questions. He answered most, but when it came to the white undergarments, he politely told me that there were some questions he could not answer, unless I visited his church. I politely declined.

      This is from the Dictionary Reference site under Occult……………………..
      1. of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.
      2. beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious.
      3. secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated.
      4. hidden from view.
      5. (in early science)
      a. not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation.
      b. of a nature not understood, as physical qualities.
      c. dealing with such qualities; experimental: occult science.

      I don’t know a lot about religions, but if you go by numbers 3 & 4, maybe my Uncle is on to something

  4. Is this article authentic and true Muddy? I only ask because if it is true, the ACLU needs to file a motion immediately. I haven’t looked into any privacy laws, but this act can not be legal.

      1. Nice link NON. I stand by what I wrote. If these “mailers” are including voting records of the public, including addresses, then someone needs to look into that. I’m not even talking about the intimidation or confusion factor. Isn’t there a law about voting and privacy rights?

          1. I wouldn’t say that anything that any religion holds sacred makes them a “Cult”. But the secretive nature I personally experienced took me back a bit. I noticed on the FAQ part of your link, that the question “What makes your under garment sacred?” was not posed. That was my question 7 years ago and still remains a mystery.

          2. Strangely, I find that aspect the creepiest. Every time I see Romney, I can’t help but think about his underwear. I just don’t see how some people attach a reverence to something physical (statues, rosaries, underwear, etc.), but they are abhorred with the whole worshiping the golden sheep thing. Isn’t there even a commandment covering this?

          3. I think my choice in underwear could easily classify me as a cult….personally, lately I favor a European mark called Freegum that has a rubber ducky on its logo….

  5. My political events this past week:

    Put my yards signs up and by the next morning found one all mangled in the grass. Fixed it and put it back up around 2:00 pm. Sign was completely gone by 6:00 pm.

    Daughter was working in the front yard today among the Obama yard signs, and not once but TWICE, people honked at her before flipping her the bird. Glad we accept differences of opinion here and respect young women.

    For the primaries, the spouse and I changed our registrations to Republican so we could vote for Gingrich and keep the primary going so people could really see where these candidates stood on the issues. Mr. Mud and many others have been manning phone banks to call people and urge them to vote. We got several phones calls from Republican PAC’s making sure we were going to vote. Strangely, and I don’t want to sound racist, but most of them sounded like they come from overseas call centers. And they had no trouble fibbing about Romney; I don’t think they really understood or cared what they were saying.

    Spent a little time in a bar downtown this weekend and sadly many people said they were voting for Romney based on some of his totally false TV ads.

    So there you have politics in a swing state.

  6. Hello All,
    I am glad to see the comments on this site today. Here is my prediction….with the well documented blatant attempt of voter suppression and the fact that Mitt Romney through his son and a sub company of Bain now own the e-voting machines that cover Cincinnati, OH; I can only foresee the preemptive aspects of another stolen election this year with Ohio to blame.

    I also see 50% of the U.S. citizens voicing outrage of the blatant steeling of the election and the other 50% cheering their misguided victory.

    I saw this kind of crap go down in the third world countries of South America in the mid-1970.

    As the German people being duped by propaganda and cheered by chanting, “Victorious Healing”….. or better known as, “Sieg Heil!”

  7. Did anyone else notice about eight o’clock last night and lasting all day today, Romney has been saturating the airwaves with commercials chock full of outright lies?

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