Romney Has Historic Lead Among White Voters

So why are white voters not supporting Obama? Could it be you know what? And if so, are whites going backward? Are whites afraid of what the 2010 census reported? One more question: who are these whites?

From my observations, it has to be the less-well educated whites because all of the white people with whom I  frequent support Obama and they all have post-high school education degrees.  Therefore, my conclusion from my sampling is that 12th grade or lower educated whites are in the majority of those supporting the GOP candidate.

Need I mention the stupidity of this?  Okay, I will: how do under-educated whites expect the GOP candidate and the GOP agenda to help them to become economically viable? Or, do their bigoted glasses filter out economic reality?   Of course, but ‘they’ would rather vote against their personal financial interests than the black man. The ignorance of it all!

If we play this forward and Obama loses, these white voters will find out that their job skills will not keep them afloat in the job pool and will also find others [blacks and Hispanics] floating in and competing with them in that same pool. At that point, of course, you know who they blame for their stagnation.  And, as a result, the vicious cycle continues to spin.

Note that the topic of education arose many times during the 3rd debate- embraced by Obama and cursed by Romney. Obama’s new pamphlet touts education as the key to moving forward in the quest for economic security. Yet, the Department of Education is the bane of the GOP and will surely be one of the first ‘unnecessary’ government agencies on the chopping block of a Romney presidency. What did Romney say about the teachers’ union?

Dumbed-down, bigoted whites, living in a bubble that is soon to pop.

The ignorance is stunning and unworthy of a fully-functioning, 21st century democracy.


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  1. To quote my mentor, Mr. Zappa from his 1966 song…which was rated as the greatest political song ever written in the Guardian Observer last year…Trouble Comin’ Everyday….”Hey People, I’m not black but there’s a whole lotta times I wish I could say I’m not white!”

  2. The real question is how much we trust polls and the media? If you listen to the media, you would think only two parties are running. Not to mention all the issues which seem to be neglected from the discussion: gun control, climate change, and so on.

    1. I would include campaign reform and eliminating the super pacs. Elimination of the electoral college, legalization of marijuana, and invasions of our civil liberties. Excellent points Laci, I would agree 100%.

  3. I used to get mad at people who accused me of being racist when I disagreed with something the President said. I just refused to believe that blatant racism was still around in this century. I have since learned better and it makes me sad. However, I do think much of the support for Romney is based on social-economic position and not race. Let’s face it, most of the high wage earners are white and would support Romney ideas. And at the other end, you’ve got very poor and uneducated white people who afraid of anything different. But I will concede, there are some who refer to the President’s family as “those” people.

    So who wants to be the first to suggest Trump offers five millions dollars for the release of Romney’s tax returns. And what about the FOUR draft deferments Romney took to avoid Viet Nam. Somehow I don’t think spending two years in France trying to convert Catholics to Mormonism is a legitimate reason for military service deferment. I think I did hear he converted at least 12 people in two years.

  4. Point of inquiry, M_R…Is that “male white voters”. It seems that I read where the female white voter is up by 8 points for Obama. Indeed, if the polls you referenced are male and female, then the election is decidely over it would seem. Now, of course, the other point to consider is these polls
    national,or the 9 ebattle ground states? Romney is leading with the national polls because of the number of states giving the popular vote to
    Romney. If Obama is able to hang onto Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa, he wins but perhaps loses the popular vote….


    On a blog near and dear to your heart, it was reported that Obama’s October FEC filings showed him borrowing fifteen million dollars from a bank one of his supporters invested heavily in. I went to the FEC website, read the filing and it showed no loans.

    Now the fun part. One of the posters actually provided this link to show Obama’s campaign had borrowed the money:

    It’s so obviously a fake website I just couldn’t believe anyone would take it as authentic. We all know that U.S. government websites end in “.gov”. I’ve come to the conclusion that “low information voter” doesn’t cover them all. Some are just plain dumb!

    1. NON, NON, NON. First I have to defend my character, and now my intelligence. All in a 48 hour period.
      Go to this site:
      Now at the top right in the search box, type in “loan documents”
      Now you’ll be at the search page. look directly above the search box, it will still say “loan documents”. You’ll see a link that reads “FEC Enforcement Query System”. It will be in blue. Click on it.
      Now look at the top of your computer. What does it say at the top of your address bar? Probably reads like this.
      We do all know that U.S. Governmental websites end in “.gov”. But you obviously don’t know that these governmental sites have their own search engines for documents and what not. The address for these engines always end in “.com”.
      Bank of America loaned Obama for America that money. I don’t understand why you are denying it. It’s not illegal, and it happens more often than you clearly know. If you like arguing with Sepp so much, why don’t you just research the loans that the Romney campaign took out.

      1. So, is this gonna be like Sepp’s military record?

        1. I clicked on your link
        2. Entered “loan documents” in the search box
        3. New page popped up reading “”

        Oopsy, again.

        I’ll tell ya what…..why don’t you
        1. google “OBAMA FEC FILINGS”
        2. And when “” website pops up
        3. Hit the “Obama, Barack ‘s Current FEC Disclosure Reports”
        4. Then actually read it for yourself paying close attention to the line called “loans”

        By the way, I checked out this “nictusa” entity. Appears to be based in Africa with ties to……wait for it……..THE KOCH BROTHERS! Don’t know how reliable that information is, but I think I trust United States government official sites over websites buried behind a multitude of possibly shell corporations. Many of the googled trails ended with “no information available”. Interesting……..

        (Oh, by the way, I have researched the Romney campaign’s source of funds. You guys don’t seem to donate much to it as most of his funds come from only about 4 people. Kind of like the U.S. Senate race we got goin’ on in Ohio; the Republican guy is financed 90% by donations from out of state. Almost seems as if special interest groups are trying to buy the U.S. government. You say you got a kid; I’d be worried about what kind of Country you want to leave her.)

        1. O.K. You’re two thirds of the way there. when you are on this page…..

          Look above the search box. You will see a link in blue that says “FEC Enforcement Query System” Click on that. Now look at the address bar.

          The information you are talking about is on this link “”.

          It is not fully itemized, however. I do not know what the legal standing is for why there is no amount of loan reported on your page. But after your Koch Brother claim, along with other evidence. I feel that you are only being argumentative for argument’s sake. I also feel that you are trying to start your own conspiracy. maybe due to your own views. Instead of typing “nicusa” into your search engine, try typing “nicusa search”.

          Thank you for the heads up about special interest groups. But are you aware that special interest groups donate money to both Democratic and Republican Parties? That is why the two party system is destroying this country.

          1. Enough Sepp B.S. The reports sited said Obama not only couldn’t run the Country, he couldn’t even handle the finances of his re-election campaign.

            NON-facts has retold by dumb-dumbs who can vote:
            -Warren Buffet invested five BILLION dollars in the Bank of America so the Obama for America campaign could borrow five million dollars that would never be repaid.

            -The math wizards never thought about the fact that Buffet’s investment was OVER THREE HUNDRED times as big as the loan in question. But they still accused the Obama campaign of illegal fund raising.

            -The United States government uses the “.gov” extension on domain names. But a very questionable company in Nigeria, using the common domain extension “.com” if reporting official results of FEC filings that are easily available on the OFFICIAL FED website.

            -The FEC filings shown on the OFFICIAL FEC website don’t mention any loans by the Obama Campaign. I could give a rat’s ass about any Romney loans, you’re accusing the President of being a cheat here.

            -The FEC filing on the NON-government website has some of the campaign committee information wrong and/or out of date. If you’re gonna try and pass off a fake as the real thing, spend a little more time on details.

            -And last, but most humorous to us who have dealt with the government, they obviously have never filed official government documents.

            I’m so over those third grade mentality types putting out total falsehoods and then claiming fake sources. Lately I’ve heard that gays are unfit for parenthood because it takes two parents (guess if you’re a single parent, you’d better pack the kids off to foster care). Aren’t parents who knowingly lie really the unfit ones? Or what about parents who do drugs with their kids? Or parents who drink away the family finances?

            1. Dude, why are you getting so bent?
              “Warren Buffet invested five BILLION dollars in the Bank of America so the Obama for America campaign could borrow five million dollars that would never be repaid.” Where did you get this? It wasn’t from Sepp’s post, and it certainly wasn’t from me. Buffett DID invest 5 billion into BoA.
              But that was 14 or 15 months ago. I haven’t heard that accusation yet, and if I did, I would refute it also. Obama for America borrowed 15 million, but it is a loan, with interest rates and repayment date.
              “The math wizards never thought about the fact that Buffet’s investment was OVER THREE HUNDRED times as big as the loan in question. But they still accused the Obama campaign of illegal fund raising.” WHAT?
              I still haven’t heard that one either. It seems to me that maybe you visit Right Wing media outlets (Fox) more than I do.
              “I could give a rat’s ass about any Romney loans, you’re accusing the President of being a cheat here.” I did not come back here to get into these confrontations. I would like to think that Muddy and I buried the hatchet, although I haven’t communicated with him on a personal level, but I wouldn’t mind it.
              But now I have to stop you here. This is what bothered me when I visited this blog before. I AM NOT ACCUSING THE PRESIDENT OF CHEATING! Show me where I did that. Go ahead. Show me. You can’t, can you? Because it never happened! You know why it never happened? Because it isn’t illegal!
              I never, repeat NEVER, said that this loan was illegal, or cheating. That is why I told you about the Romney loan. MOST CAMPAIGNS BORROW MONEY.
              That is why there is downloadable forms on the FEC website.
              The fact that you visit other blogs in order to provide your point of view is commendable. The fact that you come here and make untrue accusations about what I say, is deplorable.

              How about this. For the sake of not bickering on Muddy’s blog. I believe that this LEGAL, and NORMAL loan occurred. You will not convince me otherwise……
              You believe that the document is false, and made up by some giant right wing conspiracy. I will not convince you otherwise.

              Now let’s move on.

              1. Let me refresh your memory. Maybe you didn’t read Sepp’s entire post or possibly didn’t fully comprehend the article. Here’s a quote from the source article: “I could even say that Warren Buffett may have found a fairly clever way to dump fifteen million into the Obama campaign without having to answer to those pesky finance laws that Obama once supported, until they all got in the way.” Your reply was: “I commend you on a job well done Sepp. The evidence of this is undeniable, but I’m sure supporters will try.”

                And to this day, news of that loan is still hard to come by.

                And you’ve followed it by posting links to fake website on this blog. Oh, one more thing…..before denying accusing the President of doing something dishonest, you should actually read the document to which you post a link also.

                Maybe the lesson here is keep your piehole shut when you don’t know or understand the subject being discussed. Unless you’ve already graduated from Sepp’s School of Doltishness (S.O.D.).

                Sorry Mr. Mud and other posters if I’m coming down a little harsh, but I have gotten so fed up with the lies being spread by the “L.-I.-V.”

                I’M FIRED UP AND READY TO GO !!!

                (For those new readers or ones who forgot, Sepp posted a fake personal military record and continuously “fought” with other posters who questioned his authenticity. Finally, after being caught in an irrefutable position, he said he only lied to piss of the other posters. He’s a real piece of work, who by the way, still lies almost constantly. And he’s a farmer and economic expert now.)

  6. Today seems to be a better day for the Obama team in Ohio…News sources
    and now showing a 5 point Obama lead in Ohio. Yet, it is still below 50% which is very dicey for an incumbant President with only 12 days until
    the election. M_R is touting the early turn out in Ohio, but who is turning out? Is it the young and college students who don’t turn out on election day,
    or is it people just taking advantage of the early voting who otherwise
    would have voted on election day? The key to Obama winning Ohio is the turn out of the college age voters. And, they are not as enthusized this year as they were four years ago. Maybe M_R can tell us what is being done in NW Ohio by the Obama Team to have this group be voting early…..Are buses
    linning up at the Dorms and Student Centers to take students to the polling

    1. Just had the a Obama campaign student worker from Owens here yesterday. Puttin’ in THREE Obama yard signs today. I have huge street frontage so I’m putting one at each end and one in the middle. Will look like three residences making the right choice!

      1. For anybody that still wants to volunteer, we are having an “all-out” for the three days preceding the election. There are four local Obama offices to get more info: Downtown on Ontario, Maumee on Dussel, Bowling Green and Sylvania.

        (P.S. If anyone is looking for a small color TV, I’ve got three at the Maumee office that are free to the first comer after the election.)

    2. There is transportation from the college campus[es] to the Early Vote Center. The Dems are out-pacing the GOP in EV 3:1.

  7. Mr. Mud, you’ve mentioned you have a lot of lurkers (readers who don’t comment) out there. And this being the swing area of a swing state, if the undecided voters could learn the true facts, they might vote accordingly or even share true fact with their friends/coworkers.

    Right now there are about 10 outright untruths floating around and being pushed by the “fair & balanced” Fox News Network. Maybe you could do a post listing these issues and presenting the true verifiable facts. Let me know what you think and I have a ton of suggestions.

  8. Muddy- It seems that maybe the racist white man would rather starve than vote for a black man.

  9. Annie, get your gun! Those Satanists from Harvard are on the way to get ya!

  10. Hello Uptheflag,
    This is the first time I had to respond to your invitation to try to meet. First off I would love to meet face to face because I think you are a class act and an intellectual. But the fact is I am so busy and changing deadlines on projects and may need to go into the office, I cannot make plans to travel.

    We will keep working on trying to get together sometime….maybe with Muddy too in Toledo but this current Substation in Benton Harbor, MI has taken up much of my time right now.

    On a different note, the Hurricane Sandy is going to come inland right over the area where my home on the Delmarva Peninsula. I have spoken with my wife last night to make sure she will be safe and what to do. When they talk about Rehoboth, DE. my home is 30 miles due west just over the Maryland Delaware boarder. I do not expect any damage due to storm surge flooding but it is the wind. My home on the farm is protected by stands of woods and it is cleared enough around the house that no tree being blown down will fall on the house, but I may loose some roof shingles, etc.

    J.O.B. it is good to see you here posing on this site again and I look forward to sharing conversations with you.

    “Well Take Care All” and I will be back as soon as I can.

    1. It’s cool, Engineer. Work comes first. We have just had a complete new roof due to wind damage from tropical storm winds after Hurricane
      Isaac came ashore a month or two ago…We are like 175 north of the
      Gulf, but the storm was so large and powerful and we had somethng like
      2 days of gusts and rain and then one more day of rain, or three in total,
      Engineer.. The “Umbrella” Company took good care of all our damage.
      The adjuster came out, did his assessment and wrote us a check on the spot to cover a total new roof. Can’t ask for anything better than that!

  11. “Land of the free”……unless you disagree with me.

    Found one of my new Obama yard signs destroyed this morning. I think that says volumes about some of the people who still support Romney.

  12. Remember Rick Santorum’s view on abortions even though his own wife had an abortion because carrying the fetus full term put her own life at risk? Well, he’s not alone in his views:

  13. Remember back when Michele Bachmann was till in the race. After a campaign speech, she told of a woman who’s daughter had received the HPV vaccine* and was now retarded. Nice crowd those GOP candidates.

    Defiance, Ohio is home to General Motors’ largest foundry; they make engine blocks. Last night during a speech in Defiance, Mitt Romney said he read where all the Jeep production was going to be moved to China. He KNEW that was false, but he said it anyway. Will the lying never end and what kind of person would support someone for president who obviously has no conscience or concern about our Country in the long run?

    * And by the way, a recent survey has shown that getting the HPV vaccine does NOT increase the likelihood of sex among minors.

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