Horse Dookie and Knives

Round 3: Obama.  Any questions?

Déjà vu, or did Romney repeat Obama last evening? Was that pathetic, or what?  The man had no original ideas which was obvious in his, Me too! answers. The only separation was, ironically, the stronger adhesion between Romney and Bebe than he and Obama.  Attention: Florida! It seemed like each man was running for PM of Israel.

A trillion more dollars for the military. Interesting in that the military didn’t ask for it.  Military welfare. In fact, GOP legislators are calling for more military welfare [ie, jobs] in their districts. Romney too. Does the governor want more frigates, too?  

Romney memorized lots of data and attack lines but it was obvious that he didn’t know what he was talking about. The GOP spinmeisters were out in full-force last evening hoping to salvage Romney’s sinking ship. Too late, blub, blub…

If anyone with an open mind believed from the performance last evening that Mitt Romney would make a strong Commander-in-Chief, then the Governor is indeed an excellent charlatan. Twelve million jobs too boot. Does anyone wonder, after ruminating on that bit of trivia, what kind of job? Where? How? And more importantly, how much does it pay?

Would that be 12M executive-type jobs [excuse me: positions]? Perhaps lawn maintenance for the one-percenters? Tar sand excavation in the middle of North Dakota? Twelve million ‘good’ jobs, he promises. How does Romney’s definition of ‘good’ differ from a laid-off worker in rural Ohio? Or would any job be a good job for someone out of work? Is that the bait? Let them eat cake.

Do the math. 12m ÷ 435= 4600  Yes, 4600 new jobs in every congressional district in America.   Is that 4600 small businesses burgeoning? Or is that one manufacturing plant with 4599 job-openings?  Perhaps 460 new pizza joints with 10 workers each? Or could it be 2300 mom and pop stores?

President Obama said that Romney’s economic ideas are stuck in the 1920’s. And his military ideas are from the 1800’s. Any questions?


4 thoughts on “Horse Dookie and Knives

  1. O man, this was a televised presidential debate on international policy and the Bishop seemed to never have heard of the Straits of Hormuz….I mean, this guy with the nuclear trigger? I wouldn’t put it past him to accidentally nuke Oshkosh because he thought it was in Tajikistan.

  2. James Lipton, dean emeritus of the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University in New York City, called the choice between Romney and Obama the difference between a boss and a president.

  3. Here we go again! Obama snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…Seems as if a stir is developing over the President giving a “secret” interview to the
    editors of the Des Moines Register newspaper. It is one of the few papers left that readers pay attention to. It’s not known what he said, and the
    editors say the interview will have no bearing on whom they endorse. The problem is the secre cy. It compromises the position of the newspaper despite the self facing denial that it would affect their editorial endorsement
    and it compromises the character of the President, namely, the behind the scenes for the quest of power and position at the expense of his once ballyhooed issue of transparency. What a dumb thing to do. Are his
    internal polls showing that Iowa is slipping away, and Alelrod arranged a “secret” meeting in order to reverse the trend?

    And, just let me add: Romnesia! WTF, is Axelrod doing? How childish to
    concoct such a shibboleth. Well, there is an old adage, desperate people do
    desperate things…..

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