Which Candidate do Pagans Support?

I’ve been reading interviews by many Pagans in a book titled, Jesus Through Pagan Eyes by Rev. Mark Townsend. The former Anglican priest asked several prominent Pagans if he could interview them and was especially interested in how they view Jesus.  Many of the respondents had been Christian, so their comparison of Paganism and Christianity was especially noteworthy.

To a person, each saw Jesus as an important person- a teacher, prophet and healer- but none said that he was Divine in the sense that Christians maintain. Most did recognize in Jesus ‘the living awareness of the Sacred Spirit within him.’ The author said of Jesus,

He is human like you and me, yet filled with personal and divine awareness that overflows and affects those who meet him, putting them in contact with the same spiritual flow. In that sense he is a son of God— because he mirrors back to us our own naturally divine status.

When the Pagan scholars were asked to identify the cherished words that Jesus taught, they pointed out that most Pagans live by many of the teachings uttered by Jesus [and other prophets throughout the eons], especially ‘Love one another.’

Yet to a person, each interviewee maintained that there are quite a few so-called Christians who do not reflect the teachings nor the modelling of their executed prophet. The conservative, Bible-thumping, holier-than-thou Christians met universal disdain from these Pagans. Many pointed out the hate, bigotry, intolerance of those of different faiths and disrespect for women in these ‘followers’ and noted that none of these characteristics was evident in their Leader.  In fact, some Pagans were former Christians, driven from the church by these same ugly characteristics, especially the disrespect for the spiritual viability of other faiths.

So far in my reading there has been no overt political talk which, naturally, one would not suspect in a book on religion. On the other hand, the very conservative Bishop of Toledo mandated his letter be copied, printed and handed out in church services this weekend.  It began, “As Election Day approaches…” Yes, the tax-exempt Catholic Church.  It was clear in the bishop’s letter for whom the faithful Catholic should vote, although as the bishop pointed out, it was not his intention to ‘tell you for whom to vote…’

The body of the letter had phrases like, intrinsic evil can never be justified; examples of intrinsic evil include abortion and embryonic stem cell research. He goes on to mention attacks on religious freedom and the God-given definition of marriage.

To save time and paper, the bishop ought to have directed the parishioners to google the GOP platform.

The Pagan? Which party or persons would they support? As mentioned, none has brought up politics in their discussions with Rev. Townsend as overtly as the Bishop of Toledo.  Yet it is safe to conclude that they might find this letter disgusting and perhaps the very reason that they left the Christian church in the first place.

Pagans actually like what Jesus taught and modeled throughout his life; it is the organized Christian church that they see as anathema to the message of Jesus.  ‘Do what you will, as long as it harms none’ is one of the few tenets of the Pagan.

One Pagan quipped that Jesus would cry if he knew how terribly his name has been abused by the usurpers!


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    1. Black churches? Well, you’ll have to do your own mudraking on that. My source is the church bulletin from a Catholic church.

      1. Nice spin attempt, M_R, lol…But, I think you know perfectly well, especially since you have been posting about the 3 day voting period which was being threatened by the GOP Ohio Sec. of State. The Black pastors
        will have the busses in the drive away gassed and ready to deliver the Black
        Church communicants to the polling booth to vote for the (their) President.Maybe their tax exemption ought to be rescinded too?

        1. It is one thing to provide transportation to the voting enter and an entirely different matter to force the reading/reprinting of a political letter by the head of the Catholic diocese to all of the Catholics in that territory.

  1. Hey, I’m the practicing pagan on this web site…but if you want my opinion, you have to send me some virgins to sacrifice to big stone in the forest, we seem to have run out of them around here……

  2. Here’s the link to the letter:

    And as to the Church not getting involved in politics, I witnessed first hand a Roman Catholic church in Livermore, California telling parishioners during Mass to remember to pick up their “Vote Yes On 8” yard signs after Mass in the vestibule.

    And have you noticed the signs saying “Pray to End Abortion” on lawns in the area. The signs also carry the Knights of Columbus symbol. Wonder where the locals got those. Isn’t that just a subtle way to say vote for Romney? Here’s a link to the Texas groups after the I.R.S. un-exempted some of them:

    In a speech, Mitt Romney claimed he took advantage of all legal tax laws to pay the minimum tax amount. HOWEVER, in his 2011 Federal Tax Return, Romney did not deduct 4 million dollars of his donations, mostly to the Mormons, as an exemption. I’m sure this had nothing to do with the fact that if he did, his federal tax rate would have been only 10%. Paying the tax on that went a long way to keep the Obama camp from jumping on Romney’s low tax rate. Oopsy, could that be the reason he won’t release any earlier tax returns?

    In recent state issues I have come up against groups almost entirely funded by the Mormons and/or the Knights of Columbus. Is it fair that their side can make tax deductible contributions, but any donations I make must come after taxes? And Federal law requires releasing the names of the donors. You can find my name on lists all over the internet, including the amount donated. Even though they have ordered by Federal Courts to release the names, the Mormon/K.of C. backed groups still refuse. Maybe they’re waiting for Romney to “pardon” them.

  3. AMHERST: Paul Kurtz, a well-known voice for the idea that behavior should be guided by science and reason over religion, has died. He was 86.

  4. You ever wonder what kind of woman would marry a member of the posse. I think one of their wives might be starring in this new Romney ad:

  5. It’s 9:53 am here and I’m catching the fall out from the debate last night…It was on too late here for me to watch it…around 3am because of the time difference. But even Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter think Romney blew it.

    1. Well, if those two GIANTS of political science thought that, then it’s four more years for sure. Romney was WAY over his head in the geopolitical world. He’s a ‘businessman’ and a hack, but surely no world leader.

  6. I wanted to add to the comments about the original subject of this post and UTF’s comment about taxing churches. I want to let him know that I am definitely for taxing all churches and religious institutions, catholic, protestant, jewish, muslim, what have you. I know that if this became US policy, it would instantly cut down on the insane number of churches just to start. That’s one thing that really freaks me when I come to Toledo…when I get out in the boonies, there seems to be a freekin mega church on every corner! What a sweet little racket! And you get to collect funds from political groups to support their opinions as well! I know that if the catholic church got taxed in the USA, they’d stop a lot of the conservative BS they try to influence their members with…If evangelical mega churches got taxed, they would just fold up their big tents and go away….Look at New York City…some of the most prime real estate in lower Manhattan is owned by the Anglican Church, because they hold the original land deeds dating to pre Revolutionary War British New York to acres of property along Broadway. They collect the rents, they make billions from pre 1700 land deeds because America does not tax religious institutions.
    This of course, gives the religious institutions much more power and of course, power and money creates corruption…Tax the churches and there would be a lot less religion trying to influence the fear myth manipulated populace….If there is no money in it, then why bother?

    1. Very true Dottie and UTF. I have two “mega” churches within 10 miles of my house. They have CEO’s. LOLOLOLOLOLOLO

  7. Amen, MD…..I have supported the taxation of religious institutions for a long time…

    M_R must think that I’m talking through my hat when I mention the Black pastors lining the busses up outside the doors of their churches. He seems to forget that I have seen it in action. I ran for the MS. State Legislature and when I went to campaign in the Black communities, the Pastor or the Deacon introduced me as their choce for Rep. At the end of the programs, they told their congregation that this is whom we support.

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