Ryan’s Attack Backfires

I watched with disbelief on CNN this AM as Paul Ryan addressed a crowd in southern Ohio’s coal region.  I’ll let his words sink in and then I’d like you to tell me who the pronoun ‘he’ refers to:

“He’s not even telling you what he plans on doing,” Ryan said.

OK, to whom does ‘he’ refer?

Then he went on and said this to the gilded audience:

“Obama had told people in the last presidential campaign that when politicians don’t have fresh ideas, they resort to stale tactics to scare voters and make the election about “small things.”

Really?  Fresh ideas?? Like keeping the Bush tax cuts? Trickle-down economics? Cut regulations? Outsource jobs to low-wage countries?  Seems to me that this is has been the GOP model since 1980.

Fresh ideas. Sure.


17 thoughts on “Ryan’s Attack Backfires

  1. Well, the “he” of Ryan refers to the President; your “he” refers to Romney.

    My pronoun would be “they”, however. Neither Romney or the
    President has said much specific, rather talking in generalities. But, Romney has said that he will repeal the ACA, Frank-Dodd Act, appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court and conservatives to all federal bench judgwhips, sign a personhood bill, and support a Constitutional Amendment to forbid
    abortion , and a capital gains cut for the rich. On second thought, Romney has been rather specific, lol And, how about those 12 million jobs he says he will provide? What specifically has Obama propoosed? Hell, he doesn’t even talk about his record over the last 3.5 years, except for bin Laden.
    Americans don’t care about bin Laden. HELLO! They want jobs and Obama
    hasnot provided them, and he won’t even blame Congress for not passing his
    job bills. But, he spends his time talking about Lilly Ledbetter. Missed opportunities abound with Obma. Romney attacks him for the Keystone piple line, and Obama’s feeble response is that under his administration
    enough pipeline has been laid to circle the globe. How pathetic, M_R!
    The reason the piple line is not being laid from southern Nebraska north
    is becuae the Republican Governor of Nebraska directly asked the President
    to hold off until, until of all things an environmental impact statement, (gasp), be done on the underground water supply which the Governor’s
    Republican cattlemen and crop producers asked be done. What a “rope a
    dope” strategy that would have been. Instead we get pipe line circling
    the globe….

    Then, on energy, Obama’s first remarks are about the large amount of natural gas we have. But, he has done nothing with it. A general reference.
    And, what have I been writing about? Just a simple Executive Order would put tens of thousands to work, with not GOP approval. That would be an
    Order saying all Federal vehicles will run on natural gas. Talk about cutting the legs out from under Romney…What was that Sherlock Holmes’
    remark, “Elementary, my dear Watson.” And, AND, did I hear Obama
    say something about “clean” coal? WTF, I hope not! there is no such
    thing as viable clean coal……

    1. On second thought, Romney has been rather specific. Why, yes he has but white men with a HS education ‘believe’ that Romney will be trickling that $$ down into their pockets. The morons.

      You go on, my friend, with lots of ‘stuff’ that Obama did or failed to do, yet, haven’t you listed everything that a sensible voter wants to know in your line on the specifics of Romney? What else do you need to know in order to cast your vote?

  2. Remember way back when the posse was all over your case because Obama had “canceled” the Keystone Pipeline? Well, as most of you already know, he only asked for more research on the part passing through Nebraska at the request of that state’s Republican governor (the type of oil Canada was sending through makes a horrible mess if it gets loose). Uh-oh, guess what happened:

    AP: “TransCanada Corp. Has Temporarily Shut Down Its Existing 2,100-Mile Keystone Pipeline After Tests Showed Possible Safety Issues.” The Associated Press reported on October 18 that TransCanada had temporarily shut down the existing portion of the Keystone pipeline “after tests showed possible safety issues.” The article noted that one oil analyst said the suspension should not affect gas prices, but that “it may put pipeline safety and the environmental hazards that come with transporting petroleum back on the map for a while.” [Associated Press, 10/18/12]

  3. Mud- I can only assume that since you published my comment on the previous post, that you accept my apology. If that is the case, I offer you this…..(My big fat right paw stuck out and offering a hand shake.)

    I will refrain from ruffling any feathers. At least for now ;-)

    I am happy to read about your campaign efforts. Even if I don’t agree with all your positions, I do admire your passion, and I commend you for it.

    I must ask though, How are things going for Obama in Ohio. I see a lot of different polls. Living in a swing state must be crazy. How many adds do you see daily. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

    It’s good to talk to you Brother. Hope everything is going well.

    1. Ohio is still holding strong for Obama; the auto rescue helped wit that. The early vote here is staggering. I went on a Tuesday morning and I had to wait 20 minutes to access a machine [and there were 30 of them in the Early Vote Center.] The Obama ground game here is thorough; this weekend and next all of the neighborhood teams practiced for the Get Out the Vote weekend of Nov. 3-6. It was run like a military drill. Romney can’t top that by a long shot!

      1. Would that be the same auto bailout that Romney didn’t approve of, but yet profited so much from? Hat tip to you on that one Dottie.

        1. Eh? J.O.B. wrote:
          “The Obama campaign along with Obama himself has really been getting on my nerves lately though. The whole “Let Detroit go bankrupt” thing is bulls##t. It was never a quote and they know it.”

          Somebody’s fibbin’:

            1. Basically, that’s just what he said. Glad you find it so funny; gives us an insight to your character. Maybe if you lost your job, you’d realize the government doesn’t give the easy totally free ride the fringe is always claiming. They can lie and lie about the stimulus, but it DID work. And the trickle down isn’t coming from the 1%, but from the people who are back to work.

              1. Don’t question my character NON. I’m not here to pick a fight with you, or anyone else here. I’m not even defending Romney. Maybe the problem is that you take things out of context. I was laughing at the simple fact that if you combine the NY Times piece with the link provided by Dottie, it is much more damning than the whole “Let Detroit go bankrupt” thing.
                But please don’t question my character, and give me what ifs. There is a reason a 36 year old man is defending his integrity on a blog at 1:15 in the afternoon, and I assure you it has nothing to do with sick days.

  4. Starting Monday, October 22nd, and for the next two weeks, all Ohioans will have an extra two hours to cast their ballots from Monday through Friday.


    CLEVELAND (Reuters) – More than 140 billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin warning of the criminal consequences of voter fraud will be taken down starting on Monday after the sponsor chose to remove them rather than reveal its identity, the billboard owner said.

    The billboards, which show a large judge’s gavel and read “Voter Fraud is a felony – up to 3 ½ years and a $10,000 fine,” went up primarily in low-income minority neighborhoods in early October, just weeks before the November 6 elections, and were immediately criticized by voter rights groups as an attempt to intimidate minority voters.

    The sponsor was not identified on the billboards owned by Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. The company said this was a violation of its policy against anonymous political ads.

    (* Speaking of the posse……..)

    1. Have they no conscience? To answer, let us reconstruct that sentence: they have no conscience. It’s all about the win and nothing else matters- lie, cheat, steal, obstruct…

      Too bad that their party can’t win by opening itself up to a larger majority of voters. Sadly, it is exclusive and there are hoops to be jumped-through to gain admission; there is a believer’s creed that must be memorized and recited- not unlike the bevy of dogma required of certain churchgoers.

      We know the dogma and have rejected it as not only moronic, but, to maintain the theme, un-Christian. The very conservative bishop of Toledo [the one who is investigating the American nuns] mandated that his letter on ‘the election’ be reprinted in every bulletin in the diocese. How the church maintains its tax-exempt status is amazing after reading this letter. Anyone with half a brain knows exactly which [Republican] candidate he wants his flock to mark in the voting booth. And many will because they are so shallow and so used to being told what to do, what to think, what to believe. I find that those who cling tightly to the Catholic faith not only sell their souls to the church but their intellect as well.

      The parallel between the so-called conservative Christian and the far-right wing of the Republican Party is stunning: each allows his/her brain to be marinated in dogma such that, like an over-marinated piece of beef, it becomes disconnected and unrecognizable.

      1. If you have a copy of the letter, could you please email me a copy. I am in the middle of a huge family fight over the “church”. My mother claims “her” specific church never does anything like that. I would like to send out an email to my immediate family members showing just one more reason I have a problem with the boys in Rome.

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