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ImageHart Intercivic? What’s that? Why, that is the Tech Company that manufactures the E voting machines used in Ohio and a few other states now. Yes, we all have our suspicions about the reliability and flawed software about electronic voting and how it has been hacked in previous elections. Why do we even need them? They seem to cause more problems than they purport to solve, even when they function correctly. In fact, they are banned in most democratic countries. We still have clear glass or plastic ballot boxes here in France and the public is invited to witness the vote counting procedure.

Hart Intercivic Technologies was recently acquired as a “strategic investment” by a Company called H.I.G. Capital which is directly controlled by the Romney/Bain Investment team and a partner with Solamere Capital, the investment group the Romneys are involved in and under investigation at the present time for unethical business practices, even though they are trying desperately to cover it up before the election This trail leads directly to Tagg Romney.

This seems to be a pattern followed by many of the Bain Capital Alumni who are the money bundlers for the Romney campaign. They are all involved in the E Voting business. This seems to be a repeat of the involvement of Wally O’Neil, the former CEO of Diebold, who raised money for Bush while supplying the infamous Diebold E Voting Machines and hackable software in the 2004 election.

Demand a traceable, physical paper ballot if you can. You can now vote early in Ohio after the Court Ruling earlier this week. I would urge everyone to encourage all concerned Ohioans to vote early and on paper! I voted early as an overseas voter last week.

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    Republican Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois said says abortions are never necessary to save life of mother.

    (Maybe he should talk to Rick Santorum. Santorum’s wife induced labor to abort a fetus after it was determined that continuing the pregnancy would put his wife’s life in danger.)

    Of course you would never have to worry about an abortion if you were legitimately raped. According to Republican Congressman Todd Akin, a woman’s natural defenses will keep her from getting pregnant in that circumstance even though some damn fact checkers claims about 5% or rapes end in pregnancy. But Akin knows about these things as he sits on the House Science Committee.

  2. Akin on the Science Committee…Utterly Surreal…Have we somehow slipped into the Bizarro Universe with out realizing it?

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  4. Think the birther movement is dead? Not in the Wisconsin Senate race:

    “The election here in November will chart our course as a country not only for our generation, but our kids’ generation. We have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago,” Jason Thompson said, before smiling and adding: “Or Kenya.”

    The actual candidate is the commenter’s father, Tommy Thompson, but nobody has apologized to the President yet.

    (I just came up with a new quote: “This is not my father’s Republican Party!”)

  5. I saw that video…I’ve been fascinated by the phenomena of Mormonism and its history for many years. Do you know about the Mormon Kingdom of Joseph Stang on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan up by Traverse City?
    If you really want to understand Mormonism, do not, I repeat, do not watch this video (It really was produced by the Mormon Church in the 1970’s)

  6. Hello Microdot,
    OMG!!!!! I have provided this link to another site as he and I had spoke about this “Stealing Another Election” just a few weeks ago.

    What a blatant outrage!!

  7. Thanks to all of you for keeping this blog alive while I am ‘away’ during my stint with the Obama campaign here in northern Ohio. I’m swamped with meetings, procedures, phone calls and canvassing. Dead tired, too.

    Microdot- the news you bring to us about voting is quite disheartening, especially to me and all of the others who have spent the past 9 months working hard for the re-election of the President. We knew that there would be campaign ads, money and lies to overcome, but we didn’t expect fraud inside the voting booth. Very disturbing and depressing!!

  8. Well, disturbing, but please don’t get depressed! I expected fraud in the voting process, we’ve been seeing it for years. That’s why Ireland and other western democracies have rejected Electronic voting. We all keep fighting! You are doing your job and doing it well! This is going to be ugly, but even if the election is stolen illegally, a stolen election can never be won…We will keep on fighting! But things don’t look that bad with the electoral college numbers right now.

  9. Hello Microdot,
    Even being here in Ohio I can soundly say that we have not heard of the purchasing of the electronic voting machines company by interests of the Romney family.

    I do not understand why this has not been on front page, leading news story!!

    Where is the responsibility of the News Media in making the citizens of Ohio aware of what has gone down in their own State which I say WILL AFFECT this election?

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