Joe the Plumber, again

In a rare debate performance, candidate for the House of Representatives Joe the Plumber [aka Samuel Wurtzelbacher] hopes that Puerto Ricans become ‘good Americans.’ Apparently Joe failed 4th grade social studies: he must have been absent on the day that the teacher taught that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. Surely he didn’t  recall the Spanish-American war either.

In an interview afterward, Mr. Wurzelbacher said the legal bill of just more than $7,000 on his campaign finance report filed Monday has already been paid, and that the debt mistakenly appeared on the report. Really? He also indicated that he had lawyers examine the issue whether he had to reimburse his campaign account for $634 worth of clothing purchased in April and May. Federal Elections Commission regulations prohibit using campaign funds to purchase clothes, but Mr. Wurzelbacher said “it’s a nonissue.”


Poor Joe: what a numskull.

 U.S. Rep Marcy Kaptur and Republican challenger Samuel Wurzelbacher participated in the Coalition for Hispanic/Latino Issues and Progress Candidates Forum on Wednesday in Lorain.


12 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber, again

    1. He’s an uneducated teabagger yet thousands of voters in the 9th district will vote for him as their representative in Congress. The stupidity is stunning!

      1. In the 1986 Ohio Fifthf Congressional District there was a three way race. Gilmore was just finishing his first term after beating Bob Latta in 1984. The Democrat candidate wasn’t even campaigning either. The candidate running as an independent campaigned virgoriously as a cross between a moderate Republican and a moderate Democrat. He had both business support and union support.

        Gilmore won handily because people just voted for the Republican; as you know, he turned out to be a crook. The Democrat received more votes than the independent because many just voted for whoever the Democrat candidate happened to be.

        This was the first time I realized that people will vote ticket even when they don’t know anything about the candidate. Kinda like me voting for McCain when I just assumed Palin wasn’t a complete nut bar. Slow on the uptake here.

  1. I would never vote for the guy, but I do feel really sorry for him. I think some s***hole “new” Republicans coerced him into running and he wasn’t savvy enough to know what was going on. The poor guy has a family and now he’s becoming known nationally as an idiot. It’s not nice to exploit people who don’t know better.

    1. NOW, I don’t feel sorry for him. I think he does “know better” but obviously is blinded the glare of his own ego’s perceived image of himself. He sees himself as a sort of celebrity. He published a book. He basks in the media attention and he thinks he knows how to run a scam operation. He’s a pretty pathetic Palin wannabee…what next for Joe? A cable show called Joe Wurzelbachers Wild World of American Plumbing?

      1. No, Joe get in touch with me…I could be your agent…lissen…howzabout this? Joe Wurzelbachers Wild World of Plumbing With The Stars! Think about it…Hi, Cher? I’m Joe The Plumber and I’m here to fix yer pipes!

  2. “people will vote ticket even when they don’t know anything about the candidate.”

    Yep, that’s the way it was and why each Party has the symbol they have, the
    elephant or the jackass…. What a symbol for the Democratic Party.

    In any event in earlier times, people were told to go vote the elephant or the mule; it even engendered the straight party ticket voting. The Big City bosses would give the winoes a bottle if they went and voted for the elephant or the mule…It just aided the corruption of the electoral process…

    Wasn’t there a political Party in the mid 19th century called the Know Nothings, lol?

  3. Bad news for the Obama campaign today…the weekly job numbers came in with a significant increase in unemployment. If the end of month job
    report goes back to 8% or higher, makes for big Obama trouble.

    Moreover, I see that todays Gallup Poll has Romney over Obama by 6
    percentage points…And, the real hurt is that this was a poll of likely voters in the swing states. Remember, generally, likely voters tend to favor the
    Republican candidate. Democrats poll better with registered voters…

  4. Back to “people will vote the ticket..”

    I attended this month’s County Democratic Party meeting here. The speaker was the Chair of the State Democratic Party. He gave a talk on
    why we should become “YELLOW DOGS”. Have you heard that term?
    Well, I confused it with “blue dogs”, lol. Blue dogs are dDemocrats who vote conservative on fiscal affairs and foreign policy.

    Well, the Yellow Dog intent is to make monolithic Democratic Party.
    The idea is that you sign a contract, ala Nordquist, that no matter whom the
    Party puts up as a candidate for any office, they are to be supported and voted for. Can you believe that? There must have been 50 people attending this meeting and no one spoke up against it. Well, hehehe, there
    was one. Oh my! Why do I do this? The only response the Party Chairman made was that a good Democrat supports the Party no matter who the candidate is. Yeah, I played the “race card”. Over half the room was
    black, and while they did not speak out publically, as I circulated the crown pressing the flesh they told me that it was right what I said, and have received a number of e-mails as well…The only down side now is that I will miss the nest meeting as I will be in Toledo canvassing for Obama…And, yes
    I told the group that…..

    1. Wow, what a relief to read your post. I have been criticized and/or called nasty names because I would never consider voting straight ticket. Where were you when I needed to poke someone in the forehead?

      We’re having a good laugh here with the latest request for donation by the re-elect Bob Latta campaign. Here’s the line we enjoyed the most: “Our records show that you can still give an additional $2,500.00* to reach the federal maximum limit for the General Election now, when we need it the most.” Just this morning I was mulling over how much I can give to Angela Zimmann without getting into too much trouble. The rest of my family has stopped talking to me because of my strong support of President Obama. Although it kind of makes me sad because his dad would never stoop so low.

      So how come I’ve been a registered Republican since Nixon and I can’t find a single Republican to vote for this election cycle?

      Too bad I can’t share the whole story online, it is hilarious!

  5. Hello Muddy. I tried searching your blog for an e-mail but couldn’t find one. So I’ll just comment, and hope that you check your spam. I had a rather bothersome interaction today with a blogger and it made me think of the arguments we used to have. Anyway, I just wanted to formally apologize to you. I know I said some shitty things in the “Heat of the moment”. But it is still no excuse, I’m sure you always had good intentions, but I probably took things the wrong way and lashed out. Well, after today I understand how that must have made you feel. So, I am truly sorry, and I hope our paths may cross again. By the way, I’m still not voting for Obama, but I’m not voting for Romney either. GO Gary Johnson…..LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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