Awaiting the Busting of the Lie-O-Meter

As of this writing, there are about 35 hours until the next presidential debate.  Debate?  Well, maybe that’s not the correct term for what I suspect will be happening.  Rather, following in the footsteps of the 1st debate, it will be the 2nd Romney Lie-a-thon. Is there any doubt? After all, it was lie after lie during the first round.  And, according to the polls, many Americans believed them.

The Lie-O-Meter will surely explode. It has to if Mitt Romney wants to become president, because for the past year, he has settled in the far-right edge of the Republican universe. What’s that line from one of his GOP opponents:  ‘Romney will say anything to get elected.’

The only question tomorrow night will be whether Obama will call him out- a task he miserably failed to do during the first debate.

So, shine up your Lie-O-Meter, replace the batteries, and get set for a whopper of an evening!


20 thoughts on “Awaiting the Busting of the Lie-O-Meter

  1. People are lying?

    One of the reasons used to defund NPR and PBS is that it’s “liberal*” and there’s nothing to offset it from the “conservative” viewpoint. Can you imagine anyone on NPR calling a witness before Congress a slut? And would you ever see anything even lose to this on PBS?

    ITALY: Catholic Church To Be Stripped Of Property Tax Exemptions
    PENNSYLVANIA: State-sponsored billboards Wrongly Claim Photo ID Is Required To Vote

    1. * If happen you listen to NPR or watch PBS, you’d know they’re hardly “liberal”.

    2. PENNSYLVANIA: State-sponsored billboards Wrongly Claim Photo ID Is Required To Vote

      surely, NWO, this comes as no shock to you…

  2. I just re entered the modern world after 2 weeks away from almost all media…except for a little French radio before I fell asleep each night. I have another lie for you guys in Northwest Ohio to deal with…
    The Obama Phone Yea Party ad…Lucas County is one of three counties, including Summit and Mahoning, in Ohio targeted with this blatant racist lying ad:

    The Tea Party is going with the meme that the administration is actually enslaving blacks by making them more dependent on government welfare, but this ad is beyond simple lying, it truly racist and being used in predominantly white areas of Ohio. The program of subsidized telephones began under Reagan, but the present program which the Tea Party is trying to use against Obama began in 2008, under George Bush. The bigger lie is the Tea Party myth that Obama gave away free cell phones to blacks in Cleveland. This never happened, but it is another lie that has taken on a mythological life of its own.

    1. Just for the record, I know many people who have gotten “Obamaphones” in the last 3 years. Some even have two cell phones; they keep their original cell phone to use after the 250 monthly minutes run out on the Obamaphone. I know that the program began under Bush, but the phone companies handling the phones started pushing them hard in Ohio about 2 years ago after some regulations were changed. It became much easier to get a phone.

      It’s good and bad for me; they don’t ask to borrow my phone all the time. I have even seen some of them trade the phones for booze or drugs. Right now there are at least four companies in Ohio (up from one) that handle the phone and they all have slightly different plans.

      How bad is it really? Three years ago, with 20 people sitting at the bar, about only 3 of us had a cell phone. Today they all have at least one phone. And yes, most of them would not be eligible if they told the truth when applying for the phone. And I hate to say it, but most of them don’t vote and the ones who do vote would do so to keep the benefits.

  3. btw, can we do a group intervention on this quack, Dr. Keith Ablow? He’s the guy as I remember who justified Newt Gingrich’s philandering. If anyone qualified for electro shock therapy….just saying….

  4. NOW…well cell phones are a fact of life now. I have one, but use it only when I am traveling, but for the rest of the world, it is the way people communicate now. If you are are poor, it is a lot harder to get a land, residence line. For most of Africa and Asia, the cell phone has changed lives.
    I really feel the Obama phone meme and the way it is being exploited in this ad is blatantly racist. The distortion of facts, which you allude to in your post expose the basic lie being used in this ugly piece of propaganda.
    Here. I see farmers on tractors using cell phones…what are ya gonna do?

    1. The total cost of the enlarged program is very small and there were actually some that needed a phone for job applications. It’s just one of those things that can be abused and that’s what the media focuses on.

  5. Anybody out there in Norhtwest Ohio trying to take a cap nap today?

    1-Obama Campaign

  6. Well, according to the polls Ohio is going South for Obama, and of all
    things, PA is doing the same….Tonight, either Obama stops the slide or it just might go into a free fall. What I am hearing is that the Dem turnout is not materializing. GOP is up on likely voters, the DEMS up on registered
    voters, but the registered voters are saying that they are not enthusized
    enough to become a likely voter for Obama. In my opinion, Obama
    needs to be FDR and Truman tonight, and damn his likeability percentage.
    He’s got to look Romney in the eyes and say, as FDR did,
    “I welcome your hatred!.” There are enough quotes out there from Romney
    himself about Obama and the GOP is just loaded with them… Or, “I welcome
    the hatred of the businesses you support from Wall Street” What does he have to lose, but the Presidency and the Supreme Court by holding back?

  7. Supreme Court denies Ohio request to curtail early voting!

    Justice prevails.

  8. Slogans, lies, propaganda, speeches are really not all that important. What is, is turn out. It’s who gets the most of their people out to the polling booth
    will win the election. Turn out is the key to any election. Whoever loses
    simply did not get the turnout to vote for them. There are many more
    Democrats registered than GOP. The jproblem is getting DEMS to the polling place.

    1. And a certain political party is doing everything they can to impede widespread voting.

  9. So who is the bigger liar, Romney or Ryan?

    Or should I phrase it, who is a bigger liar, someone who tells a fib or someone who says the fibber is actually telling the truth?

    I’m gonna have to go with Ryan because Romney may have been confused at times, but Ryan has claimed about things that he KNEW were untrue.

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