Scoring Round One

A. Aggression:  Romney

B. Insolence: Romney

C. Lies: Romney

D. Statesmanship: Obama

E. Consistency: Obama

F. Affect: Obama


10 thoughts on “Scoring Round One

  1. Oh me, oh my? You can put whatever spin you want to, M_R, only one
    person showed up to debate last night and that was Romney. The body language was so telling just in itself…Then there were the omissions of
    counter arguments to Romney. Romney tells Obama he needs a better accountant. And Obama sighs. WTF, perfect oppornity to say back to Romney that Romney has some great accountants that allow him to
    shelter his money out of country and only pay 13%. I would classify that as a good zinger. I mean, M_R, it shows that Obama was not thinking on
    his two feet last night. Where was the 47% gaffe. OMG, something handed to you on a silver platter and the President never, not once, brought it up. M_R, Obama did everything but look at his watch.

    Now, we will see how it all impacts the polls, especially the swing states.
    Colorado, since that is where it was held, will be of interest to me. If
    Obama truly has a 10 point lead in Ohio, he can afford to lose a couple points, but not in Colorada, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, and

    It all points up to a lot of work for you in Toledo of getting the vote
    out. Maybe it will actually help you recruit new volunteers for the
    Obama campaign. I hope that we can do whatever to keep the
    President bdcause of the Supreme Court appointments coming up.

    1. It all points up to a lot of work for you in Toledo of getting the vote
      out. Maybe it will actually help you recruit new volunteers for the
      Obama campaign.

      Recruitment has been an on-going challenge for me because people don’t like confrontation in this neck of the woods. They’d rather ask for a yard sign.

      One of the pundits [? Chuck Todd] a few days ago quipped that some debate experts believe that if one turned off the volume and only watched the body language, one may draw a different conclusion than one who ‘heard’ the debate.

      I paid particular attention to the eyes of Mitt Romney- they must have blinked 20: 1 compared to Obama. Further, the area around his eyes became more red as the debate developed.

      Romney’s hand gestures were interesting as well. He spoke with his hands during every speaking opportunity while Obama kept his hand gestures to a very minimum.

      Then there was the body movement: Romney swayed from side to side and leaned into the ‘space’ of Obama who, for his part, remained rather stiff.

      Facial gestures were on display as well- smiles and frowns. I didn’t keep score on these.

      For a deep study of non-verbals you may wish to read:

      Then there were the lies. Of course, if an observer didn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth, then Mitt Romney appeared much better than the President. That, I’m afraid, helped Romney with the clueless voter.

      For those of us in the know, the blatant lies of Romney screamed at us. You can read PolitiFact’s fact check here:

      Who was it that said that Mitt Romney will say and do anything to get elected. Well, he surely did last evening. Unfortunately, the casual voter got a lapful from Romney.

      1. I said the same thing to my wife, except I said if it was on radio and not on TV it would be a different story, perhaps. But, go check out
        Chris Matthews tonight. Check the interview with Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco. It is brutal! The problem for Obama is that
        58 million saw him fail last night, and in the next 30 days Obama won’t see any where near 58 million. Why today does Obama answer the “accountant statement” and saving Big Bird from the Romney tax ax? A missed opportunity in politics is hard to recapture later.

        And, I noticed in Obama’s campaign stops the tele pompters were up and he was reading. Did FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Humphrey, etc have telepromters? Of course not…What is the problem with Obama? Can he not think on his feet?

  2. I gotta comment on the lies that are flying around from the Romney camp. As most of you know, Rand Paul is the junior senator from Kentucky. And the son of former presidential candidate Ron Paul. Last night during the debate Romney did his popular side-step dance* around the E.P.A. question.

    On the Daily Show last night, Rand Paul brought how bad the E.P.A. has gotten and was killing the economy by overstepping it’s authority**. He sited a case in Mississippi where folks weren’t dumping pollutants into a waterway, but only putting clean dirt on top of dry dirt. That darn government agency put those folks in jail! Paul noted that this was a perfect example of why Romney was going to get rid of the E.P.A.

    OMG! I was shocked……until I looked up the case:

    I use this example to show how blatant the lies get when candidates get desperate. President Obama is still by far the best candidate on the ballot.

    * “Side-step dance”: Where a person doesn’t actually answer the question asked, just speaks of bunch of gibberish

    1. ** Over stepping it’s authority:
      1. If you’re a Koch brother, it costs you millions WHEN you get caught and have to fix your mess, if it is even possible.

      2. If you’re a person dying of cancer, the agency is doing exactly what the bi-partisan Congress meant for it to do when they established it.

  3. Summed up very nicely, mudrake. although I believe Obama missed a golden opportunity to crush Romney!

  4. And it gets worse. Here’s a news headline:

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s lackluster performance in the first U.S. election debate provoked uneasiness in European capitals on Thursday, where hopes are mostly, if unofficially, pinned on his securing a second term.

    1. I spoke with a very-upset woman whose relatives are in India. She told me that the headline in the Indian newspaper today was of the poor debate performance of Obama.

  5. Students in a debate class at Hofstra University [Denver] noted the boredom of listening to the statistics spewed by Romney. The professor wondered if this ‘turned off’ the casual viewer, the casual voter who was not a political junkie.

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