Ohio’s Polls are Open!

At last!  The People of Ohio are heading for the polls this morning to cast their votes. Here in Toledo, the polling center is not in a convenient location thanks to the Republicans on the Lucas County Board of Elections.  They don’t want it too easy for ‘those people’ to vote. The Early Vote Center is at Summit Plaza, 1500 North Superior St. at Bush St., which is also the Greater Toledo YMCA, near the old Riverside Hospital.

The article on early voting in the Toledo Blade featured a photo of a family who parked their camper at the site last night to be first in line to vote this morning.

The Toledo Blade also cited a very interesting number: the state of Ohio has received requests for 922,199 absentee ballots. That’s an amazing number and is more than half of all of the absentee votes cast in 2008.

Ohio’s Republican Sec. of State, Jon Husted, who led the GOP fight against open elections in Ohio, was forced to spent about $1 million on the first round of mailings covering everyone who’d registered as of Aug. 9, and it expects to spend about $200,000 more for a second round to new voters who register by the Oct. 9 deadline.

That’s $1.2 million in tax dollars wasted because of an earlier effort to suppress the vote in the Buckeye state. There is still a pending lawsuit by the Obama’s re-election campaign which demands that Husted follow the decision by a Federal judge to open the early vote center for the last 3 days before the election. Husted permitted only members of the military to vote during those 3 days and has yet to agree with the Federal judge’s decision. Republicans surely do like to limit access to the ballot.

It will be interesting to see just how many voters will have taken advantage of the early vote today. The Obama Campaign in Ohio has been making phone calls and knocking on doors to urge voters to vote early, either by absentee ballot or at the Early Vote Center. I’m discovering through my Saturday door-knocking stint that most voters like their neighborhood polling site; many say that it is a tradition to walk to the polls on Election Day. Well, that’s fine and dandy unless there is an ‘unexpected’ computer glitch on Election Day or a ‘shortage’ of ballots or long lines or…

Lucas County Early Vote Center @ 1500 N Superior St. and Bush St.


10 thoughts on “Ohio’s Polls are Open!

  1. Pure and simple, early voting is nothing but a gimmick, a ploy, a sham played on the principle of democracy.

    It’s six weeks before the established voting date of our Constitutional history. There has not yet one official debate between Obama and
    Romney. There are still two major job reports before Nov. 6, and many
    other reports that can have an impact for whom we vote.

    Moreover, what about the other candidates and issues on the ballot? Early voting is just not for President, but it covers the races for Congress and the Senate. Being dead sure on the presidential race does not mean being dead sure on the races and issues down ballot from the President.
    Early voting is a symptom of what is wrong with our political system. It’s basically a Democratic Party ideology to win elections. They basically call for voting whenever and wherever.

    If we want early voting, it should be limited to say the weekend before election day, Saturday-Sunday-Monday. This would prevent the problems of missing out on voting mentioned. Early voting six weeks
    out from the election is nothing but a partisan maneuver which contributes to the ignorance of the voter and undermines democracy.
    Instead of voting when the time is right, the Democratic Party is herding
    the ignorant early to the polls before all the facts are in.

    1. Early voting six weeks out from the election is nothing but a partisan maneuver which contributes to the ignorance of the voter…

      Could you please defend this statement? Why would an early-voter be classified as more ignorant than a voter at the polls on Election Day? What’s the reasoning for this?

      I’m voting early [next week]; what will I have learned in the subsequent weeks that I do not already know?

    2. Be happy too!

      Partisan in that it is a Democratic Party maneuver. Democrats are known to have a difficult time in getting Democrats to vote on election day. It’s not bipartisan as the GOP is not in favor of such state
      legislation. The GOP doesn’t have the problem of getting their voters
      to turn out. Just this morning Chuck Todd reported that his polling shows genuine excitement of GOP voters and much less excitement
      in Democratic voters. Therefore, early voting is a scam to lenghthen the time for the Democratic Party to drag their voters to the polls, or should I say bus them to the polls.

      Ignorant voters because all the facts are not out six weeks from an
      elections . It’s Bill Clinton’s arithmetic, lol. 6 weeks times 7 days is
      42 days, over a month of additional facts and/or events to occur.
      You vent against the dumbing down of America, well, here it is, my
      friend, right in your backyard. It’s like the big city Democratic bosses
      of old paying the drunks and winos to vote again and again for another
      bottle. Its a scam played on the lives of ignorant voters….

    3. “If we want early voting, it should be limited to say the weekend before election day, Saturday-Sunday-Monday. ”

      The news last night said, as of then, that Jon Husted has NOT approved early voting during those last three days.

  2. I used to be dead set against early voting, until it dawned on me that anything to get more people to vote was a good thing.

    And didn’t they build a new baseball field downtown because they said more people would attend instead of going out to the field at the fairgrounds? So what would be the reason to move early voting from downtown out to the fairgrounds? I think anybody who tries to impede open voting should be tried for treason!

  3. Nearly 1000 votes were cast on the first day of voting in Lucas County [Toledo]. Of the 928 who voted on Tuesday, compared with 500 on the first day of early voting in 2008, 696 were Democrats. Of the rest, 40 were Republican and 192 belonged to other parties or had no party affiliation.

    Obama 696
    Romney 40

    If this trend keeps up, paint Ohio deep blue.

  4. Mr. Mud, don’t know if you’ll get this in time. The new Maumee office needs some assistance setting up the show at this time.

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