White Caps on Lake Erie

I’m quite sure that people in states not surrounded by water do not know the term, white caps. It is the crest of a wave which scatters light so as to appear white. There was an awful lot of white in Toledo yesterday afternoon clustered together at the downtown convention center listening to Mitt Romney. There hadn’t been that many white people in downtown Toledo since the 1950’s. Luckily, after the speech, they all safely escaped back to the suburbs.  Whew!

Twenty-five miles south in Bowling Green, every shade of skin color from the darkest brown to pale, freckled white cheered for President Obama during his address at the basketball arena of Bowling Green State University. I suppose that demographic alone distinguishes today’s Republican Party from the Democratic Party.    It is no wonder that the Ohio GOP worked so feverishly to limit voting opportunities in the state. After all, how else could they possibly win without those shenanigans?

As sailors know, white caps are a harbinger of potential storms and rough seas. Lake Erie is notorious for quick-forming, dangerous storms. White caps; the albatross.

I have lamented the Republican Party’s tip-to-the-right for many, many months on this blog. It has never been so right-tilted as it is at this time in history. And a listing ship often sinks in a sudden storm.

Yet, this slide hasn’t been sudden: the storm didn’t quickly blow. Rather, the changing demographics of race and ethnicity here in the United States has been evident for a decade or more. Yet today’s GOP wants to believe that this shift is not occurring, while dreaming about downtown Toledo in the 1950’s. Seems they daydream quite a lot these days, longing for the ‘good old days’ when the American face was many shades whiter than it appears today.  A time when ‘those people’ knew their place.

The New York Times pollster Nate Silver [FiveThirtyEight] is today predicting that President Obama will garner 316 electoral votes to Romney’s 222. Silver suggests that the GOP ticket will remain strong in the South [minus Florida and Virginia] as well as the non-coastal western states minus Colorado and New Mexico. And so it will be for the 2016 election minus possibly Arizona and North Carolina where the non-white population is increasing rapidly. In other words, unless the GOP changes its political alignment and core beliefs, it will remain a minority party for years to come.

So what will the GOP do on November 7 besides blaming everybody but themselves? Any guesses?


2 thoughts on “White Caps on Lake Erie

  1. They will blame Mitt Romney for one, which will lead them to call for a true reactionary the next time. Secondly, they will blame the “liberal”
    media. And, third they will blame polls that had Obama ahead of
    Romney, even though Fox news poll is in that category. Facts don’t matter to this group, only propaganda….

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