Why Mitt Romney is Losing Ohio

Check the ‘enthusiasm’ on the faces of this Romney crowd:

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will campaign on Wednesday in Ohio, where he trails President Barack Obama in polls.

Why Mitt Romney is Losing must-win Ohio is an article on CNN this morning.  Here’s another clue: this morning there was a front page, color ad in the Toledo Blade for the Romney rally this afternoon.  That’s pathetic. The Obama rally in Bowling Green is ‘sold out.’

The newest Ohio poll shows a 10-point Obama advantage here in the Buckeye State. Yes ten. Was it the 47% video? Or memories of ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt?’ Perhaps it is Mr. Cardboard. The people in the photo above seem unenthusiastic, to say the least. Did you catch the video of Romney and Ryan getting off of the plane in southern Ohio? The crowd is chanting, ‘Ryan! Ryan!’ and Romney tells them, ‘No, it’s Romney-Ryan.’

The CNN article includes this statement by former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour who said recently that Romney is being caricatured as “a plutocrat married to a known equestrian.”

Twenty-four hours from now the report will be in on the dueling appearances of Romney and Obama.  Stay tuned.



9 thoughts on “Why Mitt Romney is Losing Ohio

  1. I wish I was in Ohio right now…I think the most crucial part of keeping Obama in the White House is getting people to vote and helping them overcome the Republican voter disenfranchisement putsch….When I see the actual electoral college numbers, I feel heartened. Did you see the quip from Francois Hollande when asked which candidate he supported by a reporter at the UN yesterday? A smiling Hollande shot back: “Who do you think?”
    “Are you aware that Mitt Romney never ceases to attack socialist Europe at his campaign rallies?” asked Hollande, Europe’s most powerful socialist leader.
    “Yes, that’s why I’ll be careful not to say anything at all on this subject because, as you’d imagine, if a socialist supported one of these two candidates, that could cost him dear,” he explained.
    Then, a brainwave.
    “So I suppose I should endorse Mitt Romney,” Hollande joked. “But I won’t.”

    I am going to be out of the loop for about 10 days, The Vendange starts tomorrow morning at 8am….all I will have is my little radio to keep me connected with the rest of the world…if the reception is clear, I can get BBC4…..The Vendange and the Rains start at the same time….see ya
    a bientot!

    1. Do you eat some of the grapes as you work? I’ve often wondered about that.

      Enjoy those 10 days! What a wonderful way to ‘escape’ from the day-to-day activities of life.

      Bon jour!

  2. Yep, saw all of that this morning on “JOE”, with Joe covering his head in his hands at the show outside Dayton on the crowd saying “Ryan”…The wife and I had a real laugh at that.

    But, the one, we like better is Romney responding to a question about the
    fire on his wife’s plan the other day. Romney says there was no way for the smoke to get out…That he doesn’t understand why planes don’t have windows that open! OMG, and he wants to be President?

    M-r, I see the difference of your support for Obama and mine something like
    this…You are committed, you are like that piece of bacon for breakfast, we
    have that bacon because the poor pig was committed to that being on our plate, the pig gave its all. On the otherhand, i like my eggs for breakfast, we have those eggs because of a good laying hen, but unlike the pig, the hen
    layer is not as committed, it drops its egg and continues on. We both support Obama to some degree,mine obviously much less so. I respect what you are doing to help his cause, but right now i just don’t share your
    enthusiam for the President. In a way I’m almost glad to be in MS where there is no contest and Romney will win the State handily….

  3. Obama and Romney both in Northwest Ohio today. And we have another Honor Flight taking veterans to Washington. Don’t nobody call us a “fly-over” state!

  4. Romney is losing Ohio because the Obama Stimulus Plan, which saved the American auto industry, WORKED and its effects are being seen both in Ohio and in Michigan!

  5. GM stock was at zero, closed yesterday above $23. And thousands and thousands of people are back at work paying taxes.

    1. Gail Collins penned an op-ed which appeared in the Toledo Blade this AM. She said that ‘everyone wants to be a Buckeye’ during this election season. I think that she wrote that article specifically for our friend in Mississippi. Ohio Gets the Love.

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