Obama & Romney in Toledo Same Day

Northwest Ohio will be in full campaign mode as both presidential candidates will be in this neck of the woods on Wednesday. That’s a political junkie’s dream come true. The difference in tactics by the two competing teams perhaps indicates why President Obama holds a 5-7 point lead here in the Buckeye State.

The Romney team has reserved the downtown Toledo Convention Center whereas the Obama team has secured a site on the campus of Bowling Green State University: the Stroh Center [sports complex]. That’s one difference.  Another difference is the fact that in today’s Toledo Blade the Romney team has run a 1/4 page color advertisement for the event whereas the Obama team hasn’t. Further, obtaining tickets for the competing events differ.  For the Romney event, supporters must go on-line at MittRomney.com or on-line at the local GOP Headquarters. Tickets to see President Obama will be handed out in person at 4 local offices in Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg and Bowling Green as well as at the Stroh Center itself. The human element is clearly at work in the Obama Campaign.

Obama staff will be ‘working the crowd’ at each of these venues as they wait in line for their ticket.  Not only will the crowd be Fired Up! but their name, phone number and email will be collected by the campaign and they will be asked to volunteer in the campaign as well. How’s that for closing the ‘sale.’

The Romney supporters need to drive to downtown Toledo from their suburban homes and find a parking space, then walk through the streets to the venue. The Obama supporters drive directly to the venue with free parking.

Stay tuned on Thursday for a follow-up on the competing visits.


15 thoughts on “Obama & Romney in Toledo Same Day

  1. Why is Obama not holding his event in Toledo itself? The votes are in
    Toledo, not out in Latta country as you and Non have maintained. Oops,
    there I go again, remembering something that I shouldn’t have! And, if
    I remember correctly, Obama held it four years ago at TU, isn’t that right.

    So people may have a walk to see Romney. But the huge population to hear Obama has to drive 20 miles or so down to BG. Your still spinning, M_R.
    And, it’s all about the money, isn’t it M_R, with the getting of everyone’s name who will be hit up in a day or two for a contribution. Why do you need to spin to us, the choir? While I will hold my nose and pull the lever for the President, I have no desire to watch in person the same speech over and over again. How about making a talley shit before you go, and keep track
    of how many times he mentions what he has done for labor unions, the
    ACA, the bailout of WS, his failed stimulus, immigration reform, and
    education, and please add your own. Maybe foreign affairs? Or, how
    about the financial cliff coming? His use of drones to spy on the American
    people? His support and expansion of the Patriot Act? His use of
    military tribunals instead of the civil courts? Or, how much he will be willing to cut from the Pentagon? Will he means test Social Security and
    Medicare? Will he remove the cap on Social Security tax? How about
    income inequality? What’s he going to do with the TRILLION dollars sitting off shore of corporate overseas profits waiting to come back into the country ? Now, that would be a nitty gritty report, not the spin that I see
    coming, lol…

    1. I got phone calls from both asking if I wanted to attend. I would say that most of Toledo will go for Obama and only the already decided will go see Romney. However, at Bowling Green you have almost 20 thousand college students who probably weren’t going to vote, but now……

  2. Mr. Mud, I’ve got a question (what else is new). You and I have been around Northwest Ohio for a while. Have you noticed that Bowling Green has been a very popular stopping place for presidential candidates?

    (P.S. Might be interesting to see which local politicians are present at SeaGate and which ones are missing in action.)

    1. I seem to think, NON, that if there is a college student who is using student loans and doesn’t know what Party has provided those loans and what candidate has said that he opposes the student loan program, then Obama
      could spend the entire week out at BG and it would do no good. It’s dumb move by some politico to schedule the POTUS into rural Republican Wood countty. It just doesn’t make any sense to me So, you dimiss the 20,000 at TU?

      1. Just for the record, Wood County is considered a metropolitan area by the United States E.P.A.

    2. noticed that Bowling Green has been a very popular stopping place for presidential candidates?

      Yes. For Obama it is the student body as well as the 52% he got in 2008 in Wood County. Wood was one of 22 Ohio counties he took.

  3. Fun facts for Mr. Mud:

    Presidential candidate Mitt Romney suffered a rather embarrassing low turnout when he held a rally at Ford Field in Detroit. Gotta make sure the venue isn’t too big or your crowd will look kinda small.

    So he’s coming to Northwest Ohio. Let’s see, you got your Stroh Center at BGSU; no, too big. Then you got your Savage Hall at U.T.; no, still too big. Wait a minute, there’s the new Huntington Center; good god, that’s way too big. French Quarter in Perrysburg is the right size, but sounds small. So let’s go with the SeaGate Center. It’s not an arena, but there’s room to set up chairs and the walls can be moved. OK, then, SeaGate Center it is.

    And I’m not saying they’re having a hard time filling the place, but I just got my 4th call in two days asking me to go. It’s still Monday night; any bets on how many more calls I’ll get?

    (P.S. I’m chuckling a little because I have an unlisted number and I’m sure that if anyone bothered to check, they’d see I’m an Obama supporter to the hilt!)

  4. Moving right along…..Lets try and have some serious discussion instead of our bantering about where a candidate should speak and in what venue….

    How about NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s decision that the NY Public Schools
    should provide the “morning after” pill to all girls at age 14?

    My morning paper’s political cartoon depicts the U.S. Capitol perched on
    the edge of a cliffand a Rep and Dem holding hands falling off the cliff
    saying “we’ll think of a way to fly on the way down.” Could be Marcy and Latta?

    Is Democracy and Freedom on death row because of religion? Now there is a question for an essay to Post….

    What should American foreign policy be?

    Is “redistribution” a part of the United States character?

    Has the Federal Government provided the iniative for industries and businesses to develop?

    Would you believe that these talking points came out of this ppor backward Jackson, MS newspaper of yesterday?

    Oh, there is one more, lol…Should the States expand Medicaid under
    the Afordable Care Act?

    1. Moving right along…..

      Sorry, no time to debate moot points. I’m too busy trying to keep Ohio in the blue column.

      I have volunteers to call both in and out of state and venues to work as well. Regarding the out-of-state vols, today I have to call into both Indiana and Michigan to schedule people for our Ohio campaign days of action this week. Very little time to ‘play’ politics.

      1. If your out tomorrow ferrying important politicians between BG and Toledo Express and you have another chance to shake the President’s
        hand, ask him if he is going to capitulate to the Republicans and support raising the age for Social Security to 75 or more instead of having the wealthy increase their contributions by ending the cap for social security tax. Social Security, my friend, may be a moot issue for you and me, but it is not for out children and the rest of the population under 55. By permitting the politicians to increase the age for retirement, the burden falls on the middle and lower classes and the wealthy escape their fair
        responsibility. That is not inconsequential or moot, my friend. It goes to the very heart of the Obama fairness campaign…..Indeed, none of the statements I made above are moot. They are all very active in today’s
        news. They do not belong to the dead hand of the past. These are the
        real issues affecting the 99% of the population. While I realize your mind is elsewhere today and tomorrow, there is the real world out there and it
        will be there haunting us in December and early next year. In all due respect for your campaign work, if humpy dumpty falls off the cliff, all
        those volunteers will not be able to put humpty dumpty back together

          1. Hope you’re going to the Obama rally. The local news this morning said all the tickets for that event were gone. But if you want to see some Romney and Ryan, I think they still got a whole lot of seats still available.

            (Did you catch the polls for Ohio this morning? Maybe the results of some door knocking are starting to show.)

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