Joe the Plumber Stuck in Sewer Pipe

Samuel Wurtzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, has yet to gear up his run for Congress against long-serving Democrat Marcy Kaptur. His ‘campaign headquarters’ is a vacant, rented house. The Toledo Blade quotes Joe, “Quite frankly, politics suck, I hate it with a passion. Only reason I’m involved in it is I like history and I like government.”  Too bad that he will not be part of government.

The article exposes his campaign strategy: door-to-door campaigning.  He hit 100 houses last night.  Unfortunately, congressional districts include 600,000 people and Ohio’s 5th Congressional District extends from Toledo to Cleveland. That’s quite a long walk.

Regarding his door-to-door ‘strategy,’ the ill-informed Wurtzelbacher said, “It just comes down to simple mathematics. How can I meet more people, talk to more people, get them to know who I am. Is it is a winning strategy? I don’t know. I don’t if anyone else has tried it.”

Did he fail elementary school arithmetic?

On another note, TheBlade said,

Mr. Wurzelbacher has continued to seek campaign funds from his national sources. He put out a fresh appeal this week, attacking the news media over its coverage of the deadly raid on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and for concentrating on Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s comments rather than on the threat to American security.

“This week has been a disaster for Miss Kaptur, Barack Obama, and the Democrats as the world begins to crash in around them, yet you can see how the media is completely in the tank for them,” he wrote.

Disaster?  Did he really say that?

No wonder he won’t accept debate offers from the media. I get it and apparently so does he.

But he tweets.

One of Wurtzelbacher’s comments shot at a rally clearly place him on the far-far right fringe of society when he said that border guards should shoot illegal immigrants as they are scaling the fence.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern said Mr. Wurzelbacher appears to be running just for the $5,000 salary he pays himself every month out of his campaign finance account.

“Joe Wurzelbacher is not running for office. He has a job as a candidate. It’s fairly lucrative work if you can get it, and that’s why he filed to run against Marcy,” Mr. Redfern said.

Perhaps Joe is showing his entrepreneurial talent: politics as a business adventure.

And why did the Republican voters select him?

Any guesses?

The campaign headquarters of Republican congressional candidate Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, at 2450 Parkwood Avenue Toledo, appears to to unoccupied, Wednesday, September 19, 2012.  Blade reporter Tom Troy knocks on a door in background.

WurtzelbacherCampaign Headquarters


14 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Stuck in Sewer Pipe

  1. “long-serving Democrat Marcy Kaptur”

    I would add one word in the phrase, M_R. I would put the word “self”
    in front of the word serving. She is a good case in point to have term
    limits. She loves that congressional-military-industrial complex that
    Eisenhower so aptly described.

    1. Is that the ONLY issue that Marcy fights for? You sound like a right-winger when you choose to dwell on a single issue. If she were ONLY interested in the military, why is she continually reelected? Ohio’s 5th District is NOT stuffed with military personnel. Maybe she fights for other things, too.

      1. Look I gave a whole list of items that violate your moral principles. I’m not going to go back and regurgitate them again. She is exactly what is wrong with Washington…It’s her job, and she will do anything to keep it. And,
        she is not even your Rep any more, so why defend her? Give Latta some of your good boradsides, and I will be right there with you and NON….

  2. Late to the party tonight. Please forgive me….. I was working on setting up a party to register nonregistered voters. I would really love to have you assist me. Very, very tired now……will get back to you.

    P.S. Did get to the grand opening and am ALL FIRED UP!!!

    1. Glad that you are ALL FIRED UP!!! The adrenaline is flowing strongly here in Ohio. Did you see that both Romney and Obama will be in our neck of the woods this week? Lots of excitement here in this ‘must-win’ state. Obama up 7 points in the latest polling. Let’s keep that moving upward.

  3. For what reason should one be “ALL FIRED UP!!!”? You make it sound like an Ohio State vs Michigan football game or a Yankee Tiger baseball game, lol…Is that what it is?

  4. I tried to write a reply to the “All Fired Up” comment, but they all sounded mean and I save that for the fringe. You’re old enough to remember the flag draped caskets coming back from Viet Nam. That’s what apathy will get you.

    1. Well, NON, I am seeing a lot of flag draped caskets coming home from Afghanistan from Obama’s War…Indeed, we just buried a young marine
      here in Mississippi. Yet, Obama keeps spending $2.5 billion a week on an endless mission in Afghanistan. Very sad, he can’t be a leader, and
      instead has to play politics with our citizens lives and treasury….

  5. How come I can’t get an Obama yard sign? I’ll even buy some to put in the field offices to be given away for free.

    1. The Obama Team feels that yard signs are not an effective investment and would rather channel their resources into more productive [vote-getting] strategies.

  6. Our President said he couldn’t meet with the Prime Minister of Israel* due to a scheduling conflict. Thank “God” we have Fox News to give us the truth**!

    * President Obama has met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu more than any other world leader.

    * The was a photo taken for that year’s (2009) White House Press Correspondents Dinner, which, of course, was attended by Fox News.

    1. I generally have the philosophy that when a world leader comes to the
      United States, it is always good to “press the flesh.”

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