Benjamin Netanyahu: Warmonger

(CNN) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that the United States must establish a clear “red line” that Iran cannot cross with its nuclear program if it wants to avoid war.

“I think the issue is how to prevent Iran from completing its nuclear weapons program. They’re moving very rapidly to completing the enrichment of the uranium that they need to produce a nuclear bomb. In six months or so, they will be 90% of the way there.”

Uranium from Africa…aluminum tubes…WMD’s…

Been there, did that. Thousands of American military deaths, tens of thousands of permanent injuries.  Billions of tax dollars down the drain.

And now he wants the U.S. to do that all over again?

The idiocy is stunning. Yet, there are millions of religious fundamentalists in our nation who WANT the U.S. to ‘defend Israel’ by engaging in yet one more preemptive war.

So does Netanyahu’s pal, Mitt Romney.

Here’s a question for Mr. Romney: If you are so eager to get involved in a war with Iran, will you be urging your 5 sons to enlist in the Army and be on the front line during the 2nd Shock ‘n Awe?

[didn’t think so]

Let ‘them’ fight our wars, eh?




10 thoughts on “Benjamin Netanyahu: Warmonger

  1. We need to remember that Netanyahu is a member of a relative conservative Party…It might be something akin to the neocons here. His
    Party, I think it is the Likud Party maybe, stands for an aggressive foreign
    policy against the Arabs/Moslems. What he is trying to do, it seems, is
    to get the U.S. to either finish the invasion that Netanyahu starts or have
    the U.S. do it all. The faxt is Israel cannot do the comple elimination of
    Iran’s nuclear capability, only the United States can do that.

    The situation is this, M_R. Obama has ended war in Iraq, but we still have a large force of “peacekeeping there. He has a hot war with Americans being killed almost on a daily basis in Afghanistan. He is on the brink of having
    another war in Syria. Iran would be a fourth theater. Do we really want
    to be fighting four (4) different wars at the same time?

    1. Do we really want to be fighting four (4) different wars at the same time?

      No WE don’t but the Religious Right sure does. Here’s a question: Are these fundamentalist Christians driving their sons and grandsons to the Army Recruiting stations?? Are there Army recruiters at the after-services coffee? Onward Christian soldiers!

      1. Well, Obama is doing a damn good job of supporting the military-industrial complex. He’s and war in Pakistan, Yemen, and Sudan, with his Tuesday
        hit list of people to kill with his drones. What about that? Don’t think the
        religious right is making those decisions for him..Those are his wars…A spade is a spade, my friend. When are you going to speak out against these
        presidential wars?

          1. What the hell do u think it is, when you blast people on the ground of a foreign country? He has invaded a soverign country’s airspace and killed
            their citizens on the ground. Oh, that’s right, this is a black President and he can do anything. But a white Bush or Romney can’t do that without you
            going all off on them. What gives?

            1. What is the name of Obama’s “war?” Wars have names. Further, who are the combatants? I see Obama as the Lone Ranger, picking off bad guys with his silver bullet, aka drone.

              1. My good buddy, what have you been drinking? Sounds like you have
                abandoned your principles of decades, and now support the concept of
                the United States as the “gendarme of the world”.

                And, just to carry this to the homeland…Obama is now using drones to spy
                on Americans. So much for the Bill of Rights! What happens when a
                President decides to be “the Lone Ranger, picking off bad guys with his
                silver bullet, aka drone”? Is that what is coming to in the former “land
                of the free”?

                I don’t know what you have been reading and watching, M_R, but maybe
                you should think about changing your material…..

                1. I’d rather have Lone Ranger stealthily knocking off the bad guys than sending a posse [Army] out onto some battlefield.

                  1. So, the U.S. Empire makes the rules of the world…How long do you
                    think that will last as China overtakes us and becomes the GIANT in
                    the world?

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