Mitt Romney: Warmonger-in-Chief

Apparently Romney is singing McCain’s song from 2008:  “Bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb…”

What a dolt! Can you imagine having that man as Commander-in-Chief of our military forces? Reminds me of the W Bush policy- the neocon agenda.  Of course many of his advisers are left-overs from the neocons in the Bush White House.

The differences between the two men running fpr president grow wider and more clear with each passing day. Those who long for the ‘good old days,’ the Bush-years will be voting for Mr. Romney. The years of bravado, name-calling and wars of ‘necessity.’ Those with a much broader, much more wise vision will not.  Let’s hope that the other voters of Ohio, beyond the 15% who think Romney killed bin Ladin, turn out at the polls on November 6.


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  1. One more item in the worst day in the mess of his campaign, on top of everything else, in reply to a statement Bishop Mitt made earlier this week casting Russia as the “natural geopolitical foe” of the USA, Vladimir Putin thanked him for being an idiot, stating that he had made it much easier for him to morally justify his opposition to the proposed NATO missel defense system in Eastern Europe.

  2. Here is the story on Romney’s screwup yesterday:
    Romney’s accusation centered on a statement that U.S. diplomats in Cairo had issued shortly after noon local time Tuesday — about 6 a.m. in Washington — as crowds began to gather near the embassy. The statement, commenting on anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube, said the embassy opposed “continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.”

    In a brief news conference in Jacksonville, Fla., Romney said that it was “a terrible course to — for America to stand in apology for our values.”

    “When our grounds are being attacked and being breached, that the first response of the United States must be outrage at the breach of the sovereignty of our nation. And apology for America’s values is never the right course.”

    When reporters noted that the statement had been issued before protesters climbed the embassy walls in Cairo, Romney said, “It’s never too early for the United States government to condemn attacks on Americans and to defend our values.”
    First take note that Romney was criticizing a statement made BEFORE the embassy was breached. Then take note that the United States government had not made another statement yet because THEY WERE STILL TRYING TO SECURE U.S. PERSONAL. He’s out there running his mouth while the crisis was still going on and people’s lives were still in danger. How can anyone not think this buffoon would get us into a World War/Nuclear War?

  3. There are so many questions as to the timing of his quick response, what he knew before the rest of the American media seemed to be aware of it, the exact nature of the Benghazi attack and how he impossibly botched what on the surface would seem to be a golden opportunity for a presidential candidate to appear noble. Everything about this stinks. His ability to be his own worst enemy is becoming more and more apparent to even his closest supporters. There is a stench of desperation and fear rising from his ranks…It’s interesting how Obama was able to comment on Mittens with a very brief and very quotably effective aside….”shoot first and aim later”. At the very least, it appears incredibly anti American to try to destroy a president when the nation is dealing with a crisis and get nailed by not being able to control smirking about it.
    The game has changed, the Republicans are still years away from realizing that televised sound bytes are the past…we all have instant access to reality now and just wait for Karl Rove to complain that the Democrats are taking advantage of the reality that the Republicans count on being able to deny.

    1. Good analysis, Microdot. Re the statement about sound bytes,you must remember that many on the far right are not tech savvy and depend on AM radio and FoxNews for their ‘information.’ Thus, they feed the base while the rest of us understand the reality of it all. I’m sure that the so-called independents have learned a whole lot in the past 48 hours about Mr. Romney.

      If Romney/Ryan manage to bamboozle the electorate, this kid will be wearing an ammo belt rather than a crayon belt, fighting all of the neocon wars that they start.

    1. What does god have to do with ANYTHING, for that matter? The god concept has caused more misery and deaths on this earth than Satan.

      1. Have you noticed that in their arguments to include “God”, they inflate certain statistical numbers? There is a huge difference between believing in “God”, a “higher being”, questioning, and being spiritual.

        1. Other than Muslim nations, what other countries around the globe make religion a relevant part of the discussion on governance?

  4. And Obama’s refrain of McCains song: kill, kill, kill, with drones, anyone,
    including Americans w/o habeas corpus and trial by peers…. Not a dimes
    worth of difference!

  5. Speaking of voting, what is the status of the voter ID and early voting in
    Ohio? And, specifically, does voting absentee, mute the question of voter
    ID in Ohio? What I mean, is voting absentee a way to get around the voter
    ID law and a ban on early voting, if there is one?

    1. Ohio Republicans have capitulated on early voting in the past week. One can vote in one of 3 ways: early vote [Oct.2 – Nov.6]; absentee, or in-person. NONE of these needs a photo ID. The last 4-digits of the SS# is all that is required.

      A Federal judge last week ordered the Ohio early vote to include the last 4 days before the election- they typical period for black, inner city voters to vote.

      The Sec. of State [R] spent tons of taxpayer dollars to send EVERY registered voter in the state an absentee ballot request form. He was forced to do this because of the schemes that the state legislature unveiled earlier this year.

      The upshot is that the Ohio vote is safe this year- to the chagrin of the GOP.

      1. Yep, I thought that in Ohio the absentee ballot would get around the voter
        ID requirement. But my question is, does it do the same in FL and PA? If so, what has Rev. Al, and the NAACP, and the Urban League, and all the
        Democratic organizations been doing by not giving out absentee ballots and giving a hue and cry on their shows?

  6. I think we are all ignoring the real issues here, behind the film, behind the motives of the GOP and the geopolitical reality we are dealing with. For example, the Americans could not go into Libya, they had to go in as a coalition with France and England, the real reason we were there? Look at who got the contracts for the untapped Libyan oil reserves, which were being fiercely and unscrupulously used by Ghadafi as a card to manipulate all parties, including the Russians and the Chinese. America, Britain and France got the Libyan oil as the spoils of the war, but the support that Iran and Syria are now getting from Russia and China is solely based on courting Iran and Syria as a buffer to protect their deals for the vast untapped Iranian oil reserves. This is pure economic war fare and Israel knows it and is fanning the flames.
    We will pay and pay and pay for our support of Israel. There is no hope of America making any real headway in Middle Eastern politics until the Palestinian Issue is resolved and the Palestinian are finally granted the right to their lands and the unspoken Israeli genocidial policies are stopped.

    1. All that you have said here, Microdot is true and, more exactly, is the Elephant in the Room. Obama must be careful with his rhetoric on Israel at least until 7 November. Regarding the oil dilemma, Big Oil is worried that the U.S. may become oil-independent. The upshot of this is that we will not need to rely on Middle East or African oil. At that stage of development, what does Israel do when the U.S. really doesn’t need to protect ‘our’ oil interests in their neck of the woods??

      1. Exactly, my question, M_R. This is why I am still pushing for natural gas and shale deposits for the short term. Get us out of the Middle East, and let them go to it…..

        1. UTF…I think you are being extremely simplistic and more than that, naive in your “short term” logic. There is no geologic equivalent of short term, in the world of corporate energy, there is no short term. On Friday, here in France, Francois Hollande definitively stated that all explorative licenses for Fracking were being cancelled. There is no Fracking in France and there will never be. Long tern logic always beats short term. You can’t give an inch to those who will seize it all if you let them.

          1. btw, the corporate energy equivalent of “short term” is they want it all, Now….you and your childrens’ interests do not matter…but you know that!

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