A Little Goes A Long Way

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of 9/11. I have written too much about my own personal experience in Lower Manhattan that day and the subsequent slow painful loss of friends who died from the after effects. I was very lucky and though I was stuck in Lower Manhattan for a week longer than I expected to be, because of the disruption of transportation, I was soon in the crystal clear atmosphere of the Northern Dordogne. For many Americans, 9/11 was a trap door into a world of isolationist hate. A door into a pit of a closed mind, a corner which a wounded beast cowered, licking its wounds and dreaming of revenge. For me, it was a life changing experience, I resolved to let it open the doors to the rest of the world. I wanted to learn about Islam and the diverse portion of the earths population who define themselves with this broad theosophy. I’ve learned that Islam is as diverse if not more diverse than Christianity. There are fundamentalists who would force others to accept their beliefs by what ever means that they think they can get away with in both worlds. I know I can make a difference. 

I am still very much involved in promoting the work of Groupe Coordination Aude Mali with my friends who are passionately involved in the effort. I still have the paypal button on my blog and I would like to thank, personally, everyone who donated through this blog, MikeB32000, and Squatlo Rants. We raised enough money to get a few trucks of refugees across 1,000 kilometers of the Sahara to Mauritania and Burkina Faso, but of course, even though a little goes a long way in the desert, there is still much to do. I posted a piece on my blog, thebrainpolice with some great videos from UNCHR showing the conditions in the camps in both Mauritania and Burkina Faso. They are fairly recent, from last week. Agan, thank you so much for everything you have done!Image


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  1. I think I should give a little background on GCAM, all of the personell of the organization were long time on the ground workers in Medicins san Frontiers…My friend Marius and his wife were on the literally last plane out from Burundi when the massacres were occurring in the 1990’s. GCAM started when MSF was unable to continue an irrigation project in Mali with the Touaregs. The new organization literally adopted the villages and finished the project and continued on. This is not about politics, this is not about intervention. This is about helping people preserve their culture and heritage and realize their destiny through self determination.
    I think the events in Egypt and Libya…the death of the American ambassador in the riots against the anti Islamic film released by the idiot puppet, Terry Jones are interventionist terrorist provocative politics. The link between Israel and Terry Jones was clearly demonstrated today in the French media. This was how you are being manipulated. If you look at the statements coming from Israel in the last 24 hours, criticizing Obama for not being forceful enough in threatening Iran with military action and the support Netanyahu has shown for Mitt Romney, then maybe it becomes more apparent. But, the funding for the film came from Israel and the subsequent media coverage which you will see today, the American flag being burnt in the chaos of the aftermath of the rocket attack on the embassy Benghazi and its immediate availability on the major News Services, the day after 9/11 was a carefully planned and orchestrated tactic to destroy Obama and elect Mitt Romney and his foreign policy advisor John Bolton. Don’t be fooled, again.

  2. -Romney falling in the polls
    -Romney calls his Israeli supporters for help
    -Israel hints at attacking Iran; says U.S. has no say in the matter
    -Israeli filmmaker makes film that he says will infuriate Arabs
    -Filmmaker says he’s based in U.S. so we get blamed
    -Romney supporter “Rev.” Terry Jones does what he can to help
    -All this makes Obama look bad so hopefully Romney will win. So what if there’s collateral damage.

    Duh, my name’s Sepp and I don’t understand the need for separation of church and state. Romney and his friends are rich, so I’ll be able to move out of this rented dump in Wood County and be rich too.

  3. Microdot- thank you for posting this important story.

    One of the major problems here in America and Ohio is that voters don’t explore these types of stories. Hell, they don’t even know them.

    More worrisome is this news story that broke yesterday:

    15 Percent of Ohio Republicans Think Mitt Romney Killed Osama bin Laden.

    Yes, it is true. Imagine that! This information about the state of my state was gleaned from the latest PPP poll.

    Further, 31% of them were ‘not sure.’

    Oh my. What idiocy here in the Buckeye state!

  4. Here’s one for you…In todays The Atlantic, it was revealed that the so called producer of the film, who was reportedly “in hiding” after the yesterdays events, Sam Bacile, and who was the supposed author of an anti muslim book published in 2007, does not exist. There is no real person. Hmmm? Sheldon Adelson? Could be………

  5. btw…the Ohio Republican story about the 6% who claim to believe that Mitt killed Osama made the news here in France! Very embarrassing….
    I always thought it was Paul Ryan, didn’t he say so?

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