Ohio turning a darker shade of blue

‘No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio.’ And it looks like Ohio is slipping away from the Romney-Ryan team. Real Clear Politics posted their newest Ohio polling data today: Obama 50 Romney 45.  Could it be that Ohio’s swing voters are moving away from the Republicans for some very good reasons?  Like Ohio’s 7.1% unemployment rate? The booming auto industry? The Romney-Ryan non-plan?

Did you catch Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan on the Sunday talk shows yesterday? Poof! That magic trickle-down fairy dust disappeared like magic.  Maybe it doesn’t like the light-of-day. Like cockroaches.

QUESTION:  “So, Mr. R_________, which tax loopholes would you end in order to get more revenue without raising  tax rates?”

ANSWER: ”   ”

Ohioans like straight talk like, “I’m going to save the auto industry.”

As I walked door-to-door on Saturday I sensed that The People in my neck of the woods have made up their minds.  Maybe it was the comparison that they made after the two conventions. I encountered only one, just one person, who told me that she was still undecided.  During my previous Saturday walks, there were 5-10 people per canvass who were ‘undecided.’  And the targets of the list were all ‘undecided’ voters. Of course, this is a small sample and hardly statistically accurate but nonetheless, it is interesting to note.

Whoever is running the Romney campaign and giving him advice on what to say ought to be fired.  Did you catch Romney talking about God? Talking with NASCAR drivers? Romney talking about closing loopholes on taxes for the wealthy.

This is the 2nd week of September for crying out loud! It seems to me that Ohio voters are stumped about just what Romney will do to help them. I haven’t heard anything, have you? It’s all trickle down fairy dust and Ohioans like substance not magic.


5 thoughts on “Ohio turning a darker shade of blue

  1. eventually, reality has a nasty habit of biting you in the ass…reality is a bitch.

  2. What I have read and heard is that Mittens Ro-money cannot have any change of winning if he does not pull Ohio’s electorial votes…..and he is loosing now in the polling in Ohio.

  3. Well, Democrats have always seemed recently to have a knack of snatching
    defeat from the jaws of victory. I am not counting my chickens just yet, as
    there are three debates yet to come and 2 more monthly job reports.

    “reasons? Like Ohio’s 7.1% unemployment rate? The booming auto industry? ”

    The New York Times had a cover article on Ohio Sunday. It was entitled “”way to Gp Phiio: A Rust Belt Miracle”.

    Now it has become a battle between Obama and Kasich as to whom gets the
    credit for a better economy in Ohio. Kasich says it’s his policies of
    encouraging businesses to stay in Ohio and to help others begin with favorable GOP legislation and packages of tax incentives. Moreover, Kasich seems to believe that God chosen him to save Ohio. LOL! On the contrary, Obama says, it was he who saved Ohio in form of his tax cuts, the Reinvestment and Recovery Act or that stimulus program, and the payroll reduction legislation, his decision to bailout GM and Chrysler. So, who deserves the credit? Is it GOP pro business policies or Obamas financing
    bankrupt companies? And, Romney” He says things in Ohio are still
    miserable! Kasich says he and his programs have added 100,000 jobs, while Obama’s bailout of the auto industry has at best saved 2,000…..

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