The Big Dawg Barked

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow! He came, he spoke, he dazzled and he effectively muzzled Romney/Ryan and the entire GOP. Any questions?


13 thoughts on “The Big Dawg Barked

  1. Who’d a thunk it back in the day when he was being impeached that President Bubba (written affectionately) would be one of the most popular of modern presidents (I’d put him pulling ahead of secular St. Ronnie Raygun).
    Who knew Hillary was so very, very good at being Sec. State either?
    I hope she runs after a 2nd term from Obama. There were some chatter on Current TV, the relatively new start up cable network belonging to Al Gore, that Gore might get back into politics.

    My first thoguht was that this must be a tremendous long shot. My second though was that as more and more people come to appreciate the difficulties of global warming, including the world wide increasing famine and desertification, Al Gore’s promotion of climate change awareness and his green expertise might be exactly what people will want to look towards by 2015-6.

    Gore or Hillary, Hillary and another go with Gore as VP? Fun crazy speculation to liven things up when one gets the political burnout this time of year.

    All I know is that I don’t want another term of Bush Redux – and Mitts on R-money is retreading all the old Bushies and all the old Bushie policies.

    1. I’d say Hillary and Castro.

      Re that so-called impeachment: no doubt history books are already being written which classify that act as one of the most serious acts of treason ever perpetrated on this nation.

    2. We can’t stand another Clinton, NON…. The Clintons, the Obamas, and
      the Romneys are all “bundled” together in the winner-take-all one percent group. Obama betrayed the labor movement, he betrayed the environmental movement, he betrayed single payer health insurance for
      all, and he betrayed the middleclass to Wall Street with his $35-37,000 a plate dinners for WS moguls. Talk about a failed Presidency for middle
      and lower class interests, here it is. The Dems owned D.C. in January 2009, just as they did in January 1977, and these two Democratic Presidents blew it. Last night, with first Carter, then Clinton, and then Obama greeting Clinton, you saw the three Democratic Presidents who sold the middle and lower classes out and burdoned them with income
      equality and stagnant wage growth, with it going mostly to the top one percent. If you guys can’t see that, then woe is the future of the United

    3. I hope not, Dog Gone….We don’t need the same people who aided the
      situation that we find ourselves in today. We need to pave the way for
      independent thinkers and leaders to come to the fore…

  2. Absolutely loved Clinton’s zinger about the RNC and the factcheckers.

    Now, speaking of outright lies told by…….Fox News. Who woulda guessed. They said the apparent sense of “loud” acceptance of the DNC convention’s speakers was due to the small size of the convention hall. They said the RNC convention sounded muted because it was held in a much larger space. Since I’m retired, really-really hate Fox News, and have lots of free time…..I checked. The Time Warner Cable Arena (DNC) is 16% LARGER than the Tampa Bay Times Forum (RNC). This reminds of a guy I know who lies about everything, no matter how insignificant the topic.

    1. Sorry, here is Clinton’s zinger that had me howling:

      “Their campaign pollster said, we are not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers. Now, finally I can say, that is true. I — I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

  3. Yeah, I have a couple of questions…Why are you supporting the President who pulled the rug out from under FDR and the New Deal? Wasn’t it
    Clinton who “ended welfare as we know it”, and has plunged many more people in this Great Recession into unlivable conditions? And, wasn’it
    it Clinton who signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagle Act, which then paved the way for the great collapse in 3008. When you ask if some one has been duped, maybe you ought to have clean hands yourself.

    1. My take on Clinton is that he worked with everybody (both sides) and will be remembered as doing that. I heavily supported Mrs. Clinton in 2008 because she was the first Democratic candidate in a very long time that many from both parties could get behind.

      I will admit I was totally blindsided by the level of animosity from the Teabaggers. The absolute absence of any form of civility during legislative debate was astounding. And for about 2 years, I regularly refused to believe the racism shown our President.

  4. Your anti-intellectual reply, M_R, suggests that you are wearing blinders to what has been happening in this country for the last 30-35 years. I give
    you facts, trends, and historical patterns and to what avail? You disagree
    without any evidence to the contrary. How can you sit there and let the country that we have know disintegrate before our very eyes? Oh, I know
    that you are out doing your thing of canvassing for Obma. That’s not what I mean. Without addressing the real issues, a few more years of this “bundled”
    Democratic and GOP togetherness, we won’t have any freedoms left. Our children, M_R, not our grandchildren, will not have the freedoms we have had. Dems and GOP tell us our grandchildren will not have social security.
    That’s nothing but a smoke screen, my friend, for long before they would
    qualify for social security, the will be unfree. The written insurrection needs to begin now, and we have to call a spade a spade and let the evidence fall
    where it might…..

    1. My reply suggests that of the two candidates running, I’m busting my ass for the one I feel is best for the country at this time.

      1. And, its praise worthy that you are doing that, while others vegetate. But, my point was, to what avail? How long does it put off the inevitable?

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