Well, What did he Say?

I listened to the speech at the end of a long, tedious day.  I glued my eyelids open to stay awake. What a waste of time [and my sleep!] How about that Clint Eastwood, eh? Or  the I’m Marco Rubio speech? Did these two pre-speech speakers steal the show from Mitt Romney? At least they were more interesting.

The ‘real’ Mitt Romney did show up: he said absolutely nothing. Nothing of substance. All I learned is that Barack Obama was a failure. Did I miss anything more?

Oh, yes. He has a 5-point plan to create 500 trillion jobs!

I’m wondering how that job-thing plays in the minds of the independent voters who were [or were not] tuned in. Twelve million jobs he promised. Small business he said.  How? Apparently with that 5-point plan. Here’s the plan:

• energy independence;

• improving the education system for our children and our workers;

• taking advantage of trade globally to open new markets and export our goods, while stopping China’s cheating;

• cutting and capping federal spending, and getting on track to have a balanced budget;

• being the champion for small business to grow and create jobs.

That’s it.  Were you looking for more substance?

Yawn.  I need a nap…


6 thoughts on “Well, What did he Say?

  1. What I always find funny about the drill baby drill mantra they like to chant is that they appear to be totally ignorant, or at least totally ignore, that our oil is sold on the world market. The world market, not how much we drill or don’t drill, sets the prices. So unless Mittens is planning on not allowing any oil to be sold outside our borders for export, drilling more or less doens’t materially change the availability or price of oil at all compared to how much competition for petroleum products there is from places like China and India, both growing vehicle markets that are significantly competing for the refined oil supply.

    Ditto for putting through pipelines, like the one for Keystone XL, which goes to a tax-free port for export without this country OR the state of Texas getting a dime in tax revenue, and without it going into a single U.S. gas or desiel tank.

    The ONLY way to succeed in the face of oil being a finite, and vastly diminished resource is to shift to other sources of energy, not expend this resource more quickly. We may very well need to rely on oil more as a lubricant in the future, and little if at all as a fuel. In which case, it would be nice to have some left.

    The country that gets off oil soonest (like Brazil did with alcohol driven vehicles) will be waaaaay ahead of the game. The answers are not found in drill drill drill. The other answers aren’t found in Mitten’s babblings either.

    Welcome to the post-truth GOP! Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie — and spend megabucks to spread the lies, and then do the bidding of the megabuck donor 1%

    1. they appear to be totally ignorant, or at least totally ignore, that our oil is sold on the world market.

      I’d say that a high percentage are ignorant of that fact or for that matter, lots of facts.

    2. I share your thoughts, Dog Gone, but we can’t just go cold turkey here.
      Airplanes do not fly on wind or solar. They need gasoline. However, we
      can vastly improve the situation, that is, carbon and being held hostage by
      the oil cartel. The one step we could take is to convert to natural gas as
      a bridge to the alternative energies. Obama could tomorrow issue an
      executive order saying all Federal vehicles are converting to natural
      gas. Here is a jobs maker that takes only an executive order. Congress can’t stop it!

  2. Lets see how specific Obame is next Thursday night. Lets see if he will stand
    up and defend his last four years. He wouldn’t have to do that, if he re-reads
    FDR 1936 speech, saying he welcomes the hatred of Wall Street. Lets find
    out where Obama’s bread is buttered. FDR sure laid it out!

      1. My friend, FDR was a politician first and foremost; Obama is not. It seems
        to me that you can have all the advisers you want, but if you don’t have
        politics in your bones then all the advisers cannot put the candidate
        together. He has to “welcome their hatred.” And, while the words of
        “racism” are out there, I’m not sure he should “welcome” that hatred. It could go either way, people rising to suport him, or actually re-enforcing thje racism, what do you think? On the otherhand, he should rip into them on all the lies, one by one. Or, he and Biden could wait until the debates to settle those issues. But, they would have to be willing to dominate the debate questioning…If it’s class warfare, then no holds barred. For example, take the debate on foreign policy. Say to Romney, where is the money coming from, if that is not asked. What programs for the poor and middle class will be cut and by how much? I understand that every programs will have to be cut by 57%, which ones will you spare, yet still have a trillion to enlarge the military? And, then he doesn’t let him
        get off with a general answer of that well determined by my cabinet
        meetings. Do the Adlai Stevenson response, “I’ll sit here until hell
        freezes over for your response!” Then, look in the camera and say
        Folks, the debate is over.” If he can’t anser this question, he is no
        business sitting in the White House War Room.” Whatever…..

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