One Term More


4 thoughts on “One Term More

  1. EGADS! This made my wife come a running! “What the hell you have on
    now,” she asked. I said propaganda.

    As I have said before, he does not deserve another term, but the system
    allows us no other choice. It’s the Supreme Court, stupid, to paraphrase
    a previous campaign slogan. Obama will take us no where just as he has
    done for the previous four years, RR, on the otherhand, will take us more
    along the road to Plutarchy and undemocratic government. Obama just
    lets the country drift into the same end but at a slower pace than RR…
    Don’t you see that?

  2. Now, here is one for you yankees to ponder who think that the Deep South
    is isolated from the rest of the country. Yesterday, the Jackson paper
    on the front page had an article in bold black that said, “Americans favor
    tax hike to save Social Security”. Then, in an inset still on the front page
    it quotes a person saying “Right now, it seems like we’re taxed so much,
    but if that would be the only way to go, I guess I’d have to be for it, to
    preserve it.” The quote is from Marge Young, a 77 year-old widow
    from Toledo, Ohio.

    Can you appreciate that, M_R? A senior from Toledo on the front page
    of the Jackson, MS newspaper saying Social Security is that important….
    A small world after all, eh…..

  3. I am living in one, Jackson, been to Austin a good 10 times, Atlanta 3 times,
    and have a son living close to Charlotte in Greensboro. I forsee Texas
    becoming a Democratic state once again in the old Johnson-Yarborough mold. Yep, I do. One reason is that 50% of the children attending school
    in Texas are Latino. Bush and Rove are correct when they say the GOP
    will become a minority Party by its rigid stand against immigration reform.
    With the tea party candidate running for the Senate this year and on
    display at the RNC in Tampa, it shows where the GOP stands. While Cruz
    is expected to win in Texas, it may be closer than previous elections.
    Atlanta is an island of progressivism surrounded by racism and jingoism.
    North Carolina with its excellent education system has been tracking more
    progressive, but in the past election its evangelical base regained control
    with the easy passage of the pro-life State Constitution Amendments. I have
    a son living in North Carolina, and he and his family remain true to
    progressivism and democracy. As well does a son living in Dallas. One struggles with every dy life, the other is a one percenter.

    As for dad and mom in Jackson, well the game clock is running down for
    us. We realize that there is probably not enough time left to affect much
    change. To think that there is not racism here, would be to miss the
    situation entirely. Jackson sits with a major black University, and is
    tauted as such. Many blacks want it to remain black as it is is their
    historical university. Whites won’t attend, because they believe that it is inferior and not safe. A white professor was recently gunned down in the
    faculty parking lot for drug money. Moreover, Jackson has suffered the typical white flight to the suburbs, to the point that Jackson is surrounded by white dominated suburbs. To be sure there is a lot more toleration than when we grew up, especially with the school age crowd. Our neighborhoods are preacefully integrated, the kids play together and go to school together, and yes date as well. Many good changes, but the racism flows both ways. Whites are in a minority position in Jackson, and they are treated as such. It’s, however, brighter, that it was 50 years ago, M_R, but it is a subdued “brightness.”

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