Hans Rosling’s the Joy of Stats


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  1. Well, I can start the ball rolling, lol…So? It’s just another piece of British propaganda. Obviously it has truth in it, and that is always an essential for
    duping people into believing something. The truth is that there has been
    progress. But why do I have to buy into British globalization? I, you,
    we, the United States is not responsible for the health of the rest of the
    world. Why should our treasury rescue children in the Congo or a poor Native American Reservation in Arizona or Montana, while we send tens of millions of non-existent dollars to the Congo or Haiti or Afghanistan? We
    have much poverty in this country to take care of first. Nothing but British
    propaganda from the vesiges of their fallen empire!

    1. You were taken by the message of the clip whereas I was fascinated by the presentation of the statistics. This divergence shows how different our brains are.

      1. I too was impressed by the presentation. Did you notice how easy it was to grasp the statistics and actually understand what was being presented? I like statistics presented so anybody, with any level of education or intelligence, can understand.

  2. Correction for above, it should obviously read, “why should our treasury rescue children in the Congo or Haiti, or Afghanistan and not take care of
    our own children in urban and rural areas, on a poor Native American
    Reservation in Arizona or Montana?”

    1. Or why should Israel be the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid and offer it’s citizens benefits Americans only dream of?

  3. There is a book out there that has the title of something like “How TO Make
    Statistics Lie For You”. I’m just anti-British right now, lol….You know, we
    have picked up the “White Man’s Burden”……


    The most immediate and cruelest change to senior healthcare would be a large increase in the cost of prescription drugs.

    Here is a brief list of program names being thrown around:

    S.S.I.: A FEDERAL program for any age through the Social Security Administration. Pays cash and government benefits

    Medicaid: A STATE program partially subsidized by the Federal Government for low income. Pays health related bills

    2.) PAID BASED ON AGE (Partial % starting at 62 to full benefit at 70) –
    Social Security: Sometimes called a pension, it is base on quarterly earnings and number of quarters worked. Pays cash monthly

    Medicare:Medicare Part A, Hospital Insurance;
    Medicare Part B, Medical Insurance;
    Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage), which was formerly known as Medicare + Choice; and
    Medicare Part D, prescription drug coverage.

    Everybody receiving Social Security get parts A & B. I you want more, you can pay additional for part C

    Part D is where Ryan’s Medicare proposal will hurt seniors OVER 55 immediately. The cost will skyrocket so many will not be able to afford the coverage. This is also the unfunded part that is adding the big numbers to the national debt.

    Parts A & B will take a few years to be affected, but if you plan to live beyond 2016 (not just 2024), Ryan’s plan would very likely bankrupt the current system. You know, the system he and Romney say will not be changed.

  5. Thanks, NON….trying to understand it all. However, I think that if a person chooses to retire early at age 62, they never increase their pension benefit
    once they reach the full benefit age.

    Everyone pegs their objection to Ryan’s Plan, but Ryans Plan is “dead”, unless he would become President. Romney says that he would be the
    President, not Ryan, and that it is Romney’s Plan…How do we wade thru
    that entanglement, lol?

    1. If you were born between 1943 and 1954, retiring at 62 would reduce your monthly pension by 25%. That would remain the same for the rest of your life unless you went back to work and started to pay into the system again. To receive full benefits, you must wait until you are 66. Retiring later than that will add about 8% for every year you wait. Might sound good to wait, but in the long run you will lose if you do.

      Medicare is still 65 and you should apply for that benefit within 3 months of your 65th birthday or you’ll pay more for Part D.

  6. Social Security is the least troubled of the “entitlement” programs. The
    easiest fix to Social Security is to remove the cap on the amount of payroll
    to be taxed.

    Rather Scrborough and many Dems are trying to sell the idea that the age
    for retiring needs to be raised up to 70. All that does is again to put the
    burden on the 99%; the rich get a free ride.

    Old Age Assistance is not an ENTITLEMENT. The United States says that there are NATURAL RIGHTS. It is a right of citizenship of the United
    States to have certain benefits. One is a safe and secure retirement.
    Another is government sponsored health care.

    As it stands to today, because the elite, the One Percenters, have said that we will only give you an entitlement to those programs, but if we can’t
    afford those programs or they get too costly we can take an “entitlement” away. We have to work to get these programs recognized as a Natural
    Right of Citizenship which they are. As we see, Ryan has no problems in cutting programs and giving the money to the Pentagon, the military-
    industrial complex, and lower taxes for his one percenters.

    1. Raising the “cap” would just about wipe out any deficit in the Social Security System. But it would cost people reporting under income instead of capital gains. Of course, Mitt wants to wipe out any capital gains tax which would basically wipe out any tax burden for people like him.

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