Puerile Schlemiels

Raise your hand if you were alive and paying attention to the fanatical patriotism gagging our nation in the run-up to the War on Iraq. Lots of hands.  Very good, students. Raise your hands if you were terribly afraid that our nation, the United States of America, was in danger of being attacked by Iraq.  Anybody?  Huh? Who ordered Freedom Fries with their burger?  What?  No one? Are you all sissy French or something??? Maybe you all need to grow  a pair!! Freedom isn’t Free!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!

Ah yes, that American history. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice and Bush. The fearsome foursome. WMDs! Oh My! Mobile biological labs, oh my! Uranium from Africa! [double oh my!]

What a hoot. Well, not exactly. Four thousand U.S. Military casualties; 32,000 wounded. How many with permanent disabilities? Brain trauma? PTSD?

U-S-A!  U-S-A!

Remember the flags flying from car windows? Flag bumperstickers? Flags waving from front porches?  Pro-war rhetoric from right-wing radio stations?

U-S-A!  U-S-A!

Did you see the video of Paul Ryan at the Iowa State Fair? The jeering? Then the chant from his supporters, “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

That brought back memories of those inglorious months leading up to the War on Iraq.  As did a line that I read on Facebook yesterday.

OK I have to rant…..if I hear 1 more person complain about Chick-fil-a or try to organize a protest I’m going to snap. This is a prime example of what is wrong with this country. Since when did it become a crime to speak your opinion and even worse when did it become a crime to offend someone. There was a time in this great land when if someone said something that offended you then you tried really hard to fix that. Now all we do is clammer for someone to be fired or ostracized. Get over it people and grow a pair. Quit being so soft, the path we are headed on is going to lead us to be just like the French and that just ain’t right.

Yes, the French. Grow a pair.

I quite enjoy his line, “Since when did it become a crime to speak your opinion and even worse when did it become a crime to offend someone.”


Maybe he refers to those antiwar demonstrators who were maligned and spat-upon in the run-up to the war?

Probably not.

Any guesses what he was writing in the months running up to the preemptive invasion of Iraq?

Any guesses as to whether he still orders Freedom Fries at McDonalds?


12 thoughts on “Puerile Schlemiels

  1. OFF TOPIC: Obama get beaten to the punch again!

    Woke up this morning, turned on the news and there it was. The Romney camp is running their new ad touting Paul Ryan’s budget plan as the only way to save Medicare. It states (total lie) that Obama is stripping $716 billion from Medicare to pay for his government plan that doesn’t include Medicare.

    What is with the Obama Campaign? They were handed the golden goose and let it run away to the Romney farm! We Obama supporters have got to get all the facts* regarding this and work our asses off trying to dispel the lies.

    * Maybe now is the time for somebody to write a blog post and “bullet” list the lies followed by a “bullet” list of the facts. In my own experiences it seems people are more apt to listen if you sound informed. Just two days ago I had someone go off on me when I pointed out that the reason the House has passed legislation and not the Senate is because the House doesn’t allow filibusters. They said the Republicans had not used ANY filibusters this term.

  2. ANOTHER OFF TOPIC OBSERVATION: Anyone else notice the Romney camp is trying to make the State of Ohio flag rectangle?

  3. Oh my, how pious! Attack Bush one more time.

    President Obama’s Afghanistan War? All we get is “the sound of

    We have a war President, M_R Would you please take the blinders
    off and see reality?

    As I write today, Obama has 90,000 American troops in Afghanistan getting killed. He has embarked the United States on a failed mission of “nation-
    building”. Again, this morning on Joe Scarborough there was talk about
    when the war in Afghanistan is going to come up. Again it was discussed
    about the $2.5 BILLION a week being sent down the sewer in Afghanistan.
    Where is your protest? Where is your group on Secor and W. Central?

    I’m sure you saw my comment about the $2 BILLION for the Mars
    Curiosity mission in which I said that $2 Billion was a waste to look for
    life there, while life in all 50 states would be improved if each received
    $40,000,000. Now, just think what could be done to build this nation
    with $2.5 Billion per day! You say an intelligent President? Really?
    My friend, you can’t split hairs here by condemning Bush and not
    President Obama. And, dont give us the B.S. “oh, poor Obama he just
    inherited it.”

    1. Maybe my memory is failing due to my advancing age, but I seem to remember President Obama inheriting the mess just as Nixon inherited Viet Nam (and you saw what happened when the U.S. put it’s tail between it’s legs back then).

      And shouldn’t Bush really be behind bars for fabricating the need to invade Iraq?

  4. Yep, NON, just as Nixon inherited VietNam from Kennedy and Johnson,
    well Eisenhower too. So, NON, you support the war in Afghanistan?

    1. Who but a nut job (see fringe blogs) would support a war. I don’t want welfare or government paid health care either, but you have to provide those services in a civilized society. It’s not a perfect World we live in.

      But since you’re asking, how much better would things be if the two parties in Washington tried to work together instead of working for their own ambitions? How much more successful would foreign aid be if there weren’t always political strings attached? And if the God Damn churches would stick to teaching myths instead of trying to govern, how much better would our own lives be?

  5. Well, NON, here is a national problem that we all need to work on. It is
    the 2010 report on Federal spending for medicaid covering each state:

    that column.
    Click again to reverse the order.
    (1=low | 51=high) Total Medicaid Spending, FY2010

    United States $389,084,333,952

    1. Wyoming $537,589,702
    2. North Dakota $687,705,287
    3. South Dakota $784,186,943
    4. Montana $936,180,189
    5. Alaska $1,207,219,534
    6. Vermont $1,250,477,131
    7. Delaware $1,288,589,487
    8. New Hampshire $1,331,719,274
    9. Idaho $1,379,832,858
    10. Hawaii $1,427,983,447
    11. Nevada $1,508,934,367
    12. Utah $1,716,184,053
    13. Nebraska $1,729,871,961
    14. District of Columbia $1,791,718,040
    15. Rhode Island $1,926,166,635
    16. Maine $2,295,893,994
    17. Kansas $2,437,953,413
    18. West Virginia $2,552,530,325
    19. Iowa $3,119,163,688
    20. New Mexico $3,443,158,398
    21. Arkansas $3,940,279,238
    22. Oregon $4,007,017,494
    23. Colorado $4,052,125,761
    24. Oklahoma $4,119,103,272
    25. Mississippi $4,145,597,358
    26. Alabama $4,748,845,604
    27. South Carolina $5,172,674,360
    28. Kentucky $5,605,928,160
    29. Connecticut $5,744,432,330
    30. Indiana $5,921,000,109
    31. Virginia $6,467,393,425
    32. Wisconsin $6,521,125,083
    33. Louisiana $6,963,714,261
    34. Washington $7,062,773,112
    35. Maryland $7,082,077,902
    36. Minnesota $7,588,986,459
    37. Georgia $7,785,401,964
    38. Missouri $8,117,424,230
    39. Tennessee $8,518,114,027
    40. Arizona $9,383,580,182
    41. New Jersey $10,224,189,871
    42. North Carolina $10,906,854,619
    43. Michigan $11,654,802,745
    44. Massachusetts $11,781,152,949
    45. Ohio $15,261,773,582
    46. Illinois $15,336,100,349
    47. Florida $17,389,580,297
    48. Pennsylvania $18,765,818,013
    49. Texas $27,199,648,287
    50. California $42,141,722,389
    51. New York $52,122,037,794

    As we see, Ohio receives the 7th largest payout of federal
    money for medicaid services.. My state of MS is 25th.

    Therein is some of the fiscal and debt problem…We have to come to
    terms with four (4) largest areeas of spending: Pentagon, Social
    Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The RR Plutocrat Ticket wants
    to do away with the last three, and increase the first. And, the
    Dems? Well, we don’t really know do we? They have not produced a budget in two years! What is to be done, my friends?

    1. Don’t know if you noticed, but the payouts are pretty much in proporation to the population of each state. The ones who are slightly out of order are also the ones with a high minority popluation*. I will give you that the number of people (under 65) I know collecting some sort of government assistance has increased drasically in the last few years. And most of them have two cell phones, one they pay for and the other an “Obama Phone”.

      * I think most minorities who struggle financially have not been given a fair shake at education.

  6. But thats not really my emphasis…What this shows is the monetary
    crisis that we are in with just medicaid. Who is able to pay for all this?
    Where is the tax money to come from? My retirement accounts, M_Rs,
    yours, just where are we going to get the money? Do we really thing
    that the elites are just going to say, “oh shucks, we have been naughty and
    taken all your money for the last 40 years. Here take it all back”?

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