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one more cartoon


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  1. Love it love it love it! – I love all the stuff you post (for example, I also love silent film history), but this, ah, making the point with Rodin! so perfect to exemplify the anti- art, anti-science, anti-literature, anti-history, anti-thinking of the right

    I’m going to give you my sincerest form of flattery – I’m going to cross post it to Penigma (if you don’t mind) with of course, attribution to you and the Chattanooga Times Free Press. At least, I think that is what the small letters in the lower right hand corner says……

  2. Well, M_R, we have the RR team…The Rolls Royce boys! The Wealthy

    How about RR- Road to Ruin

    wEe now have the PLUTOCRAT ticket….The Party of the One Percent!

  3. When I went to college, I begged, borrowed and worked (my ass off) to pay for it. I will admit to being somewhat envious of kids who had a parent die and Social Security paid their college costs. Today there are many living parents sharing a huge education debt with their kids.

    In addition to other Social Security and Medicare cuts Paul Ryan has proposed, I assume cutting this survivor benefit will be included also.

    Paul Ryan and I have something in common. We both attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. But I came away with something he didn’t…..DEBT. He went to college on Social Security benefits, the very same benefit he is working so hard to eliminate. I guess it’s like some people’s objection to The Affordable Health Care Act: “I’ve got mine, so screw everybody else!”

    1. great comment….i worked on a railroad all night long for 4 years, tried to get grants to go to college…..hey I was crazy enough to be the only liberal arts major to ever make through UT’s glacial geology courses and I actually was rewarded with pretty cool little party for it…..but even in the 70’s, I had to fight for the right to be a poor person earning an education….this should not be a struggle, getting decent medical care should not be a struggle…these are your rights…..and if you are denied them, well perhaps it is time to bring back the guillotine!

      1. June 3, 1791
        The French Assembly passes a resolution bringing decapitation to the common criminal: “Every person condemned to the death penalty shall have his head severed.”

        1. Uhhh…we sorta modernized that…now you just get a really bad haircut with extra industrial styling mousse gel….

      2. Damn, MD, your sounding so good! I have been trying to express those
        same ideas, but get shot down by M_R and NON, lol…

        For some reason, while they talk a good game, they don’t seem to want
        to agree that a government has a mandatory responsibility to provide
        natural rights, not entitlements as it has done. The difference is that a right cannot not be taken away, while an entitlement can be changed (reformed), or totally eliminated. What ws it that Jefferson said, the tree of liberty has to be wated with blood, or …I have not used the
        word revolution, but instead have come to uise the word “insurrection”.

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