Mars: Home Sweet Home

In the Spring of 2011, my wife and I drove through the Mojave Desert in Arizona. I brought a pocketful of pebbles with me for the grandchildren- a geography lesson that not all deserts are sand. Not all deserts are hot, either.  Neither temperature nor soil type define a desert. Lack of rain does. Near the Phoenix area, as I learned, farmers grew cotton in this pebbly soil with irrigation, of course. However those farms are now part of the sprawling metropolis of Phoenix with home dwellers watering their lawns from underground aquifers rather than cotton plants.

The first panoramic photo from NASA’s Mars Curiosity shows a remarkably earth-like scene reminiscent of the Mojave desert. Here is a photo of the desert in black and white followed by the photo snapped by Curiosity.

Home Sweet Home. Interestingly,  there is speculation that we earthlings may have come from Mars. Oh, not on a rocket but rather on a meteorite. Planetary scientists claim that all life on Earth could be descended from organisms that originated on Mars which were carried to earth by meteorites. MIT research scientist Christopher Carr and post doctoral associate Clarissa Lui, along with other colleagues, believe that in the early days of the solar system, climates on Mars and Earth were more similar than they are now.  They also say that about one billion tons of rock traveled from Mars to Earth and microbes have been shown to be capable of surviving the initial shock of impacting the Earth’s surface. [Red Orbit]

Paul Lutus, an engineer and scientist who designed part of the NASA Space Shuttle, hypothesizes the Mars-Earth link in an article in  He wrote:

The  high-resolution scanning electron microscope image above, from a meteorite of suspected Martian origin, shows an unusual tube-like structural form which suggests to many scientists that these may be fossilized microorganisms.  One hypothesis conjures that around 3.5 billion years ago Mars’ atmospheric pressure began to drop, and established life forms continued to exist only below the surface in pockets of liquid water. Then a meteorite or asteroid impacted on Mars’ surface, expelling a large amount of material from the surface into interplanetary space — carrying viable organisms with it. The final step in this theory is that some of the Martian surface material fell into Earth’s early oceans, and either successfully competed with, or provided, Earth’s first cellular organisms.

The H. G. Wells epic novel, The War of the Worlds, part one, The Coming of the Martians, may in fact be stranger than fiction or not fiction at all. We may be the Martians! Funny stuff, eh?

UptheFlag, who daily breathes in the Bible-drenched air of the deep South, chastised me recently for suggesting that Curiosity may at last thankfully put an end to the credibility of Genesis. Naturally, the discoveries will not make a dent in the heads of the ‘true believers’ because they don’t like science at all. Were this a small, innocuous group of Americans it would matter little in the big picture yet, sadly, they are neither few nor benign. Many may be categorized as Christofascists as described in Chris Hedges book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.


Mars means nothing to this set of Americans and, incidentally,  neither does the Earth.  Dominionists, as they are called, derive their name from the Book of Genesis, in which God tells Adam and Eve to have “dominion” over the Earth and its animals. “Dominionism” describes the belief that Christians are biblically mandated to control all earthly institutions until the second coming of Jesus. When is that scheduled? His followers were terribly disappointed when he failed to beam them up too.

The cult doesn’t care too much about this planet- climate change, elimination of species, destruction of natural areas- because they don’t intend to be here all that long. The Heavenly Space Ships will be landing [in Christian Jerusalem!] any time now. The End Times are right around the corner.  I wonder if they have their cemetery plots? Or long-term care insurance?

Regrettably they do vote. Christian Dominionism


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  1. OFF TOPIC: Don’t tax the job creators!

    “The 2012 Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America, from American Express Publishing and Harrison Group, finds that One Percenters are hoarding three times as much cash as they were two years ago.”

    They need that tax savings to create jobs, don’t ya know.

  2. NON and M_R, in case you don’t recheck comments under prvious
    Posts, redirect to previous Post of Hateful Chicken Eaters. Go to
    NON’s comment of August 9, and check out my reply. And, go to the
    end of the comment where I left a comment in response to M_R about
    my writing of the failed Obama Presidency…..

    1. No, I want it in the hands of the 99%. They will spend it and nothing jump starts an economy like spending.

        1. I don’t follow you two, lol…NON says no to confiscation, yet wants it in the
          hands of the 99%, and M_R says exactly. Just how then is all those
          trillions of dollars going to get back into the hands of the 99%? Is it going
          to come floating down from the elite high like manna from heaven for the 99%
          to pick up? What have you guys been smoking and drinking to think the rich
          are going to give up all these trillions? Since the wealthy conttrol government
          and the Pentagon what incentive do they have to geive anything up? Hell,
          you see with Romney promising more tax breaks to the rich, while the 99%
          pay more in taxes. I guess people don’t read and don’t hear any more. Well,
          i don’t know about that on second thought, lol, polls out today show Romeny
          falling in favorability and electability.

          1. Boils down to getting out true facts. Remember the “9-9-9” man? What a load of crap. A flat tax didn’t work before, and it would be worse again.

            I’m working on something right now. It’s not a big thing, but if everybody tries something, something is bound to work. Remember how public opinion changed on Viet Nam? It was the little people getting the word out.

            And then we each have to step up. Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, Social Security Insurance and Welfare Support are all full of cheats. We need those things, but the cheaters are ruining it for the people that really need it. We all know a few of these people and we need to start blowing whistles.

            And who knows if we can actually change the political system, but we can try. Mr. Mud is knocking on doors and making some difference. I can’t walk, but I’m financially supporting honest (more honest?) politicians. Either we throw in the towel (and quit bitching), or we keep faith that our little efforts are just one of many little efforts. I seem to remember a President recently getting elected by the small people coming together and trying.

            1. “Remember how public opinion changed on Viet Nam? It was the little people getting the word out.”

              And, how long did it take Nixon to get us out of Viet Nam? NON, he didn’t.
              We were thrown out! Don’t you remember all the TV coverage of our
              helicopters flying to the roof of the U.S. Embassy snatching our people out
              and taking them hanging on the runners to the ships out at sea? Public
              opinion did little. Nixon even enlarged the war into Laos and Cambodia.
              And, he won a landslide victory in 1972, what did he win 49 states?

              1. The Presidential election in 1968 was very much like the election in 2008. In 1968 a Democrat couldn’t win because of Viet Nam. In 2008 a Republican couldn’t win because of the George Bush.

                By 1966 support for the war was waning; by 1968 widespread support had vanished. The loss of support in the United States had everything to do with the war “going south” on us. To this day I still hate Jane Fonda for what she did. You can argue till you’re blue in the face, but you’ll never convince me her presence in the North didn’t cost American G.I.’s lives. And it all started with a few protesters in Washington and state capitals.

                Obama didn’t let me down when I thought he did not have enough experience. HOWEVER, he has surprised me in the last couple of years. And everyday I learn more about Romney. And everyday I become more fearful of him being elected.

                In my lifetime there have been only a few Presidents who (I believe) did (or can) make positive changes in our Government/Country: Johnson, Nixon, Carter and Obama

                (Uh-oh, and I supposed to be a long time Republican.)

                1. Carter was a disaster! He bungled everything and let double digit inflation
                  seriously damage the country. He was simple inept. Don’t you remember
                  the ABC movement, the anybody but Carter slogan, which led to him being
                  challenged in the Democratic primaries. It was Carter who started the
                  deregulation movement in the United States. Carter used the word “malaise”
                  to describe the United States, but he provided no cure. Carter is an
                  intelligent and honorable man, but had no ability to manage the country.

  3. ” I wonder if they have their cemetery plots? Or long-term care insurance?”
    Now, come on, M_R, if the end times are here, there will be no need for
    either…They will be in the Father’s mansion.

    1. Hello Uptheflag,
      “They will be in the Father’s mansion.” ….

      Would that fall under “They Owe Me Socialism” or “Freeloading Welfare Recipient”? :-)

      Just Thinking :-)

  4. And now, back to the (Mar’s) show…..

    Way back when, I remember the nun telling me that the belief in evolution or the belief in creationism did not diminish the story of “God”. Many non-Catholics don’t realize that Roman Catholics do NOT take a literal translation of the Bible.

    Watching CREATION MAGAZINE on TV, they say that you have to believe in creationism in order to believe ALL of the Bible. And then they go on to say the there had to be an intelligent source to design nature; the idea of nature had to come before nature takes place.

    Now from this, I have a rather rude theory based on my own life experiences. If you’ve ever been in management, you’ll have noticed that some people are more comfortable taking orders than giving orders. Now the rude part; I think the people who like to take orders are either ignorant, lazy or both. They can’t see the big picture or don’t want to see the big picture. They need or want someone else to learn the facts and figure out how things work in the long run. And these people never amount to much in life, professionally or personally.

    These people cling to the Bible because that’s all they have. You go messin’ with that, and they got nothin’!

    Our friend from Jackson mentioned the high cost of the Mars expedition. Besides being a very small percent of the total Federal budget*, can you really put a price on knowledge. And if we did, where would we be today? Remember the story about the U.S. patent office where somebody thought everything had already been invented?

    * You’d get another small percent if you compared the cost of the expedition to the cost of government assistance programs. Just justify the cost of the expedition by saying if they didn’t stimulate the aerospace industry, all those NASA engineers/rocket builders would be on welfare.

  5. “Our friend from Jackson mentioned the high cost of the Mars expedition. Besides being a very small percent of the total Federal budget*, can you really put a price on knowledge. ”

    Your damn right, NON, I can! The cost is $2 BILLION, that is,
    $2,000, 000, 000! If you divide that up among 50 states, each state
    could receive $40,000, 000. That would build many schools, teachers
    to instruct our children, and put many construction crews to work, my
    friend. Our schools are archiac, we need modern nice looking buildings for
    our schools…Surveys show students actually do learn better in a modern
    sdchool. This is life right here in MS and OH, NON, and you too, M_R,
    not some theoretical or supposed life on Mars. I had an English Instrcutor
    in high school, who would say, “stop chinning yourself on the curb.”
    We are putting a price tag on knowledge by inadequate high schools built
    in the 1930s under Word Progress, with teachers being laid off, and
    class size increasing. Moreover, most large cities have a 50% drop out
    rate from the time a child enters high school through the senior year.

    1. Uh-oh again. I guess Mr. Mud hasn’t mentioned to you that Ohio has rebuild most of it’s schools in the last 10 years.

      AND, in kind of a mixed good news / bad news message, around 50% of the school levies voted on during Tuesday’s election passed. I know we have a ways to go with funding, but this is definitely a turnabout from 15 years ago.

      It shouldn’t be a either/or problem. We should continue to explore seeking new knowledge WHILE we make sure we can teach that new knowledge.

      1. There is no money, NON. We have to curtail superfluous spending for the
        important spending areas…There is an old adage, take one step back to take
        two steps forward…We have to take some backward steps to preserve
        what we have to again move forward…

  6. “where would we be today? ”

    This kind of statement is nothing but a way to keep doing stupid things.
    We put money in before, so we have to keep putting more money in; you
    know, the old idea that once something starts we can’t stop it. Best
    example, is Obama’s failed policy in Afghanistan…He keeps pumping more money in and gets Americans killed for no reason…Had 3 gunned down this week in Afghanistan. Obama has 90,000 Americans as sitting ducks over there…But, he can’t leave tomorrow because it will bad politicallly And, M_R says Obama is intelligent?

    1. And if McCain was President (or Palin), we’d be counting the dead from the World’s first nuclear war.

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