Hateful Chicken-eaters

 then there are the overt morons

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  1. you know, I haven’t eaten in a macdonalds for almost 30 years….great graphic, but I am putting up a post that has the list of insane ingredients that Chick fil a puts in the garbage they sell….let the bigots eat this crap until their swollen bellies burst! I wouldn’t even if they weren’t homophobic christofascists.

    1. Love your graphic, Microdot. These people just don’t get it, do they? And the most pathetic part of this entire scenario is that, when light is shed upon their ‘hypothesis,’ they still don’t get it!

  2. The usual suspects are trying to spin this as a free speech issue. But, almost all of the comments from people there were horribly anti-gay. And now they’re on the case of those big city mayors who came out not wanting that Company in their city.

    – The CEO of Chick-whatever has the right to think what he wants and give to the organizations he wants. It’s the COMPANY itself that has heavily supported hate groups. And how much ya wanna bet they claimed that support as a legitimate business expense? Really? Supporting hate groups sells more chicken sandwiches?

    – And it’s not the beliefs of the Company in question. It’s the fact that they make certain groups feel very unwanted in their stores. Do ya think hanging a confederate flag on the front of the building would go over in most cities?

    – And finally, did you catch that part about them being with their first wives? Tsk, tsk, tsk to all you gay divorcées out there. Pun intended.

  3. OFF TOPIC: Have you seen the new billboards that have gone up around town?

    “Obama approves of same-sex marriage and abortion. Do you want him re-elected?

      1. Saw that one and another LED. Also saw a regular one. I wonder if the LED billboard on Erie where the Trail and I-75 exit downtown shows that obnoxious sign.

  4. If Romney holds his own in the debates, Obama goes down. Whoever has
    the three or four one line zingers, wins the election…You know something like, “there he goes again” or ” a giant sucking sound”.

    The real disaster if Romney wins is what he brings with him. The Allen Wests . the bachmans, the gingrichs, the santorums, all that hard reactionary Right who will staff the departments and agencies and the courts.

    How about this senario: The house stays GOP, the Senate is split 50-50 or a one vote majority either way, and a Romney Presidency?

    1. Well, my friend, we can’t let that nightmare unfold which is why I’m working my ass off to get the President reelected.

      My greatest fear is that ‘they’ won’t come out in significant numbers this year as was the case in 2010. Here in Lucas County the GOP is working very hard, too. But not at getting their people excited; rather, they are working hard to limit the early vote opportunities for African Americans. Already the local GOP has the approval of the Sec. of State to close early voting at 4:30 in the afternoon. Not only that, but now the GOP wants to move the site from downtown [near the heart of the black population] to a suburban location. Yes, a suburban location- Maumee Ohio- where all of the white folks live.

      Yes, the GOP is working hard this year to assure that the vote in Lucas County is more limited than it was in ’08. Rather than working hard for Mr. Romney, they are working hard to disenfranchise the African American voter. Jim Crow-of-the-North.

      1. Saw the headline about moving the voting center. I’m mixed about voting I.D.’s and early voting, but moving the center is an obvious ploy to limit minority voting. If they had any morals, they should be really ashamed! That Jon Stam-a** is a real piece of work.

  5. You mention billboards in Toledo, Non. But have you seen the new pro-Obama attack ad?

    The Dems now have their own “JOE”, who needs joe the plumber any

    This is an ad where a man that is laid off from a steel plant that Bain had bought loses his wife to cancer. He and the pro Obama ad makers claim Bain and Romney are responsible for the woman dying of lung cancer because the family lost its health insurance when the plant closed at a profit to Bain and Romney.

    Axelrod, Gibbs, and this Burton all should be ashamed of themselves. The ad goes way beyond the pale, accusing Romney of being a killer. Have I
    said that the entire system is in failure? Now, we can trust nothing that
    comes from the White House. Greed and Power will do anything to
    preserve their elite positions.

    It’s already being reported that many of the million dollar donors to
    Obama in 2008 are holding back because of ads like this. They are
    disillusioned with the whole process and don’t want their names
    associated with this candidate. Moreover, it can cause many people
    to be non-voters

    Don’t get me wrong. I like what are considered negative ads, as long
    as they are factual and truthful. It gets back to another of my
    favorite quotes, i.e., “there’s not a dimes worth of difference between
    a Republican and a Democrat……Sorry to see President Obama confirm that….

    1. Uh-oh, now you’ve hit a sore spot with me! I PERSONALLY know people who have died because they lacked health insurance. This is probably the biggest reason I’m trying so hard to keep our current President in office.

      MYTH: “Hospitals have to treat people who don’t have health insurance.”

      The ACTUAL law states that hospitals only have to stabilize the patient. Medical expensed are the number ONE cause of personal bankruptcies in the United States. Can you imagine having to choose between treatment for a loved one or financially surviving the rest of your life? And how many times have you heard “if only they had caught it in time”? People without insurance coverage don’t visit doctors’ offices. I know that, on more than occasion when making an appointment at a new physician, you’ve been asked “Who is your insurance carrier?”

      If Mitt Romney is elected and succeeds in canceling the Affordable Health Act, he would indeed be a murderer!

      1. Now, NON, you are closing in on something…” I PERSONALLY know people who have died because they lacked health insurance.”

        Here is a way to attack this…Romney says that he will immediately move to cancel the ACA. Let’s get off the Bain senario, and move into cutting
        the ACA. If Romney does that, it will mean thousands of deaths from pre-
        exiisting conditions. This is proven fact. ACA rescinded, treatment
        for pre-exisiting conditions ends. People will face bankrupcy and
        in manycases agonizing death. How many videos are there of Romney saying just that he will end Obamacare? Saturate the country or the
        swing states with that kind of ad…Much more real and factual than all
        this Bain crap. Good point, NON…. And, this ought to be good help
        for M_R as he has to defend Obamacare as he walks his “ass” off. Would this be separating the wheat from the chaff?

  6. “My greatest fear is that ‘they’ won’t come out in significant numbers this year as was the case in 2010.” (M_R)

    ” Moreover, it can cause many people
    to be non-voters.” (UTF)

    By Jove, we both say it, so it must be so, and only 3 minutes apart.

    Just sit back for the rest of the month, M_R, and see where the dung
    is settling. See where it is after the conventions. That still gives you a
    full 60 days to work your said “ass” off.

    Let me ask you this, M_R. Why should we be working to reelect a failed
    Presidency? Why not just let in continue to drift? In this, I am
    reminded about the mid-1960s. Specifically, I am referencing the radical protest groups, like SDS. There agenda was not as simple as opposing
    the VietNam War. Rather, it was overthrowing the system. The purpose of their demonstrations and activism was not to overtly overthrown
    the governing elite. Their philosophy was demonstrations would drive people to the Right, and the Right would gain their votes, and be elected.
    And, it did. We got Nixon and Agnew, the law and order guys. But Nixon was not the Right guy they had in mind. These Rdical Leftist groups of the late ’60s believed that it would be possible to change the system with the Right in control of Government. Maybe now is to try that idea again, my friend(s). We are now in the reactionary Right, not Nixons or Reagans
    moderate Right. Let them have the government, fail, and be vanquished…..

    1. Let me ask you this, M_R. Why should we be working to reelect a failed

      Have you taken your pills this AM, my friend? Just a few comments down you told us how dangerous it would be to elect Romney and the cadre of right-wingers who would be put into the head of government agencies.

      Further, you must be watching Ohio TV ads which often use the term, ‘failed president.’ Perhaps you refer to a failed Congress or a failed Supreme Court?

      Did President Obama fail? Did he accomplish nothing in his first 3 years? Was it all a failure?

      Should I make a list??

      1. The biggest “fail” in Washington is the current House of Representatives.

      2. In all due respect, your list would be meaningless. Let’s just take his
        four big bills he got passed. The stimulus was a failure as all the teachers,
        fireman, police, and social welfare people are now again unemployed.
        The tax give away to the wealthy let them obtain more income inequality
        and increased the national debt significantly. Dodd-Frank is a nothing but
        warm spit. The banks are bigger today than they were in 2008 and Obama and Holder have not prosecuted any of the heads of the companies. Have
        you heard of “Too Big To Fail? Of course, you have. Well, Dodd-Frank and Obama has let these 6 Banks be more of a threat to financially
        destroy the country for years. Finally, the Affordable Care Act was a sell
        out to Big Pharma, American Hospital Association, and insurance
        companies. Look, from 2009 through 2010 he had a filibuster proof
        control of Congress. NON and you are being very short sighted to say it was Congresses fault. He had the votes, NON and M_R! Let me
        add to more important laws that he bungled. One is the Dream Act for
        immigration reform, passed the House. The other is tthe Cap and Trade
        Bill. It too passed the House. Obama refused to push these bills through a filibuster Senate. Obama was in the same position as FDR was in 1933 and LBJ in 1964, i.e. Washington and Congress was controlled by the Dems
        Why do you think he threw Elizabeth Warren under the bus? He drives the best and the brightest out of his Administration. He is the only President ever to lose two chiefs-of-staff in his first term. My god, M_R, he
        doesn’t even call up his Cabinet heads Certainly you can see the

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