What if Curiosity…?

It landed in one piece and is operational.

[sigh of relief]

Well done, NASA engineers.

NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission set down a large mobile laboratory, the rover Curiosity, using precision-landing technology that makes many of Mars’ most intriguing regions viable destinations for the first time. During the 23 months after landing, Curiosity will analyze dozens of samples drilled from rocks or scooped from the ground as it explores with greater range than any previous Mars rover.

Its mission? To find life. Yes, life that may have existed on the Red Planet. In a nod to Orsen Wells, the rover will analyze samples scooped from the soil and drilled from rocks. The record of the planet’s climate and geology is written in the rocks and soil – in their formation, structure, and chemical composition. The rover’s onboard laboratory will study rocks, soils, and the local geologic setting in order to detect chemical building blocks of life (carbon formations) on Mars and will assess what the martian environment was like in the past.

Scientists hope that they will discover that life has [had] existed on the Red Planet. Imagine that: life on Mars!

Here’s the curious part of the story and one that, tangentially, I find interesting: if life forms are discovered there [fossilized or living] how will this discovery affect the religious community? The fundamentalists?  After all, the Bible sez…

I’m betting that, as I type this, there are biblical apologists typing away in the basements of houses of worship all across the globe, creating justifications for bilateral life in our solar system. Which scriptural texts will be twisted into duplicity? Which canonical truths will be bent to justify life beyond our planet?

Science seems to always be the nemesis of religion and, if things go as anticipated by the NASA scientists, Curiosity may prove to be more than  a thorn in the side of the church.  It may be prove to be the death knell.



8 thoughts on “What if Curiosity…?

  1. Why do we need to explore mars to debunk religion? After all, scientiests just have discovered the proof of the “God Particle”, and that is bible
    threatening enough.

    Moreover, why do we need to spend billions of dollars looking for life on
    another planet, and this planted, this nation, has kids going to school
    hungryj, ill clothed, and with diseases and other physical and mental
    disabilites in this known life that cant get the billions to improve the already existing life in the United States. Talk about a misplaced priority!

    1. It cost only $2 billion. What does an aircraft carrier cost these days? Or a new sub? Congress voted the Pentagon $636 billion. In lowest terms, the NASA Curiosity cost 1/318 of what the Pentagon got. Peanuts. No, peanut shells!

  2. Damn it! This country is B R O K E ! What don’t you get? Until we change
    the system and re-order our priorities, space is an unneeded priority.
    School started here in Jackson today, M_R. It’s 95 out! And, people are
    being asked to donate money to the schools of their choice so the kids that
    don’t have can get the $75 list of materials the classroom teacher says
    they must have. I have two children whose mother cannot come close
    to providing those supplies. And, we should go in search of life on other planets, when we can’t take care of the living on this jplanet?

    1. I’m questioning the $75 that the ‘teacher is asking.’ What the hell kind of ‘stuff’ would cost a schoolchild $75 just to start school?

      1. My school district charges each kid $75 each of 2 semesters to register. Is it just me, or does this sound like an unfair additional tax* for parents of school age children?

        I seem to remember not paying extra to play varsity sports, participate in band, take drivers’ ed or belong to an after-school club. This Country really needs to review what is an education. What ever happened to enforcing the Ohio Supreme Court ordered school financing plan?

        * Similar to charging to use Interstate 80 from the Indiana line to Cleveland. Stinkin’ governor wants to lease it to private investors. Then spend the money, collected from Northwest Ohioans who’s only option is to use the road, to cover his budget shortfalls. Then Josh Mandel can brag he balanced the budget. Can you just imagine the howling if Interstates 70 or 71 were privatized?

      2. Well, it is fact, M_R. Here in the poorest state in the Union, the student
        is responsible for classroom supplies and the list is ridiculous.

        5 spirial notebooks, paper towels, glue sticks, 4 sets of crayons, 4 sets of paints,
        2 bottles hand sanitizer, 2 packs of notebook paper, zip lock bags of
        two different sizes, and $25-30 fee for school workbooks, 4 sets of colored markers, 48 pencils and 12 pens. Yep, that’s right 4 boxes of each of those. Just think with 48 pencils there would never be a chance to meet a friend to loan you his, lol!

        But, M_R, you are slyly avoiding the thrust of the comments. You
        brush it off as only costing $2 billion, as if that is mere chicken feed.

        If that $2 billion was split evenly among the states that would be
        $400,000.00 per state, $40,000,000.oo! Not mere chicken feed
        to any state! Isn’t life, American children lives, more important than exploring for possible life on Mars? Have you examined your scruples lately? Is it sacrifice everything for Obama? Is that what it has come down
        to? And to what avail?

  3. Have I got a show for you: Creation Magazine

    They don’t believe in science either. They point out that science keeps changing, so what good is it? On the other hand, the Bible remains the same!

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