Trickling Down

We’ve given “trickle-down” about thirty years to prove itself, which is enough time to expose the whole thing as a fraud. Far from floating all boats, it’s worked in reverse. We’re more of a banana republic now, in terms of wealth distribution, than we’ve been in anyone’s memory.

Those politicians who so faithfully parrot the “trickle-down” line have been completely bought and paid for by the class they serve.

– Chan Lowe, Sun Sentinel


12 thoughts on “Trickling Down

  1. If I could have gotten past his censors, I would have asked Bob Latta:

    “You’re the only person I know making over $250,ooo.oo per year. Besides your 20+ government paid staff, how many jobs have you created?”

    1. So his henchmen wouldn’t allow such a question? How odd.

      Actually, he may have created many ‘jobs’ but not for the poor schleps in District 5. Those ‘jobs’ are all in NYC or DC or in the oil fields of Oklahoma, ND or TX.

  2. Don’t be so timid, NON…Just shout out your question…The Press does it all the time…I do it all the time, lol…Ask M_R…One time over an issue at a
    meeting at city government place there was a debate going on by the other side with the Press and they were making stupid claims, so I just stood up and said “that’s not true.” TV and the Blade flocked to me and the next morning I was on the front page of the Blde and all over the local news, . You just do it, NON.

    1. It was one of his “Town Hall Meetings” via the telephone. They make it sound like he’s just answering questions in que order, but in reality they make you ask the question first and then decide if it goes out. Mr. Mud has me fired up to do something and I’m just biding my time until I can.

  3. So what is the alternative, if trickle down doesn’t work?

    We need revenue for job creation, either public or private. Where does the
    revenue come from? Well, i guess to main sources, taxes and gross
    national product. We have given and Obama plans to give the 90 percent
    a tax break. Now doesnt that make sense? . And, GNP is
    hovering around 1.5% so there is no money there.

    As I have written over and over now, the systems are all broke, meaning physically and probably financially too.

    Should you and I, M_R, give up 50% of our investment retirement savings
    to provide jobs for younger people, which will not give us any benefit?
    You and I will ease on out just fine, with no more contribition than we are
    making now. And, there are 10,000 people a day retiring just like we did.
    That’s sobering, isn’t it?

    1. Most of those retiring, and relying on the “system”, are the same ones supporting the filibustering Republican group that keeps the “system” broken. Since my continued well-being depends on that “system” (i.e. stock market investments), I’m not ready to throw it out and rebuild it; poverty sucks.

      1. Most of those retiring, and relying on the “system”

        NWO- Tens of millions of Americans put their hard-earned money and savings into the hands of the 401K investors and other investment instruments.

        Result: evaporation.

        Question: who has that money now?

        1. What, you didn’t hear of the multi-million dollare bonuses on Wall Street? Hey, they had to make up the difference that the Fed’s didn’t supply from somewhere.

    2. Should you and I, M_R, give up 50% of our investment retirement savings to provide jobs for younger people

      Where on earth did you come up with this ‘solution’ to the problem??

      1. Well, you haven’t offered anything that I can recall recently. Do you think that the 1%ers are going to say here take 70% of our money, wherever
        it is in aSwiss account, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, wherever they
        have it stashed?
        Let’s see, Obama is having a $35,000.00+ a plate dinner at some movie
        moguls home in Connecticutt today…Do you think that person having dinner with the President tonight is any differenmt than his counter
        part having dinner with Romney. ? Hellno, they are going to expect to have their money protgected no matter who is Presidcent.

        Look, for at least 30 years money has flowed upward to the 1%. There
        is where all the money is. Do you think they are going to say, “Oops, sorry
        here take it back?” So, where else is the money going to come from?
        Just watch our tax system be”rfeformed” and the 99% pay a consum mption tax on anything that is bought, watch for the fair tax or any other scheme that will be sold to the ignorant masses. Watch for the end of the mortgage deduction, and its already openly discussed today

        C’mon, M_R, do you really think Obama cares about you and your family, when he is having dinner with $35,000.00 a plate donors? He will do the same as he did with Dodd-Fran, the Dream Act, and Affordable Care
        Act, sell us out to the elites.

        It seems to me that there is only one way that we will ever have a fair
        redistribution of all the money that has gone to the 1%. And, I dont
        think that can happen as “they” have the Pentaagon on their side. They have to the professional State military machine and when your grand child or mine stands in front of it, what do You think will happen?

        1. I was raised in a business household. Taxation laws were actually different 40-50 years ago and they made sense. It’s not that we want to tax the wealthy into the poorhouse, we just want them to pay their fair share.

          I may pay lower taxes than the next guy, but my income comes from investments that pay taxes. BUT, some people (i.e. Mitt Romney) have it set up so their investments don’t pay fair taxes and the money he does take is put up against ridiculous deductions. If Romney’s 2010 tax return was so blatantly obvious, can you imagine the returns in the years before he was running for President?

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