Door Knocks and Phone Calls

My friend UptheFlag, comfortably resting in a dark red state, stated in a comment to me:  “Your time is more important at this stage, than out knocking on doors or bothering people on the phone.” He referred to my volunteer work at the Obama office each week. I’d imagine that he would be correct if I were a citizen of Mississippi, South Carolina, New York or California. But I am an Ohioan and am therefore working hard to deny my state to Mitt Romney. We’ve 100 days before the election and 70 before early voting here in Ohio and our volunteers are holding daily conversations with our fellow Ohioans to promote the President’s reelection.

Today I’m heading out, clipboard in hand, to knock on 80 doors to persuade the voters to make the right decision. Why this particular set of 80 doors? They just aren’t any doors; rather, they have been selected because these voters are on the fence. They have told our phone bank volunteers that they are still undecided. I may end up talking to 20 percent of them; the others won’t be home or won’t answer, believing that I’m a Jehovah Witness.

So, where else could I make an equal or greater impact on the voter than a face-to-face conversation with an undecided voter?  Surely not on this blog.  By the way, there are 38 other volunteers getting their clipboards ready this morning in my neck of the woods. Do the math: 38 (.20 * 80) = 606  Those 600 may be critical in the effort to keep Ohio blue.  In fact, all throughout the state today 1,816 volunteers have signed up to go door-to-door. That’s a lot of conversations.

I have pointed out on several occasions that it is nearly impossible for Mitt Romney to get 270 electoral votes without the 18 from Ohio. Play around with this map:  Deny Ohio to Romney [click it to make it blue] and see how many other states he needs to get to make up for a blue Ohio.

SO I’m heading out at 10 this morning armed with a clipboard, pen and my talking points.  I’ll update this post later today with my results [unless I’m shot dead on the porch of some right-wing gunnut].


7 thoughts on “Door Knocks and Phone Calls

  1. Don’t sell yourself short. I bet there are many more readers than commenters of the blog. And you don’t come across as some liberal fanatic, but someone with many life experiences making an educated vote choice.

    I found your comment interesting about who people thought you were before opening their door. I have not answered the door before because I thought they were either Jehovah Witnesses or someone selling crap.

    And believe it or not, between what items I’m lead to here or watch on late night TV, I think I’ve made some headway with my family. Well, except for my mother. I’ve lost patience with her and her watching Fox News. I’ve hinted to her that if Romney gets elected, I’ll stop supplementing her Social Security and Medicare. After all, I have on numerous occasions pointed out to her that the Republican regime wants to cut those programs. And if she supports that regime, she obviously must think she can live without so much assistance. Some may think that’s mean, but cutting off life supporting aid to fellow human beings is not nice either.

    1. Interestingly, NON, there were Watchtowner pamphlets on the porches of the neighborhood we canvassed today! What were the chances of that happening? At one door, I handed the voter an Obama pamphlet and asked him if he wanted that other [Watchtower] pamphlet on his mat. ‘No thanks!’ he told me.

      Regarding the headway you’ve made with your family: the lady who canvassed with me told me that her mother-in-law visited last week and did her conservative Baptist stuff during the visit. On one occasion, they lightly discussed politics. [RED FLAG ALERT!] ‘Everything is in God’s plan’ and ‘it’s in the Bible’ was the answer to questions challenging her political beliefs. My canvasser then asked, “If everything is in God’s plan, was it in His plan to have President Obama in the White House?”

      That question summarily ended their political discussion.

    1. 82% ‘not home’ or ‘did not come to the door.’ I did have several good discussions. One answered my question with ‘none of the above.’ A woman answered, ‘Gary Johnson.’ Still, several said ‘President Obama.’ In fact, I helped register a woman from India who proudly told me that she is getting her citizenship in two weeks. I said to her, “Then you can vote for President Obama just like your husband.” To which she replied, “Is there any other choice?” She pointed to her head and said, “I wish more people would use their brain.”

      Indeed so.

      1. Oh Muddy if only more “Born Here” citizens would use this immigrant lady’s critical thinking process.

        In my quite observations here in Ohio, the more hateful or nasty the attitude of someone’s personality I have met in my travels and interaction, the more they voice how they can’t stand the President and “We need to get rid of him.” I would add that I do not solicit any questions on this topic; they just spout it out voluntarily as if to proactively see where I stand. I don’t make a comment one way or another because it would not change their mind and I just want to go about my way and finish the errands I needed to run.

        I am pleased to say that I am getting myself registered here in Ohio to case my vote here. I know well that Maryland will carry President Obama so my vote will have more affect and is needed here.

        I am seeing first hand the segment that thought Diebold’s miscounting the votes was OK for Ohio Democracy because it gave the Republicans control in 2004. Meanwhile states like California and Maryland have outlawed these machines for this fact of flipping Democratic votes within the machine after they were cast.

        Here is a good link that shows this happening while being filmed.

        Michael I. Shamos, a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University who is a proponent of electronic voting and the examiner of electronic voting systems for Pennsylvania, stated “It’s the most severe security flaw ever discovered in a voting system.” Douglas W. Jones, a professor of computer science at the University of Iowa, stated “This is the barn door being wide open, while people were arguing over the lock on the front door.”

        But like I said, there is the segment that has no problem with what happened because it illegally gave control to the Republican Party and we are seeing once again the attitude of, “Stolen Election at any cost” mentality so long as it gets rid of President Obama.

        1. Thanks for your comment, Engineer, and I’m glad that you are registering here in Ohio. The ‘Diebold-Ohio Election’ story brings up awful memories. Been there, lived through it.

          Regarding your observation of anti-Obama people, I concur with your analysis. Many are bullish and obnoxious blowhards- the kind of person whom we disliked so intensely in high school. Remember them??

  2. “I wish more people would use their brain.”

    Ah, my feel good moment of the day. Thanks.

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