The Power of Propaganda on Ripe Spongeon Brains

TV advertising executives know it well: say what people want to hear and you will sell your product. The same holds true for the political world.  Here in Ohio we are inundated 24/7 by political ads- mostly negative. They are effective.  I know this because of reading two pieces in my local newspaper this morning.

Recall the line that the President recently used in speech?  The one that was corrupted by GOP/Romney operatives? Here’s what the President said:

Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

Cleverly, the GOP operatives and Mr. Romney himself deleted the first two sentences. In the TV ads running here, we hear only sentences 3 and 4: If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

Ripe stuff for the spongeon brain and/or the anti-Obama zealot.

Yesterday, as reported in the Toledo Blade, an anti-Obama, push-back event in Holland Ohio was sponsored by the Mitt Romney campaign and was one of 24 “We Did Build This” events staged by the Romney campaign in election swing states.We Did Build This.  Clever stuff.  So clever that it sucked in a handful of like-minded zealots.

One of them was John Eldred, president of Midwest Tape, a wholesaler of DVDs and CDs based in Springfield Township. The ignorant man actually believed that President Obama said only sentence 3 and 4, not 1 and 2. And he made a fool of himself, allowing The Blade reporter to quote him and take a photo of him. “To say I didn’t build this, I take as a personal insult,” said   Eldred. He doesn’t know, does he? How sad.

Equally ignorant or terribly misinformed were Anna Mills, president of the Toledo Real Estate Investors Association; Mike McAlear, chief executive officer of the Service Spring Corp. in Millbury and Monclova Township; Richard Hylant, executive vice president of Hylant Group insurance company, Toledo; Ed Nagle, president and chief executive officer of the Nagle Cos. trucking business, and Michael Birmingham, president of Birmingham Limousine Service.

Each of them appeared at the event and were ‘outraged’ that the President said that they didn’t build their business. Or were they only pretending?

Then there is Billye Leininger, owner of  Leininger Floor Covering Archbold, Ohio.  In a letter to the editor, Leininger wrote: “President Obama’s recent statement, “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” shows his and his administration’s lack of understanding of what it takes to run a small business.”


What do YOU think?  Were they ignorant of what the President said?  Or were they pretending to be ignorant because they are Obama-haters?


14 thoughts on “The Power of Propaganda on Ripe Spongeon Brains

  1. Don’t you think this is rather specious? I mean, Axelrod and the
    Obama campaign are pulling Romney’s words out of context as
    well…It’s the fodder of campaigning. And, does any one really
    care in July what these guys are saying…Maybe the base, but not the independents who will determine the election. It will be decided
    in the three debates….

    1. You missed the intent of my post. My purpose was to show how gullible the ‘eager’ brain is to absorb the propaganda. Those who believe this stuff WANT to believe it, are EAGER to believe it. It is an easy cover for deep-seated hate/prejudice.

  2. Is not Obama telling us in his remarks that government did this for
    you? My wife and build a daycare center, the very first one this
    community had in a conservative rural area. We were accused
    of not being anti-christian and of being socialists and communists.
    That it was a business that destroyed family cohesiveness. Children belonged in the home with their mothers.

    We thought of the business; we planned it; we put up the money
    finance the start up; we found the accountant; we found a building and negotiated the lease; we hired the carpenter to outfit the center with proper furniture; we bought the materials; we hired the
    employeees and paid them a wage; etc. I’m sure you get the idea.

    I can understand how other entrepreneurs and business people could take offense at Obama’s words. What does he mean, we
    didnt do it. There would have been no daycare in this community without our initiative. Obama has belittled entrepreneuralship.
    He should have never gone there in that way. He was being too smart for his own good. We and all others have built their businesses because of their own hard work and intelligence. A teacher didn’t give me my intelligence! They did not give us our drive to accomplish things. To say my business depended on the
    government is foolhardy. It was a bad place for him to go and played right into the hands of the GOP. Dumb move….

    1. Uh, I think his point was that in a civilized society, infrastructure helps business function and prosper.

      i.e. In Ohio you can start up a business, hire employees, etc. BUT….

      -Federal Government provides national security for you and local law enforcement provides local protection
      -Federal and Local Governments provide the infrastructure needed for you and your customers to survive.
      -State agencies provide workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits.
      -Federal, State and Local governments provide an education system
      -and on and on…….

      If Romney and his cronies had total control, do you really think there would be unions, a middle class, public education, healthcare of any kind, a fair justice system, public health, etc. ?

  3. Regarding The Blade article and Romney ads on TV:

    1. John Eldred, president of Midwest Tape which deals mostly with public libraries, stated he did not deal with any government agency.

    NOW THE REST OF THE STORY: All public libraries in Ohio are funded with a combination of state money and local levies.

    2. A Romney ad running on local stations features a man saying his company’s success was due solely to his family’s hard work and the work of his employees.

    NOW THE REST OF THE STORY: His company has received over $800,000.00 of stimulus money from the government.

    ….just sayin’.

  4. Look NON…when I took geometry a long time ago, a course that
    I detested, in proving a theorem certain givens were provided.

    This is the same in the life of this country. According to the Constitution the Government provides for infrastructure, a system
    of taxes, a postal system. It provides as a function of government many useful services that cut across many different areas. There are many givens. But building a business for any of us is not in the
    Constitution. Governmental givens provide us with the ability to have a business, but the intellectual prowess and the means to
    starting that business is on our own individual intiative. Government did not start my businesses; we did. Indeed, if
    anything, government did stand in the way, especially with the
    daycare business, as we had to be government approved and were
    tightly regulated. Again that was a given. We went to the local
    and state agencies and had all the rules and regs that we had to
    follow to open the center and to keep it licensed. Thats a given, and
    we had to decide if we could abide by those regs or not attempt
    a business. Government was not making my business. We did…

    1. Will write more when I have time. I think you might be misunderstanding what President Obama said/meant. I don’t seem to be really good at explaining things; most of the time I just make things more unclear. Maybe Mr. Mud could give it a shot. Talk at ya later!

    2. Government did not start my businesses; we did. Are you just being your usual confrontive-obstructionist self or are you dense, my friend?

      Obama did not say that the government built your business; he said that, without government projects and services, your business would not have been able to succeed as it did.

      Incidentally there was another letter to the editor from a ‘business’ dork today who told the readers that the government had absolutely nothing to do with his business. He ignorantly declared that he was in the broadcasting ‘business’ and that in no way did government aid his business. Of course, he forgot that it is the government who owns, allots and monitors the broadcast airwaves of this nation. Oops!

      So then, let’s say that your business was run out of your home. How do your customers get the services that you provide them? They could drive down the street to your house to get the product or service you offer. Roads, automobile licenses, driver’s license, gasoline safety & regulations helped get the people to your house. How do you advertise your business? Internet? Radio/TV? U.S. Mail? Who guards your house from theft or for personal safety? How do the goods get to your house for distribution? Who insures your bank when you put your profits into your account?

      The ‘government’ is all over your business, my friend.

  5. I am not saying the government didn’t help my businesses. I said there a lot of “givens” out there. I am saying that Obama blew it!
    What’s wrong with his highly touted campaign? Elizabeth Warren
    said the same thing in MA and it was a gaffe. Didn’t they learn from
    that mistake? Apparently not! What Obama did was to provide the
    wrong, lets say, tone to what he was trying to say. He could have easily said that our economic system depends on individual initiative, ambition, a get up a go drive, but no man is an island. It takes a village! Where is Hiliary when he needs her, lol…..

  6. “He could have easily said that our economic system depends on individual initiative, ambition, a get up a go drive, but no man is an island. ”

    If you listen the entire set of statements you’ll see that’s exactly what he said.

  7. Whatever, you guys must be Obama lovers with blinders on. He is
    NO leader. Don’t you see that? We were sold another bill of goods
    with his “hope and change” rhetoric. He has stone walled his
    Cabinet as well as members of Congress. Reagan would call Tip
    O’Neill up and have him come over for cocktails, just the two of
    them. Look at who Obama has invited over for publicized beer… Nobody’s politically. He is just too shallow, yet we are stuck with
    him, because the opposition is even worse.

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