His Taxes and Mine

“We’ve given all you people need to know about the family’s finances.” -Ann Romney

Well, that sounds like a princess or heiress.

She also is quoted as saying, “There are so many things that will be open again for more attack. And you just [would] give more material for more attack.”

Hmm. That piques my interest: like, what ‘things?’

Recall that Romney’s tax return information released in January showed he paid a 13.9-percent effective tax rate in 2010 and expected to pay a 15.4-percent effective rate on his 2011 income. Fourteen and fifteen percent?  Well, you know, those low dividend rates enacted by Congress on the ‘job creators.’

I bring this to you attention because I received a letter from the IRS yesterday.  Trembling, I opened it. Bad news.  The IRS wants $1200 more from me. Records from some years ago.  Now I have to dig up my 1998 tax return and look at it. I suspect that the IRS is wrong, but I need to prove it.

If only I had had a Swiss bank account or an off-shore investment or a stealthy tax accountant! But no. I’m just one of The People and as such, I am subjected to the ordinary rules of ordinary citizens.

Maybe I should send the IRS a not saying, “We’ve given all you people need to know.”


6 thoughts on “His Taxes and Mine

  1. I like that idea of send the IRS a note, LOL…I thought that we only needed to keep tax records for 7 years?

    Isn’t it interesting, Gov comes after the middle and lower class
    people, and let the two percenters not even be examined.

    1. Me too. I think my 90’s tax returns are somewhere in my disorganized garage. If not, I’ll need to pay the IRS $59 to get a copy of it. Nice stuff, eh?

  2. Ann Romney.

    First Mitt remarks that he discusses economic issues with her. Somebody points out she never had a job. DING-DING POLITICAL CRISIS!!! How dare they say a housewife doesn’t know economics.
    – Really? Federal and International economics could be learned from someone familiar with a household budget? If that’s the case, we are really overpaying Congress.
    -Really? Just what economic decisions did Ann have to make. First figure out which house her kids were at and then make sure there was enough domestic help available?

    Now you got people talking about a $77,000 tax deduction he took for horse care. How dare anyone attack Ann Romney when she has M.S. and needs those horses for comfort.
    -Really? Mitt Romney claimed $77,000 for horse care under medical expenses? This was only one line item; just how much does YOUR health insurance cost a year? And does YOUR provider cover horse comfort in your policy? I bet Ann Romney has top dollar health insurance and even they wouldn’t cover the cost of horses.
    -Really? Medical comfort? COUGH-COUGH! I’m think I’m coming down with a cold and a new car would really comfort me.

    Am I living in an alternate dimension where a politician will use ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous, to fend off obvious B.S.? Have you noticed the TV ads paid for by Crossroads? Why are we sinking into a political system controlled by big money and nobody’s talking?

    1. Why are we sinking into a political system controlled by big money and nobody’s talking?

      Apparently, The People don’t seem to care. Maybe they are fed up with politics in general and prefer not to waste what little time they have following the political games. Of course that bodes poorly for a democracy. The question arises: have we out-lived the democratic form of governance? Is it time for a switch to a parliamentary form with a prime minister chosen by parliament. Seems to work well in Canada, UK, Germany, Japan…

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