“Obama is a Monster!”

That’s what she said at a Romney rally in northern Ohio on Wednesday. Kathleen Zaper of Maumee blamed President Obama for the economy she said is hurting her son’s apparel business. The Blade reported: “Now he has to lay off people, all because of what this monster has done,” she said, as people laughed and started to applaud. Luckily Mr. Romney did not let that pejorative remark stand; Mr. Romney replied, “That’s not a term I would use.”

Ms Zaper thought that the 8 years of George W. Bush was the best thing that ever happened to our nation.  The Blade reported: Ms. Zaper said later she blames Mr. Obama for the economy, rather than ex-President George W. Bush, during whose term the recession began. “Everything was fine under Bush,” Ms. Zaper said, saying her son may have to close four stores. “He is the epitome of what this President can’t get. He is a risk-taker. This is what Obama doesn’t get and it burns me up that people don’t call him on it, and I did.” Ms. Zaper is a real estate agent with Sulphur Springs Realty; you’d think she might understand the economic disaster inherited by Mr. Obama.

A risk-taker she said. She got that right! Two unfunded wars, a massive tax cut, and an unfunded Medicare prescription benefit and the brink of economic disaster for the nation. A roll of the dice.  Snake eyes!

Where do your suppose Kathleen Zaper got her information about President Bush? She’s in her 60’s; didn’t she pay attention to those 8 years?  Was she in an induced coma?

She epitomizes what is wrong with so many Americans- tidbits of information formulate solid positions. The casual historian.  The easily propagandized American. Where do you suppose she got her ‘information?’

Does the word pathetic come close?

How many non-white people can you spot in the audience?

7 thoughts on ““Obama is a Monster!”

  1. That woman is an absolute idiot to completely ignore the FACT that it was BUSH’S economic policies which nearly plunged us into another depression. She is undoubtedly a Fox “News” viewer. While it’s a shame her son may have to close 4 apparel stores, undoubtedly those stores were loaded with Chinese (rather than American-made) goods, and the chances are pretty great, being a retailer, he was paying his help low wages and keeping the bulk of the profit for himself. In view of that, I offer little sympathy

  2. My mother, who lives in Bowling Green and watches only Fox News, believes that exact thing.

    TRUE STORY: When I told my mother I was donating to the Obama re-election campaign, she replied “You want him after the mess he made of this Country?” I asked her to please be more specific and she answered “I saw all about it on Fox.” Once again I asked her to be specific and she finally answered ” I DON’T WANT TO TALK POLITICS!”

    1. I’m developing a new theory about the Obama-hater crowd. I suspect that they really do hate him, but do not have the courage to say that openly. Rather, they couch their hate in bits and pieces of rhetoric that they have heard from right-wing media. “The mess he made of this country” is merely a polite cover for, “I hate him!”

      1. She’s my mother and I don’t have to be so nice. She’s a friggin’ racist!

  3. The new polls out today are not very positive for Obama, especially
    the CBS/NYtimes poll….This is the first poll taken after a week of
    Obama ads on Bain retroactive retirement fiasco and the hard refusal to issue any more tax returns…Egads, Romney went up and
    ahead of Obama and Virginia is now even at 47-47, where in the last poll Obama had a five point lead.

    Moreover, Romney and his “unauthorized” ads have been held back.
    Obama is way outspending Romney here in the summer months, and the forecast is that now Romney will have a 3 to 1 advantage in ads for the Fall….And, the polling shows that the two bases
    remain solid, but that Romney is gaining with the Independents.
    There is nothing good for Obama in these new polls, no matter
    what spin M_R will try to put on it. So far, Romney is not hurting with his refusal to make public his tax returns.

    1. The national polls don’t matter, my friend because, as you well know, it is the Electoral College- state by state. Here in Ohio, a key swing state, Obama’s up by3. He’s up in FLorida, Iowa and Virginia. He’s up in New Hampshire, which was trending GOP earlier. Poll Headlines

      On another note, during last night’s phone bank, we culled several volunteers, an unusual increase in what we had generally gotten on earlier phone banks. Maybe The People [at least in Ohio] are waking up.

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