God’s Gold Finger

Recall the James Bond flick, Goldfinger, third in the series?  Incidentally wife and I met at the showing of his 4th film, Thunderball. Last night she and I watched a combination of those two themes, a film titled, Finger of God. No thunder, but lots of gold. It was pathetic; we watched the first hour, but could not bear the next. Off it went, back into the Netflix wrapper.

Did you know that God ‘is still working miracles on earth through his Son?’ Miracles like gold teeth? Yes, gold teeth. And jewels appearing out of nowhere. Did I mention manna and gold dust? Miracles! Yes, miracles.  Seems that members of some fundamentalist Christian church are discovering gold teeth in their mouths after attending church services.  It’s ‘true,’ because many parishioners opened their mouths and the camera peered in. Apparently God wants his ‘children’ to have shiny teeth.

Gold dust, too. The longer one guy preached, the more gold dust ‘appeared’ on him. An elderly man found gold dust on his crotch and ‘believed’ that God wanted him to procreate. Jewels dropped from the sky, too.  ‘Perfectly formed’ jewels with absolutely no blemishes appeared out of nowhere in the pews. Did you watch the YouTube video linked above? Did you see the oyster crackers, aka manna, stuck between the pages of the Bible? As Paul Simon sang, These are the days of miracle and wonder / This is the long distance call.

How sad and terribly pathetic watching these shenanigans unfold. And millions of Americans believe this stuff.  And, most tragically, they vote.


10 thoughts on “God’s Gold Finger

  1. Thanks for the tip. I have put at the top of my Netflix queue. I always seem to find great leads to the best movies on this blog.

    I have some questions, but don’t answer if it’ll ruin the end of the movie for me. Hasn’t gold been found to be the worst thing to put in your mouth? And why does “God” do it only for the less intelligent people? And wouldn’t it be a better use of resources to give them toothbrushes and save the gold to feed the poor?

    TRUE STORY: The father of a good friend of mine passed away in Wood County Hospital. The funeral service was held in a church in Jerry City, Ohio. The preacher conducting the service told how Melvin, the deceased, had been singing Gospel Hymns on his death bed. I knew Melvin very well and he would grow wings before he’s sing Gospel Hymns. THEN, it got strange. The preacher started to scream how he had fought the Devil for three days and three nights. He said he had to do this because Reverend Schuller (Hour of Power) was busy. Not kidding, he actually said that. To this day I don’t know what in the hell this had to do with Melvin. Then the preacher went on to say how the Devil was here on Earth promoting sin. He said you could see it with all the euthanasiasts, homosexuals and the Pope running around. Did I mention somebody was video taping the whole show including close-ups of Melvin?

    1. don’t you think that the movie that the preacher was shooting would have been much more interesting if they had painted melvin gold for the close up shots?

  2. I remember “disguising” myself as a 14 year old kid…trying to look “uhh” 18, right?…. so I could casually buy a ticket to see Goldfinger at the Northwest Theater on Grand River Ave. in Detroit…and totally into James Bond…I was, under cover, wearing a trenchcoat, sunglasses and a stupid adult hat with a feather in the band…you know what I’m talking about. Years later, I was performing the Goldfinger theme as a punk rock song on stage in NYC at CBGB….yes, I still know all the words. Really obnoxious, but actually pretty cool. It really works as a punk song….
    That was my scam, back in 1964. I’m over it….just being me is the best scam I can get away with these days…..
    But this religion stuff…this gold dust crap is the same old scam that they’ve been pulling on the dumfuckistanians since the stone age…you’d think someone would catch on………

  3. Speaking of God’s gold…Have you seen the news report that gold
    from one of the crusades ordered by the Pope to win back the
    Promised Land has been discovered after all these centuries?

  4. OMG, I remember an English teacher I had at that stodgy all boys
    catholic high school in Toledo. He would give us 4 or 5 words and
    then have us write a page or two essay using the words. Wouldn’t
    these words have been a trip?

    1. Yes indeed. My essay may have been heretical, though, considering my challenge authority frame of mind back in those days.

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